Cosmetics – Guilt 7″

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This is a record by a criminally underrated band called the Cosmetics. This is the kind of music that’s quiet typical for the years 1979-1980: plenty of melody, clever arrangements and a sweet tooth for hooks. I’m feeling like a raggare when I’m listening to this. Thinking “This kind of music ain’t made no more. Bands where far more enjoyable and better in the old days.”. Kind of pathetic ain’t it. But believe me I’m really trying to let new bands into my ears.

They’ve played Fall Out Boy a lot on the radio lately and I’ve tried to give ’em a shoot. But boy what a boring band. No substance. No passion. Just as interesting as disco was in the 70s only less dangerous. But I guess it’s the kind of the same feeling that the mid ’80s HC fanatics gets while listening to the Cosmetics. Powerpop rules and HC sucks!

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Virgin
Format: 7″
Something Happened.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Not a bad “pop” record. I do believe the Methadones would love this.

  2. No a bad pop record? Ha ha you must be joking Jay. This one KILLS :). Seriously one of the best posts in April.

  3. Richard Mazda says:

    Hi There,

    Well it’s a funny old cyber world isn’t it? Thanks for the great comments above. I formed the band after Tours split. Strangely enough there may be a Tours and a Cosmetics record coming out so I was greatful for the support.

    Write back soon


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