Urban Waste – S/T E.P. 7″


Back with a bang! There’s great HC and there’s utterly disgraceful HC. This falls into the first category. This is the real deal. No poses or some kids just discovering HC and singing about how great it is and that we have to mosh, skate and stick togheter like one while we’re spinning the other generic HC record after another.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Power Metal/Erich Good Bad Music to pay him back for his nice dedication.

As a poor little punk kid brought up by my mother working her ass off as a nurse there weren’t much money around for her son to buy those tasty punk and HC records coming out in the early 80s.

So what could one do? Steal of course! On the left side of my leather jacket I had ripped a large hole where 7inches nicely fitted in.

On a visit to my father who lived in Stockholm I always payed the several record stores in the capital of Sweden a visit. In the corner of the big hooker street Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm they had this really good record store called Record Pool(If my memory serves me). A rainy autumn day in 1983 they had both the Urban Waste and the Cause For Alarm 7inches. I hadn’t heard them but since every punk record released back then where at least decent I didn’t hesitate to pull ’em both into my punk jacket and heading out of there.

Now repeat after me kids and old farts:
I’m not into punk rock. I’m not into hardcore. Don’t you try to label me. Public opinion!

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Mob-Style
Format: 7″
Get this from Mad At The World Records:


Police Brutality.mp3
Public Opinion.mp3
No Hope.mp3
Wasted Life.mp3

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35 Responses to Urban Waste – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. malfeitor says:

    Peter you bad man. Sounds like you stole quality and not quantity. I’m sure you could easily sell one of those 7″s in order to have your jacket professionally mended. Or are you still at it?

  2. Erich says:

    Best record snatchers I ever saw were the guys from ENT. They went for quantity though and used to just throw away what they didn’t like – in front of the store.

    Classic fucking record. “No hope” is my favourite.

  3. Tony D. says:

    definitely one of the top 5 HC releases of the 80s and of all time for that matter. Thanks for scanning the inner sleeve, I had never saw this before.

  4. distortcleveland says:

    Great post, possibly the best hardcore 7 inch of all time.

  5. deathside says:

    insane screaming to get me into destruction mode.
    The attitude is there,the anarchy and insanity is gone and was a big part of the fun.
    This isnt a fucking classic,their songs ring as true today as they did back then
    I hate the fucking asshole regulars using the word “classic” to define it MAKES ME UPSET

  6. Boulder says:

    Your story about stealing reminds me of the days in San Francisco when I volunteered to work for Epicenter Records.

    This was the volunteer-run record store co-op run by the politically correct Maximum Rock ‘N Roll crowd in San Francisco’s Mission District, which was FULL of tar heroin…

    So I used to rip off all of these valuable special editions from work, put ’em in my backpack, then take a break and walk down the street, where I’d sell ’em to the other record store down on the block. Then, on the same block, I’d cop…go back to work at the record store, and then shoot up my speedballs in their grimy bathroom…

    And now I’m clean and sober, go jogging three times a week and work for an advertising agency. Figures, doesn’t it?

  7. Erich says:

    Boulder, I might have liked your older self better :-D

  8. Todd says:

    Im into hardcore…so label me, fuck the publics opinion. Great single that has stood the test of time as fresh today as it was back in 82.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Urban Waste is the shit.

  10. todd the 2nd says:

    Hey, if you have them PLEASE post the Mob ep’s. They ran Mob Style Records and were FUCKING AMAZING.
    Urban Waste are fucking great, but the MOB used to send me into a frenzy.

  11. Erich says:

    That’s a good idea, Toddd the 2nd. The 2nd one was on Dressed for the H-Bomb, if I remember correctly. I think, I’ll rip the two MOB 7″s myself somewhen.

  12. MrMike says:

    Jesus…listen to MT enough? I remeber this “jem” hanging behind the counter @ Universal Records (where I think your arch nemesis “Rob Noxious” worked..but that’s another story)& thinking it was yet another god awful Crass band due to the buzzkill cover. I was wrong, but still think the band was OK.
    I never traded my copy for junk, but it did help me get laid (and later lost to said ‘cooze).

  13. Erich says:

    Details, Mr.Mike, details!

