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Urban Slake – S/T 7″

  Remember hearing these guys on the infamous Ny Vag radio show in the early 80s. A great show that was hosted by Jonas Alhmqvist singer in Leathernun and fanzine editor of Anarki & Kaos. I don’t know why but … Continue reading

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Suburban Reptiles – Saturday Night, Stay At Home 7″

  New Zealand punk ain’t something I hear everyday. We’ve posted Spelling Mistakes and the more New Waveish Split Enz before. Here we have Suburban Reptiles with a bad ass record that I heard for the first time today. A … Continue reading

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Molesters – Plastic 7″

  Here’s some dumb and raw true KBD punk from Holland. Why did we name this blog Killed By Death Records? Ha ha it sucks. Anyway now we’re stuck with it. And you know it was just a matter of … Continue reading

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Alter Ego – Sandy E.P. 7″

  This post is dedicated to Andreas Svensson aka EA from the band I play in. He’s easily the best temporary song writer in Sweden at the moment. And of course criminally underrated. When I first heard Sandy I immediatly … Continue reading

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Reflex From Pain – Black And White E.P. 7″

  Listen to this! What does it sound like? Yeah yeah it sounds like Hardcore but what else? Does it sound like any other band? No it dosen’t. Here’s a proof that the so called Hardcore gengre haven’t evolved. It … Continue reading

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