Happy New Year!

OK, this will be the last post from me, TVEYE // Drummer, because I can´t find the time to keep on posting on this blog (as you noticed), and Peter is doing a great job so I guess you won´t miss me. From now on, Peter (The Flakes // Drummer) will run this blog all by himself.


Please enjoy some GREAT old swedish punkrock and wave, and hopefully all you pretentious record collectors will get some more obscure records to add to your evergrowing wantlists…


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H S Art-Vattenplask.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1980)

MINX-Racing.mp3(2-track 7″, 1981)

Rockset-Pitea kommun.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1979)

Tejp-Sanningen.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1979)

The End-Krossa.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1980)

Shas-Nojan.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1981)

Shit kids-Froso sjukhus.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1979)

Bad Boo Band-Knulla i Bangkok.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1979)

Desperate livin´-Stilla natt.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1981)

Paragraf pop-Med dej.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1981)

Inge Val-Gatans parlament.mp3 (5-track 7″, 1979)

Rune Strutz-A, knugen.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1978)

Attentat-Sla, banka och sparka.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1979)

Morgan-I want more.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1980)

Fega pÃ¥hopp-HÃ¥lla masken.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1980)

Askadarna-Sjungalaten.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1981)

Brigad 45-Nazismen.mp3 (6-track split-7″ w/De anhoriga, 3 songs each, 1980)

Problem-Va har ja gjort.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1978)

USCH-L.T.O.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1979)

57 Kez-Punks.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1980)

Caligulas barn-SÃ¥ rädd.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1981)

Dom vässade-Batte.mp3 (4-track 7″, 1981)

Anders Angest-Just nar allt ar sa roligt.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1980)

Epidemi-AB Svensson.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1979)

Trogsta trask-Pelle i skogen.mp3 (2-track 7″, 1981)

TST-Vaktarnas varld.mp3 (3-track 7″, 1981)

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19,170 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. SwePete says:

    Thank you! You have posted some stuff that I haven´t heard for ages, like Åskådarna and 57 Kez! Ha det bra!! And 2007 will be the year of total nostalgia for me(like that´s new)

  2. Erich says:

    Wow, it always impresses me to see the masses of swedish punk records from the era. And so little I seeem to know of them.

    Now Caligula had his barn too up there in Sweden? Was it anything like Hitlers barn, or was it maybe a bit more stylish? Was the movie “Caligula” (a must see!) shot in that barn?

  3. danuto says:

    thanks for all

  4. TommyGun says:

    While we´re on a swedish trip, can you (please!?) post MISSBRUKARNA “Krigets Gentlemän” Cassette!!??

  5. dylan says:

    thank you tv eye, for all the sweedish goodness!!! i agree with erich- the # of sweedish punk bands is amazing- and its even more amazing how little i know of them! ( i grew up in LA…) tv eye, you’ll be missed.

  6. Erich says:

    I strongly second Tommygun.

  7. Petter says:

    Great posting! Just got the “new” KBD-cassette-comp. so Im in a swedish punktripp at he monent. The “Musikforum Brinner” 7″ (“Ã…hh Knugen”) was on my wantlist for a LONG time but I got it about 1.5 year ago, one of my personalfaves from that era! Wouldn´t mind a post of the other songs from the records…


  8. Petter says:


    Listen to more Rune Strutz here and read their story.

  9. SwePete says:

    Yes Erich. Caligula had a Barn on the plains near what today is known as Linköping.He used to reside there under the alias Calle Gula just to blend with the locals. They sure were a rowdy bunch and they still are in this day and age. Just a little diluted by civilization. People of today are still being upset by the doings and opinions by these godforsaken heathens. The Barn as such did not look much exterior vise but inside it was a total over the top marble extravaganza. During his visits to this place Caligula used to smoke Crack and drop his Anchor into the Poo Bay. This is still today the favourite pastime of this region of Sweden.
    //Herman Lindqvist

  10. Spraypaint Manifesto says:

    TV Eye,

    Thanks for the all the great stuff. This should light a fire under the rest of us to get something of our own up. All the best.

  11. annie says:

    greetings from greece and a happy new year
    check my blog if you are interested :)


  12. Anonymous says:

    I got those KBD/Powerpearls/BreakTheRules cassettes too just like Petter. 2 cd’s with “outtakes” to boot of stuff that didn’t make the cut. I recognise some of these covers from the inserts.

  13. Enormt bra grejjor! Megatack!

  14. Tony says:

    Man, what an awesome post! I am really digging this! I’ve been a fan of obscure Swedish stuff for years but I have never heard about half of these tracks posted (Dom vässade, Anders Angest, HS Art, Minx, etc, etc). The imagery of what would go on inside of Caligula’s Barn is very scary to me- it would probably involve every farm animal he could “drop his anchor into” (ha ha), among other things. Anyway, it’s always good to hear some of all-time Swedish faves (1st Problem, my fave Attentat EP, Rune Strutz, etc.) It’s amazing how much great Swedish records came out in the KBD era. You guys could press this posting on vinyl and sell it as a comp LP! I am a total fan of the other side of the Fega Pahopp 7″ too which has the crazy screaming and yodling on it, awesome record- how about posting that for folks too. Hey, how do I get my hands on those 2 CD’s with KBD/BTR/Powerpearls “outtakes” that some of you are talking about?

  15. Senap says:

    Too bad that Slaskfittorna didn’t make a record. Otherwise could “Hon ville bara ha kuk” really top this post. But “Pelle I Skogen”, “Gatans Parlament” and some of the others are truly immortal KBD classix. Grejt

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ho ho Slaskfittorna? Tell me more Mr. Mustard.

  17. Senap says:

    Carlén from Arabens Anus had this great band on the side. Some songs could be found on the Varning for punk 3cd-box from Ägg tapes/Distortion/Dolores. Swedish punk at its best…

  18. Duke DeMonde says:

    the ends krossa is just great. Thanks a lot ofr the post!!!

  19. Duke DeMonde says:

    the ends krossa is just great. Thanks a lot for the post!!!

  20. Tomas says:

    Would be great if 57 kez and No dubs+ Trogsta träsk could be uploaded….please!!!!! and by the way thanx for some really good rare stuff.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dom vässade rules! Go Haninge!

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