Haerverk – Stengt pga av haerverk E.P. 7″



This is a re-post from April the 8th 2006. Added more scans, Produkt av 70 ara and Ingen visjoner.


A Nice piece of Norwegian punk. I think this is the one and only record from this band, still it has 2 great songs.


Country: Norway
Year: 1980
Label: Torpedo plater
Format: 7″
Produkt av 70 ara.mp3
Loven slar.mp3
Ingen visjoner.mp3

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10 Responses to Haerverk – Stengt pga av haerverk E.P. 7″

  1. ihatemakingscree says:

    good god!
    why didn’t you post ingen visjoner?!
    i’ve been looking for that one for so long!
    so frustrating.
    so sad.

  2. tito says:

    oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. terry says:

    killer!!!!!! please post the Kjott 12″!!!!!!!!

  4. h-bomb says:


  5. NXP says:

    Hærverk relased only one 7″ record and a cassette that some say its a bootleg others its a real release. Any how, Hærverk was one of the first punk bands in Norway to release a record, and what a record. Its a killer record.

    Is there any chance for Waddlings early bands before Leather Nun and the first records to Leather Nun?

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Both Cortex and Liket Lever have been posted here. Just use the search feature :).

  7. ihatemakingscree says:


    it was posted.


  8. tilltheend says:

    once again you made me drop my jaw. fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  9. father Emilio says:

    my prayers came through. thank you lord.

  10. eyeball says:

    This band also had a track on the Sjokk Rock LP entitled Aj aja aj sÃ¥ leit”. Also on the same label as the single and also from 1980.

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