The Maggots – Tammy Wynette E.P. 7″


This is a repost from March the 25th 2006. Added more scans, re-recorded and uploaded all the tracks. Note the highly interesting writing from my side in the original post. Do a search for Maggots to find the tracks from the re-issue.

Found this post by one of The Maggots members from
“yes the original maggots did put out an apparently highly collectable record in 1980 called “lets get, lets get, tammy wynette!!!” a song i wrote from the kidnappers point of view, after a bizarre “kidnapping” incident in the late 70s (later found to be an elaborate hoax concocted by tammy to cover up for her abusive husband kicking her ass…) no wonder she was pissed when this guy i knew asked her to sign a copy of it at an autograph session at marriots great america amusement park…she actually threw his record and started screaming, and they escorted him out, sans autograph….it is now being re-issued by the portland based discourage rock & roll, who have made up quite a nice collectable package to go with it, a nice book, original demo versions, all on good old fashioned vynil just like granpa used to make em…”

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Wormusik
Format: 7″
Let’s Get Tammy Wynette.mp3
2 2 79.mp3
Rough Dub.mp3

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  4. Marmiteboy says:

    Great little record. Love the detuned guitar solo.

  5. 3pieknow says:

    My want this ep. Helpa, helpa.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Only thing to recommend is eBay. The reissue pops up and isn´t that expensive if you can settle for that.

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  8. Dipshit says:


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