D.O.A. – World War 3 7″

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I’m baffeled! Not only is World War 3 the best song by these Canadian hockey punks but it’s OVER 4 minutes long. There’s a great video to this song too. Cool sneers, poses, great light and most important bad skin complexion! If there’s one thing that sort out real punks from the rest it’s pimples and oily skin. Ok, you’ve got to be ugly too. There’s too many good looking people in bands nowadays. That really sucks.

I saw D.O.A. live in 1985(?) at the infamous Ultra Huset in Stockholm/Sweden. Amazing show! And I was greatful they didn’t care that it was only about 20 people who showed up but rocked that building hard as hell. Got a tape of that show some where.

Country: Canada
Year: 1979
Label: Sudden Death
Format: 7″
World War Three.mp3
Watcha Gonna Do?.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    saw dOA too on that 85 tour, it was amazing! but somehow, i dunno – whenever i put on DOA I realize that they aren’t as good as I want them to be. so i put the records aside again for a few years and during that time, it constantly builds up oinside of me on how great they really are. then comes the next round. like when i finally got me a copy of hc 81 a couple years later – i was expecting so much, then it turned out to be funky rock’n roll.

  2. Javi says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!! “World War 3” is the best song from DOA, and one of the best Punk Rock songs, period. Can’t fucking understand why, the otherwise great Mark Prindle despises them while praises the unhooky, generic and mediocre Dayglow Abortions; as obnoxious and ass kicking as the abortions might be, they never came with a song this awesome.
    I love when at the end of the song, the backbone riff of the chorus emerges, and then the drums, bass and background vocals “World War!!!!”.
    It reminds me why I like Punk in the first place, and Hardcore in the second.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    Definitely agree with the latter two people. WW3 is their greatest song. Saw them quite a few times in the early ’80’s…1982, 1983, 1984,…1990. Why now, does my 7″ have a different sleeve than this one??

  4. Jerry Curlan says:

    Saw them in Reading in 1985, alas without Chuck Biscuits drumming. Dave Gregg tried to take me to bed after the show. Told him I was straight. The other sleeve for the 7″ is the Sudden Death self released version, scarcer I think. My copy’s got “copyright DOA” written by Biscuits with a Biro pen.

  5. Neilantman says:

    Thank you

  6. hdvns says:

    One of those nuggets I traded away many years ago. Thanks!

  7. Schralpsie says:

    Right arm! Thanks for the post. My favorite
    has always been “America the Beautiful”.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Erich, for once I agree with you here ;). DOA have always sounded better in my head then on their records.

  9. SwePete says:

    I think that “The Prisoner” is THE DOA song. The rest do sound better in the head. Some of the songs with Jello(the man who killed punk,remember?)I do really enjoy. But that´s maybe the little Heavy guy in me who is talking, fuck if I know. I am not paying myself to do some soul searching. I´m just an ordinary southern white trash guy with no friends and just the internet to talk to, incoherent psycho babble and so forth etc, etc usw, usw………..

  10. Erich says:

    I decided to post the Prisoner 7″ – and I must say that it KILLS! Maybe we alls should pull out our DOA records more often haha.

  11. Simon says:

    OK, all the fast ones are great, but honestly– DOA’s real forte was the driving, mid-tempo anthem, so songs like “Whatcha gonna do?”, “New age”, “Woke up screaming”, “2+2” and “Last night” will always be the real treasures to me. Some of the best, most enduring punk rock songs ever written, no exaggeration.

  12. ddc says:

    Shook the hand of Joey Shithead 5 years ago after a furious gig they played in Frankfurt – and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Randy Rampage on bass!!!!!! Too difficult to judge their best song :-( the enemy, prisoner, ww3, my old man’s a bum, disco sucks – all of them great!

  13. punx.com sucks says:

    how can it exist? bullshit

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What exist? punx.com?

  15. Tony says:

    Early DOA for me is hit or miss, but mostly “hit” (Later DOA is another story altogether). I would say that most of the singles and EP’s between 1978 and 1980, as well as their “Something Better Change” LP from ’80 are great. The 1st LP is full of one after another of classic “DOA anthems”. Some people talk up the “Hardcore 81” LP as their true classic but for me, the 1st LP is just more solid. But then the 1st LP has a few crappy rock-ish songs on it like “Take A Chance”. Argh. But Joey has a great vocal style that makes up for some musical shortcomings. The best lineup for me was the trio of Joey, Randy and Biscuits. That video of “WW III” from 1980 that was mentioned is cool– it’s on YouTube I believe. I saw DOA live twice, once in Cleveland in 1990 and another time here in Chicago in 1996. Both shows were great sweaty and energetic events with Joey standing at the front of the stage the whole time bobbing his head and playing like an Energizer bunny for the whole show.

  16. Tony says:

    Almost forgot to mention this- “The Prisoner” is my favorite DOA song of all time. Not the version on the 1978 single, but the faster version from the “Hardcore 81” LP. It has especially great drumming from Chuck Biscuits, especially in the last part of the song.

  17. punx.com sucks says:

    Yeah, PUNX.com sucks. I’m just amazed that you promote it.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Promote punx.com?? Where?

  19. scott skitzo says:

    Thanks for posting! One thing people should know is that Whatcha Gonna Do on the Bloodied But Unbowed “best of” LP (that came out at around after War On 45, which compiled 1st & 2nd LP tracks and some singles) the song fades out during the ending/building up part of background vocals going Whoah-Ohhh, etc, layered vocals. This single has the original version, which DOESNT fade out, and has a proper ending with little drums fills from Chuck. Don’t know why, and perhaps reissures of Bloodied rectified that, but mine’s like that, and I was so pissed off! I don’t have the vinyl single, so thanks again! Cheers from vancouver BC!

  20. struppi says:

    Great stuff.
    I also saw them 85 in homburg/saar. a big hall with only ~50 visitors and I didn’t hear them before, but it was the hell and one of the best concerts i visited, ever.

  21. elroy says:

    “Waiting for you” on Hardcore 81 is probably the best song because of the lead which still epitomizes what a lead break was meant to be. Hardcore ’81 is the best record of the hc era.

  22. Nathan G says:

    I am going to the Hawkwind show instead of D.O.A (both of them are playing on the same night). Is this wrong?

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