Victims – S/T E.P. 7″



Yet another Victims. Here’s the US ones. Only release on Plan 9 that’s not a Misfits one. The a-side is not that interesting in case you’re not too keen on the Heartbreakers, NY Dolls kind of sleazy punk n roll. The b-side on the other hand is a total different story. Behind The Times is what makes this record a must have. And Nervous comes in second.


Two different sleeve variations. And I happen to have the black version up for sale at eBay: Victims at eBay.


Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Plan 9
Format: 7″
I Want Head.mp3
Behind The Times.mp3

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  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for posting this entire EP! I’ve had a crummy sounding cassette copy of this for 12 years so it’s nice to finally have good sounding rips! I’ve always enjoyed the great guitar growl on this record. And they win for best use of a harmonica in a punk song on “I Want Head”. For me, “Nervous” is the best, then “I Want Head”, then “Annette” and my least favorite is your favorite, “Behind The Times”. Funny how everyone has different tastes! Being a punk band in New Jersey back in 1978, the Victims probably were not getting any head so I guess they had to sing about it. The Victims had a more rock-sounding EP in 1977 before this punk record (I have not heard it yet though). Their follow-up LP from 1979 has some mediocre songs (including some re-recordings of songs on this EP) but then also has real classics like “Nothing of My Own”. That Victims acetate from ’78 that showed up on the “No One Left To Blame” comp in 2001 was good. In an old issue of Touch and Go ‘zine from around ’81, Glenn Danzig really trashed the Victims EP and regretted ever putting it out on his Plan 9 label. Nice guy, eh.

  2. I want some head too. And this 7″. Thank you, Peter!

  3. urban says:

    All songs on this EP are great. ‘Annette’ is the song that finally broke the subtle magic of rock n roll. For 60 years prior to this, blues and rnr musicians had used all thinkable synonyms to “making love”….

  4. ddc says:

    The record’s awesome but much too expensive to buy. I guess this is due to the Misfits hype. Thanks for the post!

  5. dylan says:

    love it! and yes, peter, it is all about the b-side!… as for the ebay auction im going to have to wait for the bootleg on this one…

  6. Degenerateen says:

    Good record. All the songs are good.

  7. Mr. Thrills says:

    “I want head” is one of my favorite songs.

  8. Steve Victim says:

    Hey! I don’t know if anyone will be reading this thread anymore, bu I’m Steve Berman, the bass player from The Victims. I’m on the infamous Plan 9 EP that everyone is talking about. Thanks for all the cool things that are being said about us. You know, we had scores of songs, some better than that EP, that never were recorded. By the way Tony, Glenn was always a little prick, and yes, we DID get head back in the 70’s! We’re on MySpace under the name victimsnyc and I’m on there as Steve Victim. We have a DVD that was made about us. We’re looking for someone to put it out. It has some fucking cool vintage footage of us from Eddie’s Rock Palace and Max’s Kansas City, plus interviews and part of our first live show in 25 years that we did in October 2004 at The Continental in NYC. Here’s a link to a page about that night: It was me, Rick (singer), Barry (guitar), and a new drummer, We’re going to be getting back together soon to play out and record some new and old unrecorded stuff…Thanks again!

  9. Erich says:

    Please do NOT get back together. Nobody but the bands wants reunions.

  10. Senap says:

    That fuckin’ depends, don’t it?
    Descendents did 2 pretty descent records after their get2gether, Misfits did at least one (American Psycho), Jason & the Scorchers did two fantastic albums, Asta Kask is still doin’ alrajt, Hanoi Rocks is still kickin’ it… bla bla blah… I guess you have a different opinion Erich. If it sounds good and are on the right side of being pathetic, then go for it!!

  11. Steve Victim says:

    Well, thanks Senap for having an open mind about our reunion! I agree that some bands come back and are real shit…or they are missing a key member (The Dead Kennedys for example), but there are quite a few bands who may look like shit, but still have it. We’ve aged pretty well, and don’t look like a bunch of Jerry Garcias up on stage…In response to Erich…we may be fucking old compared to you, but we can still rock and the songs are still the same songs. When we did The Continental show in 2004 we had fans (both old and new) pumping their fists in the air when we were playing I Want Head. Annette STILL sounds fucking good! Behind The Times, She’s So Hot Nothing Of My Own, What I Want ALL sounded real cool. A few months later we played again in January, 2005 at CBGB’s and once again, won over new fans. You know, when we had our first rehearsal, we agreed that if we thought we really sucked we wouldn’t go through with it. After that rehearsal we said “Shit, let’s do this!” The fact that we were as good as we were at that first show after 25 years and just 7 rehearsals just blew us away…We ain’t dead yet! We’re a bit slower,but we’re not exactly playing Tori Amos songs either! keep coming woth your comments…I love it! Time for me to retreat to my rocker :)

  12. dylan says:

    i say go for it. i saw the “slash your face” dogs do their reunoin thing and they were RIPPING. let us know when you play los angeles, and bring a pile of “anette” 45s with you!!!!

  13. Erich says:

    I may be a youngster at 40, I dunno. That’s not my point. It’s 2007 – Punk etc. have vanished, faded away. I hate all forms of social nostalgia. They’re pathetic.

