Crucifix – Nineteen Eighty Four E.P. 7″

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The only let down to me is that the b-side isn’t as raw and catchy as the a-side. Steelcase Enclosure is a waste of space but Rise And Fall is great. While Rise And Fall is great Prejudice is awesome. The rawness overwhelmes me everytime. Their follow up to this the Dehumanization LP is good too but tends to be a little tiresome after some spins. You know it’s the problem with too many of them dis and that bands. A couple of songs slips throug which is great then they’re on repeat with the same chord structure over and over. The only thing that changes is the ability of the drummers to execute the d-beat.

And yeah the lyrics. When I interviewd Henry Rollins 1984 I handed over the first demo from our old band called War Child(ha ha ha). It was pure dis and that stuff with war lyrics mostly written by me. He looked into my eyes and asked me:”Don’t you guys ever get tired of singing about war all the time?”. “Eh no I think it’s a really important subject.”. Ha ha.

As much as I hate the tiresome subject of broken hearts in emo bands I despise the war theme among punk bands. Never mind the peace punks here’s the Crucifix.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Freak
Format: 7″
Steelcase Enclosure.mp3
Rise And Fall.mp3

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27 Responses to Crucifix – Nineteen Eighty Four E.P. 7″

  1. miles says:

    Steelcase enclosure a waste of space!
    Blaspemy, I love that song. I also love every song on the 12″, dehumanization not so much

  2. Ralph says:

    God bless you, Mr. Purdue!

  3. Erich says:

    Steelcase is THE crucifix song – for the tiny lead part alone! The 12″ is so bad it’s not even funny and the 12″ gives me the creeps with all its praying and whining. Declare war on the peace punks!

  4. Thank you. Never heard this before. Not sure I agree that the 12″ gets boring after a few spins…at least the first track is soooo damn great I could listen to it on repeat for hours. What I like particularly about this band is that it sounds like its the singer from Void (DC)…

    The war thing is really boring and a total cliche’ of course. If a band can’t add to the theme, or offer any sort of critical thinking or analysis then they might as well sing “i love you / you love me”. Sadly 90% of Dis-bands seem to be lacking in this respect…But most disappointingly is the current setup of Discharge’s who penned a song called “War is Hell / Hell is war”. How bloody ridiculous is that? They probably thought that by being simple (with the message) they were automatically being genuine / authentic / truthful / convincing. Convincing it was not! Regarding the musical thing it is equally true that few Dis-bands offer much in innovation (both a good thing and bad thing!). Portalnd’s Deathcharge is I think a good example of how you can do the Discharge-trip without fully becoming boring old cardboard copycats…Someone once said that “you can’t just write Discharge on your leatherjacket and then assume that your band is punk”…hm!

  5. Boulder says:

    I used to see Jimmy Crucifix all the time in San Francisco. He’s a nice guy but after Crucifix they formed Proudflesh, which was a full metal band and sucked big time. I never really listed to this particular kind of punk much (‘dis’ or whatever you want to call it), but after hearing a couple of songs from their LP I just had to go out and buy it, because I find the production is really excellent – really clean and not your usual gutter punk underproduced sludge. Heck, I even like the lyrics. Why does a band who writes songs like that go on to create some stupid cockrock metal band???

  6. solid citizen says:

    Haven’t heard the 12″ since I was a wee pup. But I have been listening to “Rat Music vol.1” quite a bit lately and have always thought “Steelcase..”
    was rad and that the lyrics were pretty stand up after all these years. Thanks again.

  7. Pogel says:

    I like Crucifix, I like Proudflesh, I like bands that sing against war. Remember back in the 80s we thought we were going to die in a nuclear holocaust and the actions of demonstrators, activists did alter public opinion. Now though my views are more nihilistic with a view to purging the earth of the human vermin.

  8. Jay Thurston says:

    I agree with Pogel. I feel so called anti-war songs are better than stupid “love” songs. I fucking hate “love” songs. That, along with the raw energy, is what sent chills up my spine as a young teen. As for this record. I fucking love “Prejudice” as well, as “Steelcase Enlosure”. I don’t much care for “Rise & Fall. What is funny about this record, is for the last 23 years that I have owned it, I never noticed it was purple vinyl. Great record.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Stupid love songs, stupid war songs. What’s the difference?

  10. kissmyfist says:

    please post the trax off the warchild demo PLEASE! If it is pure dis and dat d-beat then I would love to hear it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    pllllleeeasse DON’T post it!!!

  12. Boulder says:

    This stuff is OK, but it’s basically Americans trying to make British punk, IMHO.

    You want the real deal from the USA, please see Zero Boys or the Necros.

  13. purdy spackle says:

    my friend is buddies with sothira(singer), and says he’s totally embarassed about his years in crucifix. steel case is an awesome song(a better version is on the ‘rat music’ lp).

  14. David says:

    Doesn’t this record get any credit for it’s plodding heavy sound?
    As most of punk records were pretty flawed I always thought this stood up well and the lyrics aren’t too preachy or didactic; like so many alarmist bands from the day.
    Shout out to Jimmy!

  15. scovrge says:

    this record is great because it gives a glimpse of better to come. the steelcase version on the rat music comp is much better, much moodier… and dehumanization is underated in the broad of hardcore, it’s much more than a discharge rip-off. and lyrically, crucifix have been the most sincere and honest political lyrics: sothira’s own war experiences as a child, the white supremacy third world immigrants face in the u.s., colonialism and imperialism, etc… i think they got a lot deeper, and had more authority on their message than most anti-war punk bands at the time, including discharge.

  16. purdy spackle says:

    oh yeah… i’d rather hear ‘warchild’ than ANYTHING henry rollins has ever done!

  17. Johan says:

    much better than I expected. first song is best.

  18. g-sus666 says:

    this is good but you can’t dis ‘dehumanization’ lp (no pun intended). It’s a fucking brilliant album. True, i can’t play it over and over again without getting bored of it but whenever i play it at the right moment in time, it sends shivers down my spine. Best stuff they ever did. And the anti war lyrics are the most genuine of any of the ‘dis’ bands that i’ve heard.

  19. 131614 says:

    I prefer love-war songs sexualized war
    pro-war songs I want to hear songs that glorify war
    Peace through Fascism

    the Swastika is sexually stimulating

  20. true american punk says:

    Fuck you 131614, shut your nazi mouth The USA kicked your asses in the war so eat shit motherfucker. between you and the hippies we’ve got no punk left. punk is all american no room for nazis or hippies.


  21. john says:

    thanks for this-good band-great days

  22. Paul says:

    Hey purdy spackle –

    You’re wrong. I know Sothira and we talk about the old days fondly all the time. In fact when Proudflesh recently toured Japan, they played both “Steelcase” and “Annihilation.” (Proudflesh is Jimmy’s and Sothira’s current project)

  23. jacobo says:

    i love this ep and always have and the 12” is just as good.

  24. jacobo says:

    fuck yeah true american!

  25. Martin says:


    it’s been so many years since last time I heard this one and it was quite a pleasant surprise. From what I can remember I thought the Dehumanization LP was quite all right. Have to see if I can find my Crucifix t-shirt somewhere.
    I remember buying the t-shirt from G-anx-Steve as I thought it was the Swedish band Crucifix, he corrected me and played me their records and I never listened to the Swedish band again:)

  26. Username says:

    “steelcase” is easily the best song on this EP, thanks for having it available.

  27. zach says:

    here’s the record on ebay. the seller also has that great Ed Gein’s Car ep. now you can buy them both for probably a ridiculous amount of money.

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