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What can be said about The Absentees that Ryan Richardson/Break My Face haven’t said in his excellent article: The Absentess? Not much actually. Which is a relief since typing text for blog posts is for pussys. Just listen to the goddamn thing and find out for yourself. If you think it sucks say so in the comment section if not then you’re most welcome to say that too. Raw, imbecile and classic. 106 copies. Punk Rock!


Mike Zed reports that: “Even the ones that were sold at Zed Records (including the ones that went to Jello and Tim Yo) he gave to the store for free just so we would carry it. He said he brought them and felt weird about it the first time, but the second time he came in we listened to it and liked it, and he has liked us ever since.”


Country: USA

Tryin To Mess With Me.mp3


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60 Responses to The Absentees – S/T 7″

  1. SwePete says:

    Grreat! In a way Tryin to…..has a tone that makes it a Punk answer to Hasil Adkins mad ditties.
    Nice to hear a rare thing that is actually good. Not just rare.

  2. It’s okay. Couple of hundred $$$ overpaid.

  3. SwePete says:

    You could buy a nice comfy Barn for that price!
    Estate Agent P.Trustworthy

  4. You don’t mean Hitler’s Barn – do you?

  5. rich says:

    No prizes for guessing what Damned song they were quoting a riff from (knowingly or otherwise, I think they altered one chord) – and the punks still want to sell off a kidney or rob a liquor store just to get it!

  6. SwePete says:

    Hitler´s Barn,I am sorry to say is in another price range. Udo Dirkschneider is rumoured to show some interest in that property.
    Mr P.Trustworthy ESQ

  7. johan says:

    ha ha new rose, rellay good stuff.

  8. Degenerateen says:

    Absentees are good stuff. You gotta pick up their cd Illegal Listening Device: 1979 To 2000. It’s filled with tons of good stuff. I couldn’t believe how killer they were when I heard that disc and yet they only had this one 7″ in their lifespan.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Kidneys are overrated. Sell ’em and buy expensive punk records. Brings much more joy into your life.

  10. Tom says:

    “Trying To Mess With Me” is classic trash/garage punk indeed. Love it.

  11. Trucha says:

    I guess I’ll weigh in with the minority opinion here in that I think the Absentees are way overhyped. I don’t think they sound that great, and this was before I realized “Trying to Mess With Me” was a total ripoff of “New Rose” (and a poor one at that). I don’t get it.

  12. That “New Rose” ripoff makes it even cheaper, haha. Now I like it a tiny bit better, haha.

  13. g-sus says:

    this is bloody awful. poor as fuck. listened to it and trashed it straight away. the ‘new rose’ rip off ruined it for me…piss poor.
    love yer site tho, peter.

  14. g-sus says:

    maybe i’ll re-download it again because it was so shit…for future reference.
    perhaps a second listen will do the trick?!
    No, i’ll doubt it………

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha I’m glad you hated it that much LOL :D!

  16. SwePete says:

    No! It is not a rip off. It is a Post Modern “Hint”
    Don´t you get it? Ignorant Fucks!!!

  17. dylan says:

    i like it. not a 500+ dollar record in my book, though. ahhhhh….. thank goodness for bootlegs.

  18. g-sus says:

    WHAT? $500. are people fucking MAD…..
    …obviously they are. it’s a sad world we live in and peter, the bulldozer 7″ on e’s site rips ya a second bumhole compared to this twaddle :P
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………strange thing is tho, upon second listening, i start to like it. it’s one of them “it’s so bad, it’s good’ moments ;)

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    ha ha some people are mad. some people even like The Mad. I do.

  20. g-sus says:

    hmm…, even stranger, why did this get posted twice :~s
    strange things happen on this site….

  21. Peter has issues with metal sanity ….

  22. Penople says:

    worth every penny!!

