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Haerverk – Stengt pga av haerverk E.P. 7″

  This is a re-post from April the 8th 2006. Added more scans, Produkt av 70 ara and Ingen visjoner.   A Nice piece of Norwegian punk. I think this is the one and only record from this band, still … Continue reading

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Goteborg Sound – S/T 7″

  Equally as much progg as punk can be found in the sound of GBG(short for Goteborg) Sound. The rock n roll riffs that became the trade mark of the whole late 70s punk scene in Gothenburg was maybe used … Continue reading

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The Fans – You Don’t Live Here Anymore 7″

  Some freshly made powerpop. It’s not hmm… Oh fuck it’s one of those old sucky ones again. Buhu. The Fans second effort and nearly as good as Giving Me That Look… At least the title track. The guitar sound … Continue reading

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eBay sluts unite!

I have a spare copy of Psycho Surgeons up for sale in case anyones interested:   Psycho Surgeons at eBay.

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Urban Waste – S/T E.P. 7″

Back with a bang! There’s great HC and there’s utterly disgraceful HC. This falls into the first category. This is the real deal. No poses or some kids just discovering HC and singing about how great it is and that … Continue reading

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