Zero Boys – History Of Cassette


I forgot to ask Paul Mahren the singer of Zero Boys the history about this tape back in 1991 when I arranged a gig for them at Skylten in Linkoping/Sweden. Why wasn’t it released on vinyl? Why the “Boycott Upstart Records” on the sleeve? Where Upstart supposed to release it and fucked them over? Dunno. Paul was a super nice guy to chat with and the only let down from the show was that they forgotten to play Beach Blanket from their come back LP: Make It Stop which is as good as any of the stuff from their first.

So if anyone knows the history behind this tape please let us living in darkness be enlightened!

Strange Reaction posted this sometime ago but I thought I might just add my own rip too.

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Affirmation
Format: Cassette
Drive In.mp3
Black Network News.mp3
Splish Splash.mp3
I Need Energy.mp3
Johnny Better.mp3
Dingy Bars Suck.mp3
Seen That Movie Before.mp3
High Places.mp3
Bloods Good.mp3
Human Body.mp3
Moms Wallet.mp3
Down The Drain.mp3
Outta Style.mp3
You Can Touch Me.mp3
Trying Harder.mp3
I’m Bored.mp3

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  1. History of cassette, fabulous. How many memories, how much nostalgia.

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