  23. wedge says:

    i heard about this record ages ago. it got booted on a KBD LP in the early 1990’s, and i thought it was boring, poorly recorded twaddle sandwiched between GENIUS stuff like TAMPAX & GUILTY RAZORS. then it got reissued about 6 years ago. i heard that it was remastered. usually, that makes me AVOID at all costs. i must say, GET THE REISSUE IMMEDIATELY!! the sound totally DESTROYS on the reissue (which is OFFICIALLY DONE, by the way…)& it just KILLS!!! so loud, so abrasive, SO GREAT!! the opening riff may be a rip of “new rose”, but to me it sounds MUCH more like one of the songs on the 1st D.I.R.T. 7″ on Crass.

    had this 45 never been reissued, i would have never encountered one of my favorite US Punk 45’s of all time. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. YOu can buy the ABSENTEES “Illegal Listening Device” CD directly from Artifix Records for $10 postpaid. All of the CD info is also on our website:
    The CD has tracks from 1979, 1980, 1981 and some later stuff…

  25. Freedom Now says:

    It looks like the final chapter on the Absentees history has finally been written?…

    Rocco Roll shot a cop and will be doing serious jail time after recovering from his own gunshot wound that his hated Long Beach police gave him (thats Long Beach New York not California).

    The cop survived, but at 52 Rocco Roll will be pretty damn old when he is released. Maybe be “pretty” isnt the right word…

  26. Freedom Now says:

    Sorry thats Long Beach, California. My mistake…

  27. Rob says:

    No shit? Are you sure it’s him? How do you know?


  28. Rocc is a nice guy. i had dinner with him several times. I played with him once, but i was only like 4 so i dont remember. but nowadays he is insane and going to jail now that he had a shootout and hit an officer. but the music is alright i guess, but no music is worth 500

  29. JB says:

    I’m his cousin. The guy who recorded the record and the one who shot the cop, are one & the same.
    He’s flipped possibly due to “drug induced psycosis” from smoking Skunk. I know another person with the same symtoms and that seems to be due to skunk.

  30. Rocco’s trial is set for February 26th in Los Angeles. The Deputy District Attorney purchased a CD from our label a few months back and contacted us for copies of the lyrics. We have been subpoened as on-call witnesses due to our connection in putting out a CD for Rocco and The Absentees. Rocco is being charged on three counts of attempted murder and each seperate charge carries a possible sentence of 25 to life. Rocco may never set foot outside of prison ever again.

  31. Jimmy Bemis says:


  32. Tom says:

    I like the “and 10 months” part of the sentence.[/sarcasm]

    It’s too bad he had to spiral down the way he did.

    In happier news, I’m glad to see that Jimmy Bemis of Bemisbrain Records fame posted just before me. Any chance of reissuing the Fiends LP on CD?

  33. Jimmy Bemis says:

    “In happier news, I’m glad to see that Jimmy Bemis of Bemisbrain Records fame posted just before me. Any chance of reissuing the Fiends LP on CD?”

    Thanks ;)
    My involvement with Bemisbrain ended about a year
    after “Hell Comes To Your House” was released.
    I think Steve Sinclare has the licensing rights to the Bemisbrain catalog, though it’s legaly murky.

    I’d love for all that stuff to be re-issued but
    I’m not holding my breath.

  34. Tom says:

    Too bad to hear that. I guess I’ll just have to burn my copy to disc for my own listening pleasure.

    Thanks for the reply.

  35. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey kids…don’t do drugs! Especially the kind that make you lose your teeth, your friends, your family, your conscience, your cleanliness, your car, your house (apartment), or just your fucking mind. Meth sucks!

  36. Amy says:

    I have some original copies of Rocco Rolls
    7″ Vinyl “Trying to Mess with Me”. Aybody interested.

  37. Mark says:

    Rocco needs are help.Lets get together and help him.So how do we do that?He has appeals,needs an attorney and all of our support.NO way he should spend the rest of his life in jail.Any suggestions

  38. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Why shall we help Rocco? Is he innocent in some way?

  39. Andrew says:

    You shoot a cop, you go to jail. And you deserve it.

  40. Randy Scott says:

    What was great about Rocco was he loved Iggy and the Stooges and his guitar says it all. We didn’t know shit about “New Rose” and Trying to Mess With Me works, guitar, drums, and bass. It’s a grinding garage straight ahead thing. We had a great time playing parties in Long Beach, and then KNAC let us play around town, but when Mary W. left we really sounded our best. I was stunned to hear about Rocco from Jim Beamis months ago, by the way Jim is a great fucking song writer (Modern Warfare), and feel sorry for Rocco. I will always remember the times we had. Steve Goldsmith if you hear this, how are you doing? Randy/drums on the 45.

