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This is a re-post from March the 28th 2006. Added more scans and Killer Man.


One of the best vinyl released in 1977. The sleeve is just fantastic. And just as the sleeve promise the two songs that these frog eaters delivers are fantastic too. If I have to choose one of these killer tracks I’ll go with “Radio Flic” so that’s what you’re getting here. Now go eat snails and buy some French Fries OPS! I meant Freedom Fries.


Country: France
Year: 1977
Label: Egg
Format: 7″
Killer Man.mp3
Radio Flic.mp3

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  1. chris_scummette says:

    just to tell you this song means “cops radio”. hope youll enjoy better knowing it yall puking-on-cops-punkers

  2. dick says:


  3. john y? says:

    killer man is the bee’s knees!as for packaging how about the lyrics printed on the inside of the cover???

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Radio flic/ killer man” is their second single on EGG,the first one (“Sally/electric injection”)was released earlier in 77 under the name of “Gazoline” (also with a nice sleeve) but the content is a kind of arty/experimental music which doesn’t sound punk at all, so which one is an accident??

  5. Badmongo says:

    I bought this single as a birthday gift for a heavy metal friend in 77-78. Trying to convince him about punk rock. He later told me he hated it so much he had to throw it away.

  6. Marcel says:

    … And here I thought “killer man” was a Registrators song.

  7. daniel says:

    where can i find a discography information about this band. This is awsome. My friend from lyon told me about this band but i never caught on.

  8. Tom says:

    Just curious but has anybody noticed that the guy in front with gun looks exactly like Canadian born American actor Michael J Fox!!

  9. h-bomb says:

    now i want to hear ‘la Came Aux Damelias’

  10. Tony says:

    Fuck!!!!! This 7″ and especially “Killer Man” still blows me away after all these years! This is my favorite French punk 7″ of all time, hands down. Punk sounds so awesome sung in French. Unfortunately, for my ears a lot of late 70’s punk records from France don’t do much for me musically and sound mediocre. There are some true French classics, though, for me– Guilty Razors EP, 1st Dogs EP, 84 Flesh 7″, Metal Urbain, Mickeynstein 7″, Mopo Mogo 7″, and the 1st Vermines EP are at the top of the list. But that all-French KBD volume from late ’97 was one of the worst KBD comps I ever heard (and unfortunately spent money on). Almost as bad as the all-Italian KBD comp that came out at the same time (maybe the same bootlegger did them both). The 1st Gazoline EP that came out earlier in ’77 is just crap in comparison. Hey, I ate frog legs when I was in Paris a few years back and they were tasty. Tasted like chicken actually. And fuckin snails rule for dinner, especially with some garlic pesto on the side. “Freedom Fries”- ha ha! I actually saw some restaurants in Chicago a few years back who changed the name of french fries on their menu to freedom fries. Scary. America is so backward and reactionary sometimes. Well, a lot of times…

  11. “freedom fires” – hahahaha. incredible. how’s your blog thing coming along, tony?

  12. “freedom fries” – hahahaha. incredible. how’s your blog thing coming along, tony?

  13. alto says:

    Egg was a cool label, they made some interesting experimental French synth-electronic releases during the 70s. It’s natural that Egg supported punk and released Gasoline.

  14. Degenerateen says:

    Gasoline is fucking nuts. Classic KBD rawk and so vicious. Too bad I can’t understand what they’re sayin’. (Is that really MJ FOXXXY??)

  15. Mr Thrills says:

    One of the best punk singles ever. “Radio Flic” rips.

  16. Junior says:

    I’ll translate the songs for you one of these days, they’re printed in the sleeve of my record that is cut…

  17. jaymuss-eato says:

    ….desperately need lyrical translation…especially; “Radio Flic”…discography and any info on GASOLINE would be appreciated…
    MICHAEL J FOX in deed.

  18. Magnus Grehn says:

    Great to hear this 7′ again! I heard it for the first time in 1980 and loved the raw sound. I have been looking for this record in along time. I think it’s one of the best punk records from 1977 with the bands from Raw Records. Though.

    Magnus Grehn

  19. mike says:

    I’ve found a copy for sale at this site: Auction number: 43121193

  20. John Mc Gowan says:


    Killer Man is a great song no doubt about it but Radio Flic takes the prize.That guitar solo is so awful I love it and what a great toon as well.The Best thing that I have never heard before on this sight so far(I have heard most of the stuff that you have posted under 1977 and there is not a bad thing whatsoever under that year,ESPECAILLY THE USERS which I think is the best thing that came out oi that year.See my comments in the Users Post)Thsi and Metal Urbain are the best things that I have heard from France and i am sure there is more so fill me in if I am missing out on anything anyone.I have found some cool shit on this sight ever since I have found it and will keep gladly looking

  21. John Mc Gowan says:

    Oh…and I forgot to say in my last post


    Need I say more

  22. maitre ballard says:

    i’m french from marseilles, gazoline is a fantastic band and the other ep “sally-électric injection” is better than “radio flic” flic= cops. so, only two ep for gazoline. but the best punk group in france is metal urbain with ther lp
    “chef d’oeuvre” re-published in 2005

  23. Charlie M says:

    Radio Flic ranks as one of the rawest and most savage 77 tunes I’ve heard. Absolutely MONSTER riff. One of my all time favourite punk tunes. I think it outdoes anything on Raw!

  24. Mitchhz says:

    Gasoline (or Gazoline) was the work of Alain Kan, one of French ‘pop’ music greatest mysteries.

    Alain Kan was born in 1944. He started his career in 64 with covers of Paul Anka!

    In the 70s he met Dani and Gainsbourg and started to write songs about drugs and homosexuality.

    Then in 77 he had his punk career, limited to this extraordinary single! So really Killer Man/Radio Clip was a one off, but what a one off!

    After that, he evolved towards a sort of industrial cold wave. If you search Youtube, you’ll find a few videos but that is rather boring to my taste. He’s alone on the stage, dressed in a nazi uniform and sings rather ‘tortured’ lyrics…

    One day in 1990 he was seen in Chatelet-les-Halles, tube station in Paris and was never seen again. He vanished completely without a trace.

    More about him on Wikipedia, but all in French:

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks a lot Mitchhz. Gives the record a new dimension. Think I need to do a repost on it. Anyone care to translate the frog language?

  26. Mitchhz says:

    Apart from Alain Kan, Gazoline’s line-up also included Fred Chichin who died recently and was the other half of Les Rita Mitsouko, a band which had massive hits in the 80s.

  27. Heron Furtwangler says:

    I couldn’t pick between the songs but I gotta wonder why, when you say here you prefer Radio Flic, Killer Man appears on KBD #1?

  28. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If I should´ve compiled KBD #1 I would´ve picked Radio Flic. Apparently the guy who pulled together the first volume had a different opinion.

  29. Viking says:

    I have the 7″ single :)

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