Roger Rackett – S/T 7″



What about Roger Rackett? Yeah what about them? From Ontario, California, USA. A side is sort of a mix between Geza X and Black Randy. Great! B-side is amateurish punk with the just right amount of sloppiness.


Calvin Klein for the Frankenstein. Designer jeans no friend of mine.


Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Atomic
Format: 7″
Designer Jeans.mp3
The Loser.mp3

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18 Responses to Roger Rackett – S/T 7″

  1. Erich says:

    Hahaha, great cover!

  2. terry says:

    Ha Ha Ha, great comment!

  3. rico says:

    Nice to see Ontario, California representing with some sloppy synth-punk. Awesome mininal
    cover-art photo, very cool and effective. Much better than all the ugly Misfits pre-metal inspired cartoon looking cover-art that majority “punk bands” had after the 1977-1980 period.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Classic and hilarious!

  5. SwePete says:

    I thought I was in for a real treat of Adult-orientated HC. Was I disappointed? ;)
    Crappy New Year Peter!!!

  6. Tom says:

    Very weird and very cool!

  7. Tony says:

    Eh, this record is just so-so to my ears and doesn’t do much for me. But that’s just me. Plus what’s up with the racist lyric “A pair of Sasoons on a six foot coon”? If I’m mishearing that lyric let me know, though, because I have a track record of misintepreting punk lyrics (see the Mollesters post from a few months back for some examples).

  8. SwePete says:

    GOON not coon!!! Prick up your ears!! Get it out Ha,Ha…

  9. Erich says:

    So much slander here. Shame on you!

  10. Tony says:

    Ah, so he said “goon”. Dammit, I really have to get my hearing checked! Sorry!! Hey, I wasn’t trying to slander anyone.

  11. I wouldn’t mind some slandering.

  12. Phil says:

    I went to school with Roger ( Jeff Sargent ) Rackett and used to slop around in his backyard studio. Anyone know where he is? And that’s actually Brooke Shields on the record cover. (Well he said it was.}

  13. jeffrey sargent says:

    wow had know clue about this , the only vinyl single I ever made, @ phil im here in ont. look me up onFB and the girl on the cover,her name was MONA ,Alan Waddington on drums……thanks KBD!! any questions give me a call; 909 2763877

  14. Stig Dangerman says:

    As a narcissist, I would have liked a line in “Designer Jeans” to address my kind. I suggest adding: “Girbaud for the homo.” It’s still a great and hilarious song.

  15. Jimmy Strike says:

    Jordash for the tight snatch, Sassoon for the 6 foot coon, Calvin Klein for the frankenstein, Designer Jeans… friend of mine!

    Remember this on Rodney on the ROQ. Best radio show eva.

  16. silky D says:

    I’m in his new line-up…. I’ll be the synth/guitar/bass handicapped guy.

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