Absurd – S/T E.P. 7″

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I like this better now then when I bought it. Back then I thought it was just another quiet boring Dishcharge rip off with horrible sound. Now I love it. The guitar sound is just amazing. Anyone hearing similaritys to the guitar sound of the first Minor Threat 7″? I do. Very dry and not too much distortion. Great!

Can’t recall seeing Absurd live and what happens to the guys after this beats me. On the lyric sheet they state that their next 7″ would be released in the summer/autumn 1983. That didn’t happen. Senap this is a call for you.

As a contrast to the scary looking sleeve I got two cards thrown in from I guess was found in the packages of Honey Puffs? Last year some people here in Sweden got hold of the singer(who’s now a priest) and stripped him of some sleevles copies. Beware that they’re selling them with very good repro sleeves without letting you know.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Label: Bullshit
Format: 7″
Blodig stad.mp3
Fred pa jorden.mp3
Bojkotta Coca Cola.mp3
Statens maktspel.mp3
Anarki nu.mp3

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This blog kills ALL the other blogs. HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE!!

  2. Peter Davis says:

    Can’t help but feel like there’s some similarities between their sound and that of early Raw Power too. At least on the very first cut. Don’t you think? Have another listen.

  3. This record is so damn legendary that I thought I had heard it many times before, listening to it now I am shocked. Don’t actually think I’ve heard it until now despite knowing about it so to speak…

    so yeah thanks! i can but agree with the first comment above!

    and yeah there is certainly some minor threat-ism on the guitars, not too sure if i agree with early raw power but then again now we’re into presice nuanses and extremely minor pinpoints of what is essentially a hell of a racket ha ha ha. actually the guitar sounds is also not too far from that of the first black flag single, like on nervous breakdown etc. which by the way is in my opinion the ideal guitar sound! distorted but not necessarly heavy….that is not to say black flag is the best band though ha ha ha ha!

    where were absurd from in sweden? was trying to place the accent…

    singer is a priest? whoooaaaaa scary!

    Thanks again and sorry for rambling on like this…


  4. oh nevermind, goteborg is says in lyrics…should have known!

  5. Senap says:

    Yeah right! This single didn’t get any cred when it was released. Absurd was kind of a laughing stock in those days in Haga, GBG. We did at least half a dozen gigs with them, mostly at Sprängkullen. When they released it they didn’t ask Anti-Cimex if it was OK to put Bullshit rec on the sleeve but I asked Charlie a while ago if they were pissed but they weren’t. I never heard that they were about to release anything after this one. I guess they made plans and then just split up. We did a reunion with Bumsen Muss Mann together with Absurd, Ta.S.K and a couple of other bands in 1993 when the GBG hardcore CD was released. Lead singer MÃ¥ns had become a real f***n priest and he played the with the “prästkrage” under his old spiked leather jacket. On bass on that gig they had a stand-in bass player who happened to be a priest-collegue as well. Bizarre but quite charming. I could never dream back in the days that this EP would become a respected collectors item. But to qoute MÃ¥ns at the gig they did “the lord moves in mysterious ways”. I’ve got the whole evening from 1993 on DVD-r/VHS/casette.
    The former drummer Patrik was the one in the band that was my mate. When he quit the bass player Peter took over the drums (he was also included on the reunion gig) and a bass player Ari (who plays on the EP) was recruited. He was in the punk biz for a year or so and were never seen after their break-up.
    “Släng alla vapen pÃ¥ ett golv!!!”

    • Clinton Chapman says:

      Hello there. Is it possible to see this DVD-r of the Absurd re-union from 1993? To see the whole thing would be great. Let me know if I can purchase this from you, or at least pay for postage and the cost of a copy?
      Kind Regards

  6. Senap says:

    And yes, Peter, I also thought this EP were absolutely awful when it was released. I sold the motherfucker for 30 SEK in the early 90’s. Bummer!! But I must confess that I like it nowadays. So thanx for this post!!

  7. Erich says:

    Same here. Thought about selling my copy recently, but after giving it another spin, I thought no, you can’t let this go. It’s so charming.

