Sick Things – Commited To Suicide 7″

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This site started 1 year ago. Can’t brag about number of visitors and many downloads but there seems to be some people enjoying it. As you noted updates don’t come as often as it used too but that’s not due to lack of interest it’s cause of too much work to get money for rent and all that crap. At the moment there’s about 40 7inches that’s in the “to be posted” pile and the list is growing. So you know there’s things to look forward to. Now over to the good part of this post.

How raw and beautiful this records is. So incredible urgent and desperate. Recorded on a 2 track machine in 1981 but not released until 1985. Can’t tell you much about the band but Inner City Sound have released some stuff that I would love to hear.

Country: Australia
Year: 1981/1985
Label: Greville
Format: 7″
Committed To Suicide.mp3
Police(Sick, Sick, Sick, Bluuuugh).mp3

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  1. fred says:

    Ahhh, I love the Sick Things! A full lp of these two songs plus more of the same craziness exists, released, maybe in 1989? Has the killer tune “I Like Pills” I got to dig it out all my stuff and convert it to MP3. They are like an Aussie Germs!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Fred, the spam filter is a bit too strict sometimes.

  3. Simon says:

    Fantastic stuff– and their cover of “The sound of silence” is probably my favourite punk mangling of a mainstream hit song ever.

    Mick Harvey of this band went on to current indie/art faves Dirty Three.

  4. Ryan says:

    Both of their CDs are worth picking up, but Sounds of Silence on the Au Go Go label (waaay out of print) is the winner.

  5. mh says:

    >>> They are like an Aussie Germs! >>>

    They sound nothing like the fucking Germs. Duh.

  6. 77ReasonsToLurk says:

    About the visitors and downloads: there must be othe r people like me who read their e-mail without visiting the site, and only occasionally download. Keep doing!

  7. fred says:

    Nah, I Like Pills sounds exactly like a Germs riff, just change up the vocal with Darby’s and no one would be the wiser.


  8. Aaron says:

    This sounds more like an early Varukers or Discharge single than anything. Regardless, I fucking dig it.

  9. behjan says:

    dont forget their english name-cousins are good.too
    were they posted on this one,too?

  10. Gar says:

    Have no doubts about the number of visitors or downloads.
    This is the best damn download on the world wide web bar none!!

    Absolute respect

  11. Gar says:

    I meant download site by the way!!!!!!!

  12. Gary says:

    Saw this band in around 1981. Awesome original and totally out of step with anything else at the time. No, they don’t sound like varukers, Germs or anything else. Have a listen to the CD or even try and get hold of the “Gypsy Cried” tape all the songs are totally unique – Good Citizen has a riff that is a mind melt. Sadly Mick Sick died a few years ago (singer) and Jeff only five weeks ago – sadly missed and RIP!.

  13. Steve Contempt says:

    No, they don’t sound like the Varukers or Discharge or the Germs, but there’s a definite similarity to TDA (from the Riotous Assembly compilation on Riot City.) Well I think so anyway.

  14. (Minnes)Luckan says:

    Inner City Sounds fanzine is collected into a book of the same name. Essential for everyone who loves Australian punk/powerpop/garage etc. Not all the issues, but lots of articles.

  15. (Minnes)Luckan says:

    Sorry for stating the obvious. Didn’t check out the link in the text above.

  16. Dirk says:

    Didn’t some of the guys morph into the Fungus Brains who made the phantastic “Ron Pisto’s Real World” LP?

    • gary sick says:

      yep they did and then mick went onto the dirty three. Dugald and geoff are both death and me and mick are still kickin

  17. Monger says:

    I have the LP on “Shock”…loud noisy and abrasive.Cant ask for more than that.

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