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Rune Strutz – S/T E.P. 7″

Ah! Knugen was posted in the TV Eye // Drummers New Years Eve post. A fantastic song! But there’s one more namely the a-side. This is some insanely great “Folkets Hus” punk. Don’t know if there’s any similarity’s to Folkets … Continue reading

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Absurd – S/T E.P. 7″

I like this better now then when I bought it. Back then I thought it was just another quiet boring Dishcharge rip off with horrible sound. Now I love it. The guitar sound is just amazing. Anyone hearing similaritys to … Continue reading

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Selling spare copys of rare stuff.

I’ve upgraded or simply have doubles of some really rare records that are now up for sale at eBay: Some records have been uploaded here and some of them will come later on like: Jermz – Power Cut 7″ … Continue reading

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New design on its way…

Things will look a bit funny from now and then since I’m trying out some new designs. Bear with me.

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Sweet Rot – Drug Fiend E.P. 7″

Got some new stuff to catch up on. First out is Sweet Rot. Pure low fi, sloppy instrumentation and obnoxious vocals. File under bands who-can-hardly-play-but-got-the-right-attitude. The thing I like most is the dark background vocals which give Sweet Rot a … Continue reading

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