  14. Anonymous says:

    thanks for letting us know

  15. timmythepunk says:

    real cool epee great attitude and attack and above all humour in the lyrics

  16. Jaktheladd says:

    Ahhh Erich so very tainted at 40 huh? If your not in the moment it isnt viable?. My guess is you werent about the music then as your probably all about American Idol now. I’ll agree reunions most times fall short of the original but having seen the Victims then and most recently and they have 3 out of the 4 original members…after 25 years…they kicked ass. Maybe one day…after you go to a Taylor Hicks reunion youll see what I mean….I wait breathlessly for your opinion

  17. Erich says:

    Sweet. Doesn’t change a thing too. Nothing worse than old farts trying to live in a time capsulla. Whenever I see 40+ Punks, I ask them for money. They NEVER find it funny. Fuck em all.

  18. Rickard Rattradig says:

    Erich your blog seems to be on again. Go back into your time capsulla, dig up some nice Krokus songs or some other poodle metal shit from hell and try to convince your blog visitors that you’re not nostalghic.

  19. Erich says:

    You don’t seem to be too clever, do you.

  20. LustForHate says:

    Erich reformed his shitty grindcore band a few years ago over 10 years after breaking up. Hypocrite and arrogant idiot. A band with an ep considered by grindcore fan bozos as classic but with no classic song on it! Ah! grindcore!

  21. LustForHate says:

    Plus he is NOT even 40 yet. Liar!

  22. Erich says:

    Exactly, Lustforhate. That’s where my experience comes from, asshole.

  23. Jaktheladd says:

    If it wasnt for over 40 punks there wouldnt ever had been punk. You think it started with you????….

  24. Jaktheladd says:

    Steve send me the link in an email I cant access it as its written…

  25. Erich says:

    You’re a genius, Jak.

  26. Jaktheladd says:

    And you are not Erich which you made very clear early on…

  27. Jaktheladd says:

    tho pissant fits you just fine…had to add that as an aside

  28. Jaktheladd says:

    I want head should be the anthem for oral sex….just do it!

  29. ihatemakingscree says:

    “It’s 2007 – Punk etc. have vanished, faded away. I hate all forms of social nostalgia. They’re pathetic.”


    “Erich reformed his shitty grindcore band a few years ago over 10 years after breaking up.”

    OK, serious?

    This is not a joke?

  30. LustForHate says:

    100% serious!

  31. Erich says:

    Quit crying kiddies. It’s over. It’s gone. For good.

  32. Anonymous says:

    punk died in 1979. hardcore was just a lame attempt of trying to keep it going.

  33. Steve Victim says:

    For Jaktheladd…Tried sending you the link plus some old & new pics of us, but AOL rejected the email address you gave me, or it just plain rejected my message. Maybe they don’t like old fart punks :)
    Let me know if you have another email add I can send too…

  34. Steve Victim says:

    Jaktheladd…I didn’t know that it was YOU! I’ll be emailing you soon with the link etc. Did you here that we’re going to play at The Clash Bar in Clifton on Saturday, June 9th? VERY cool place! Saw The Fleshtones & The Insomniacs there on Friday night. Great show! Another cool band from the 80’s, Mod Fun, will be playing with us. Talk to you soon…

  35. Jaktheladd says:

    I havent talked to Barry in awhile…just busy with 2 jobs…did security for Dixie chix at the garden a few months ago and Sherly Crow at PNC…Joan Jett at Irving…and the concert season is heating up soon..I’ll keep June 9 open just send me a note a week or 2 before as a reminder…now get on with sending that link!…and I’d love to see Pauls video from continental…be good be safe..

  36. Johnny D says:

    Ok apparently after 40 you are suppossed to die or something. Sounds kinda depressing. Hey Erich Soylent Green is people!!!

  37. Mike E. says:

    Thanks for posting this, it’s hard as hell to find & expensive to buy the original. Curtis at Taang played it for me this past weekend, it’s great.

    Mike E.

  38. … anyone who thinks the Victims should not have started playing again is seriously missing out. they have been here to Boston twice, and coming again in a month or so.. we LOVE these guys and playing with them is an honor.

    Steve, Barry, and all the guys will always rock, no matter what any of you jaded old fucks say.

  39. Chuck Foster says:

    This thread was so much fun when everybody was picking on crotchety old Erich. I tend to agree with him, though, and I’m 30. Some bands can pull it off – The Stooges are great live, but their new album reached new depths of suckiness. The Germs are surprisingly doing a good job. The Dictators are still fucking amazing, but they never really broke up. But then you have people like Walter Lure doing The Waldos, which is basically a Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers cover band and it’s just kinda pathetic. I’d be willing to check out The Victims (NY), but I am leary of these reunions. You know, I should read these posts more closely – I thought this was the band from Australia. Glad to see these guys are in my extended back yard.

  40. Shelly says:

    Jessy, you are a fucking idiot who thinks every tiny musical endeavor you do must be praised. Get a clue. Stop thinking you are some sort of punk rock prodigy when you are just another scene girl with needles coming out of her arms.

    The Victims however….ROCK! I enjoyed seeing you Obrien’s show in October!


  41. Jay Thurston says:

    Shelly. You should apologize to Jessy. That wasn’t very nice.

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  45. AMoney says:

    Please post “Lost and Found” and we can all go home.

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