  8. sorte tarrek says:

    absurd. i have always worshipped them. why did you laugh at them? i remember a band , in 1984( name? ) from the shithole katrineholm that had absurd as their biggest influence. i think they did some cover of them as well.

  9. Senap says:

    Absurd were very funny to look at, lead singer MÃ¥ns had a voice that didn’t hold, don’t know what the english word is (mÃ¥lbrott), but when he shouted things like “alla mÃ¥ste hoppa” he sounded like a 14 year old puberty victim and they were very poor muscicians (did I get that right?) When they recorded the EP I was surprised that it sounded that good cuz they could barely play. It’s pretty cool that they are hyped nowadays and are mentioned in the same league as Minor Threat and Black Flag.

  10. Erich says:

    Mentioned in the same league as Black Flag or Minor Threat???????

  11. Senap says:

    Lol! Did I say that? What I really meant was that u guys could hear similarities when I just heard Absurdities. Leave those Hising-Island guys alone now.

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey, maybe I should become a priest now. From one extreme to the other…what the fuck.

  13. mikael says:

    The lyrics are so cheese even a priest would be embarrassed to read them in church today.

  14. mikael says:

    HÃ¥kan played Blodig Stad on the Ny VÃ¥g show. Maybe it’s because of that the record became influential outside my island of Hisingen.

  15. This is highly irregular and close to being rude but am very tempted to say it anyway:

    Why have you not posted MISSBRUKARNA yet?

    Ha ha ha, you know Kristen Resning and all those superb songs (forgot which release). In the same breath I will have the indecency to mention 2 of my favorite Swedish singles ever – Totalitar’s Luftslott & Vand Dig Inte Om – of which a clean good rip would be extremely desired (at least from me)!!!!

    what do you think boys?

    Slobodan B

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Couldn’t be that hard to use the search function Slob eh ;). About Totalitar I was close or shall I say Raped T. was close to them. Very nice guys but terrible music.


  18. Priest says:

    Absurd was perhaps the most underestemate hardcore band before they released their EP. Punkrocker all over Europe wanted to buy their record and nowadays they as you said compered with Black Flag and Minor Threat and people nowadays, impicit the music historic, think that ther record is one of the most important of the whole Swedish punkrock area, especially because of their aggressive and orginally sound. I love it!

  19. cliffchump says:

    Why has no one asked this previously? How do I get to see the DVD of the Absurd re-union? This has to be hilarious. Did they learn how to play?

  20. skippy says:

    what is the matrix #’s for this ? cos there is a boot floating around right?
    thanks in advance!

  21. Erich says:

    The matrix reads SL-8211 A & B (on the b-side), plus “LR/CR” on both sides, handwritten.

  22. Pie says:

    I have had this ep since it came out but never had the lyric sheet, anyone outhere got a spare one or a photocopy.

  23. discoscheissser says:

    I like punk and hardcore..but this record is embarassingly dire .Ive repeatedly listened for one spark of brilliance,charming ineptness,power,hooks,insight…but find only sterility.The further from the source we inevitably get,and without future releases of any promise or originality – the less discerning the retrospective listener becomes .It looks like it should but it doesn’t – and your comparisons and slavish posing are nice and revealing ..

  24. nils says:

    one of the best ever!

  25. rijkse says:

    i just listened to this and i can’t stop. one of the greastest records out there

  26. Jay Thurston says:

    I listened to this again and find the drummer atrocious…almost as bad as that drummer for the Raped Teenagers : )

  27. zach says:

    i just got a bootleg version.

  28. Punko says:

    Yes it is… a 100% gold piece !!
    this is the real punk… fuck mtv !!


  29. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What is REAL punk Punko? And I’ve never understood the concept of being punk and staying free at the same time as the punk movement has been one of the most close minded and stereotyped movements to date.

  30. Clinton Chapman says:

    Is it possible to see the Absurd video from there re-union? Do I have to come to your house to borrow it?

  31. Punkdetective says:

    Regarding the sleeve that you mention Flakes. The originals have the glossy cardbord paper sleeve. The fakes are plain paper – have not seem them myself. However – was these sleeves with a bootleg vinyl or. .. It’s also said that it’s pressed in 500 copies. Considering how hard it is to find one – I wonder what happend with all copies!

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