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Los Reactors – Be A Zombie/Laboratory Baby 7″

  Laboratory Baby is what this record is all about. Plenty of hooks and great arrangement. Listen to the break. And the length? 1:06. Perfect! They got it. You don’t have to repeat the chorus/verse over and over again. If … Continue reading

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Bruset – Radio Aktiv 7″

  Seems that the old Gothenburg scene got me in its grip lately. Radio Aktiv is by far the best song from Bruset etched on to vinyl. Incredible popwerpop/punk the way the super sweet blond Swedish vikings only manage do … Continue reading

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Dow Jones And The Industrials – S/T E.P. 7″

  Another one of those records that has been posted elsewhere but just can’t be posted enough so here we go. And one of Zero Boys favorite bands so that ties it together with the previous post.   This slab … Continue reading

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Zero Boys – History Of Cassette

I forgot to ask Paul Mahren the singer of Zero Boys the history about this tape back in 1991 when I arranged a gig for them at Skylten in Linkoping/Sweden. Why wasn’t it released on vinyl? Why the “Boycott Upstart … Continue reading

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Glo – S/T E.P. 7″

  -Hello. -Hello, my name is Peter. -Hi Peter! How old are you? -I’m 13. -Nice so you’ve just started to take notice of girls? -Hi he he hmm yeah well… -Anyway, what do you want to hear? -I would … Continue reading

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