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Sick Things – Commited To Suicide 7″

This site started 1 year ago. Can’t brag about number of visitors and many downloads but there seems to be some people enjoying it. As you noted updates don’t come as often as it used too but that’s not due … Continue reading

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The Power Chords – S/T 7″

Here’s some new and excellent powerpop/punk. Unattached Strings is an awesome nearly too close to Buzzcocks melody punker that I can’t get enough of. The chorus could be stronger to acompanion the great verse but who am I to complain? … Continue reading

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The Mob – Upset The System E.P. 7″

While I’m in the mood for hardcore so I better go for it. But don’t you worry! The marvelous powerpop and weak punk that I usually post will come back faster then you can say: hypernevrouakustiskdiafragmakontravibration. Can you imagen they … Continue reading

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The Eat – God Punishes The Eat E.P. 7″

Eric over at Something I Learned Today have posted this before here. Don’t forget to check out the first Eat 7″ posted there too which is better then this their second effort. So why another post of this? Mainly cause … Continue reading

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V/A – No Core Compilation Cassette

When I heard this it reminded me exactly why I fell in love with hardcore. Every band has a sound of their own and they’re all at least good. Colcor: May be the least interesting band on here but the … Continue reading

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