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Deep Wound – S/T E.P. 7″

  The TV Eye // Drummer got this in the mid 80s from a german distributor as a replacement for another record he intially bought. He wasn’t too sad about it. After a couple of years it finally landed on … Continue reading

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GG Allin – Gimme Some Head 7″

  I won’t go into much detail about mad man GG. But fact is that in his early days he released some great classic stuff. While looking at pictures of how he looks in the early 80s it’s hard to … Continue reading

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NiteOwl aka Adam Wilson real name Mike Rush

You’ve noticed the little rascal haven’t been posting here lately. Cause of his rude behaviour I just had to block him. He was fun for awhile then he just didn’t knew when to stop. Someone got his eBay ID deleted: … Continue reading

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Flag Of Democracy – Love Songs E.P. 7″

  Buzzaw guitar sound, Jelloish vocals and great song writing. I really don’t think James McMonagle tried to sound like Jello. He just happened to sound that way. Ahhh that yo yo yo yo middle part in Powerload give me … Continue reading

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