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Remember hearing these guys on the infamous Ny Vag radio show in the early 80s. A great show that was hosted by Jonas Alhmqvist singer in Leathernun and fanzine editor of Anarki & Kaos. I don’t know why but at least for me this record was quiet hard to get hold of back then. I knew they where from Visby/Gotland but couldn’t find it anywhere.


The title track is a great punkypowerpop mosher that drips of so much of that typical swedish popypunk sound that was inherited from Ebba Gron and the likes. I guess it would sound even better to the non swedes in case they could grasp the incredible great lyric to Sa javla svensk.


Formed in 1979 and split up in 1984. Produced by Peter Byx and Kai Martin from Kai Martin & Stick.


Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Puzzle
Format: 7″
Sa javla svensk.mp3
Magnatens dod.mp3

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  1. SwePete says:

    This, my Ladies and Gentlemen is one hell of a record. It has more venom in the lyrics than your standard “o we are so fucking punk mohawk,leather,studs,patches and acne band” The way the singer emphasize HÃ…NLE makes me shiver and at 2:05 when the voice partially breaks I´ll go down on all fours and worship. Now I can go to bed and have a wank.AWESOME!!!! You have now read the truth!

  2. SwePete says:

    BTW Släke is a regional word for seaweed.
    //Mr CleverClog

  3. Hilde says:

    GREAT! Thanks for posting this, it´s brilliant!

  4. Sinappi says:

    Yepp, a true Swedish classic! Great post!!
    2 bad the follow-up 7″ wasn’t near this one.
    And I’ve heard that the band came from an island made of candy?

  5. SwePete says:

    If you think Limestone is a treat, then they came from the island of yummy.

  6. Wow, wonderful! Gives me the barn-feeling. Would dare to compare this to Stalag’s 7″ (ATMOSPHEREWISE only). Need to wipe the tears off my stinky face now. LAterz. Awesome. Shreds. Killer.

  7. SwePete says:

    Great music has been concieved in Barns. The history tells us so! KILLER!!!!!

  8. Rolf Revålt says:

    Saw them live spring ´83. Support act to Gun Club in Stockholm.
    They were not that impressing live,but I have always liked “SÃ¥ jävla svensk”.

  9. urban says:

    Magnatens död is a severe Ulf Lundell rip off :-)

  10. Martin says:

    American indie-noise-pop-punk band has done a cover of “SÃ¥ jävla svensk” that´ll be released on the comp “Wearing our punk rock hearts on our sleaves” (indiepop bands covering first wave of punk/ hc bands). It´ll be released sometime early next year.

    Ha det

  11. Keith says:

    The band Martin above is referring to is Boyracer. The cover is available now on their myspace page….


  12. Martin says:

    Yeah, that’s right Keith, somehow I managed to write the name of the band. Sometimes the fingers are quicker than the brain… or if it is the other way around.
    Sorry bout that

  13. Martin says:

    Damn, it happened again! I meant that somehow I forgot to write the name of the band. Total deja vu!

  14. Senap says:

    I’ve just listened to Boyracer’s version “So fucking Swedish” on their myspace. Not groundbreaking but truly fascinating that a band from Flagstaff, Arizona are making a cover of Urban Släke in 2007. But on the other hand; why not, it’s well known all over this planet that Swedish punkrock rules in Hell(sinki)

  15. SwePete says:

    @SENAP Japp!! En jävla skum känsla att höra ett Jänkeband ge sig på den här låten. Inte bara att göra en cover som så utan att ta sig besväret att översätta den! Märkligt!!
    For all you non Swedish onanister so can I tell that it´s pretty amazing that Boyracer would cover this song with the lyrics translated to some sort of English :-)

  16. Martin says:

    Well, I translated the lyrics from swedish to english, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but anyway, it should be english…
    To make it even stranger, they’re not just americans (well, Stewart is from GB), but they work as cowboys whne they’re not playing music.

  17. Tim S. says:

    Hello everybody!
    Can someone give me some nice adresses of record stores in Stockholm that might have some nice old punk stuff? Im going for a holiday week soon…
    thanks a lot
    your pal

  18. Ola says:

    Years ago I´ve heard that there are atleast four really kick ass songs recorded by this great band but never released.

    Anybody know anything or heard anything

  19. Martin says:

    OK, at last the compilation is out! Hear indiepop bands doing their versions of bands like The Eat, Urban Släke, Pizzoar, Buzzcocks, Angry Samoans, Richard Hell etc. 18 bands packed in a sleeve that’s a tribute to the classic Pistols bootleg “Anarchy in Sweden 77”.
    It’s available from http://www.yellowmicarecordings.com and there are som mp3s up at myspace.com/yellowmica

    /Idioten som tror att han kan göra reklam vart fan han vill

  20. Tim says:

    Yes…I also heard some very good never released marterial from this band years ago.
    Better ask old members for this material I guess.

  21. Martin says:

    And a spare copy of this one is up for grab on Ebay right now

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