  14. Bimbo Bam says:

    Your blog is outstanding! I visit the other blogs frequently too but this is the shit. The reason why I love this blog so much is cause I constantly get to hear new old stuff. Sure I appreciate the other bloggers who put up the more well known stuff but this one gets 10 points for the effort of bringing the more obscure yet great stuff to a new audience. Keep it up Peter.

  15. MrMike says:

    Rob Noxious, the record, or the pussy?
    There seems to be a few jag-offs going by the “Robnoxious” handle (google ’em)& they all have “punk” & “collecting” as a common bond. The Rob that I know of was a scumbag clerk/”singer” with Intensified Chaos (see the MRR comp).
    The record was OK, but by ’82 my focus was going from HC due to the awful music/people/Timmy Y. so I don’t recall too much other than I brought that 45 (along with the Clitboys 45)to this chick’s crib & never saw ’em again.
    That’s the price you pay for teenage coozle if yer not keeping your wits about you. Let that be a warning to you young turks.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    1. I’m pretty sure “Ei Leiki” is finish.
    2. Ain’t got a clue what it means.
    3. But I think it’s something nice.

  17. Well it is supposed to mean “I like it” but none of my Finnish friends understands it and says that it is some sort of Swedish imaginary Finnish language. Ha!

    Yes, ever saw the infamous Swedish “Sika Apara” fanzine? The one made by the 2 Discharge O.C.D.s? Well anyway they seemed to go under the moto “Discharge Ei Leiki”. Hence my usuage of this quasi-vintage Swe HC expression…LOL!!!

  18. Schralpsie says:

    Another great post. The other rip I have is sped up
    and thus crappy. Thanks.

    Boulder – Please die now.

  19. “back with a bang” – a subtle reference to Skrewdriver? Lol.

  20. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Slobodan, I remember the Sika Apara zine I think. Weren’t these guys nuts about Roxette?

  21. svarte tarrek says:

    they thought roxette was the best popband. nowadays finngrisen lives in bredäng & into rightwing/conservative politics. btw, u w is so great. got it really cheap.

  22. Tommy Danger says:

    Yeah, classic e.p. this one…. I first heard “ignorant” on a punk/HC radio show in Switzerland (Speed Air Play) back in 1987… a few years later, in 1991, I was in Los Angeles and picked up a copy of the original Urban Waste e.p. for about $15 – it’s funny how years later a record like this is considered one of the best HC records ever and people pay horror prices for it…. times change.

  23. Farbror Bo says:

    Grrr…matwrecords länkar funkar inte. Kan du/ni inte lägga upp UW’s mp3:or igen?

    Tack för en lysande sajt.


  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Jo då de funkar fint. Prova igen.

  25. justin says:

    Peter, I got sent this way by Erich after his latest post to hear the best hardcore 7″ ever. I liked the write up especially the thievery (property is theft), but low and behold the music links are dead. Can you offer me any solice by allowing me to hear these? Reupping, emailing, whatever your policy is. Thanx for your time and energy.

  26. Erich says:

    Now this would be my call to jump in and rip it myself :-) Peter? Hear me? My little raskal.

  27. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha well I had all the tracks uploaded but then I got an email from Mad at the World records who reissued it and asked me to kindly remove the files.

    Anyone who bought the reissue who can comment on the quality?

  28. justin says:

    My humblest apologies sirs. I didn’t even see that link about the Mad At The World re-release. I checked it out and it is a 12″, I’m not sure if there are additional songs or how they turned a 7″ to 12″. I was tempted to buy it as I haven’t bought anything in several months, but the links to some sample mp3s are not working. Sorry guys. How about the second best hardcore 7″?

  29. Erich says:

    There is no second best :-(

  30. Renik says:

    It seems that the the Mad at the World link is no more, but I know this 7 inch kicks ass because I already have it. New York Hardcore at it’s best.

  31. ray ss says:

    mad at the world reissue packaging is ok with their new layotu
    bu they should include the original layout too
    oh well good for them anyway
    ray ss
    thanks for the scans i am happy to see what it really looks like

  32. Ake says:

    You’re right Peter….

    The record store was Record Pool…bought lots of great American HC records there back in the days…and Urban Waste was absolutly one of them…


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