  41. Chuck Foster says:

    Here, here, Randy! I never heard New Rose in this song – I always thought it had more in common with The Sonics and that kind of old pissed-off 60s garage punk. It’s cool to finally hear the B-side after having heard the A-side on KBD for so long. I may just buy that CD from Artifix…

  42. behjan says:

    Randy,didn´t you also
    play drums on both 7″s of MODER WARFARE and do you think there is a chance that Steve Sinclair (who apparently played guitars(?) on one side of the ABSENTEES 7″)would re-issue both M.W.7″s? Jimmy Bemis said rights for BEMISBRAIN RECORDS now belong to Mr.Sinclair.
    Any additional studio-songs by MODERN WARFARE bside the ones on the compilation LP´s of the early 1980s?

    • Randy Scott says:

      Hey behjan,
      it takes me 6 months to reply because of a time warp. The Absentees was the first band I ever played in. A long deceased old friend introduced me to Rocco around 79. His girl friend Mary sang at the time and our bass player was Steve Goldsmith (later formed the Hypnotics). When Rocco had a falling out with Mary, we recorded FUM and Tryin to Mess With Me, which sounded very nice on 45. I changed bands because I really liked the Moderns who later became Modern Warfare. Steve Sinclair and Jimmy Bemis would play at CSULB all the time. Ron Goudie and I joined forming Modern Warfare taking a harder core turn towards Punk. Steve Sinclair seems to be somewhere in the business world and unable to want to remember his Long Beach Punk journey. As for the recordings, Bemis said it’s murky. Somebody needs to find Sinclair and channel a positive energy into the recollection of his earlier life experiences so he can release any and all remaining works. P.S. Steve left Modern Warfare and Tim Gaines took over on bass; a very good bass player and a genuinely great addition.

  43. Ron Guodie says:

    by the way, ANYONE who wsnts to reissue ant Modern Warfare stuff, fell free, and I mean it. No one is going to come after u, I will guarantee it, haveing said that maybe Steve will wake up? :>)

  44. Anonymous says:

    Rocco dosnt deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison. I’ve known roc since 6th grade. He needs help not fucking prison.

  45. Mike (neighbor/friend) says:

    hm it truely sucks about how bad he got. ive known him since i was 10 and used to surf with him. he was alright till he would smoke meth, then he got wacky. also used to turn him upside down with drama from his ex. it is true he doesnt need to spend his life in prison. he really needs some mental help for dealing with shit right. i am hopefully gonna be able to write him and see if he is good or not. but in court he was tripping bad as hell. dont know if it was from drugs or if he is that far gone now.

    • Ethan Banich says:

      All relatives of rocco, yeah!
      Mike, I am pretty sure he IS that far gone now. I used to have dinner with him and his parents at home when we visited them. He let me in the garage (where he lived) to play the drums once, but after that none of us went in the garage again. Eventually he stopped coming to our dinners in the house and we wouldn’t even see him. He seemed normal to me but I was young. I don’t know what its called, but he has this intense, controlling paranoia. I do enjoy the Illegal Listening Device Collection, the producer shot our family a few free copies, thanks!

  46. elliott says:

    you shoot a cop you earn my respect. anyway i’m gonna check this out.

  47. Harry Ballsack says:

    I spent some time w/Rocco. Although he had some chemical depency problems he was a giving and good hearted man inside. FUCK the Long Beach Police!!!

  48. kathy says:

    Rocco is a second cousin. i live in the Rocky Mtn region and just found out that his was sentenced to prison. What can anyone tell me about Rocco’s state of mind and what drugs he was on?

    • Mg says:

      I was in a band with Rocco for many years. I just received a letter from him. He is so talented! All he talks about are the band days and how much fun we had. I remember when the 45 came out in circulation. He talked about it to me right away. It really tripped him out that someone was trying to sell his record and he knew nothing about it. He found se old copies which was very cool but he gave them to close friends. I have an original 45 and a book of his artwork. Rocco was mellow when I was around him. We used to go surfing together. One last thing, he had me sing ‘Ain’t Done nothin’ in our band and it was fun and the band was tight. Mark if you see this, Rocco wants us to get the band together.

  49. zach says:

    i posted the re-issue. listen to the difference in the sound. (remastered vs. not):

  50. Robert Kennedy says:

    I remember Rocco playing at house parties and Rec. Park back in the mid 70,s ( the guitar solo from Zeplins heartbraker) I also sold him a harbour surfboard for some cash and rides to the beach, He offered me guitar lessons for the board, I wish I had taken the lessons instead.

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