The Cardiac Kidz – Get Out/Find Yourself A Way 7″

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Too bad the b-side doesn’t live up to the high quality of Get Out. So intense. The bass sound and the way he plays it is just amazing. And what a break after the second chorus!! Hilarious sloppy drumming done the right way. Clocks in on 1:20 which means this is one of the best punk rock you’ll ever here.

By the way, this has to be one of the most amazing sleeves I’ve seen due to the prettiness of these boys. Who shall I choose? I think I’ll go with Steven Lightfoot.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Lub Dub
Format: 7″
Get Out.mp3
Find Yourself A Way.mp3

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  1. BILL WILLIAMS says:

    I am the one on the top right and yes that was some great music back then I have 3 boys playing music now in San Francisco, I am the one who started the Cardiac Kidz back in 1974 with Jim Ryan boy what a great time

    • jerry flack says:


      I f you remember correctly in 1974 you guys were called “glass onion”… the cardiac kidz name didnt come until we were sitting in my living room going through my girl friends antomy and phisology book…and we decided that was it….my email is


  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Bill! Thanks for the awesome music.

    By the way how did CK sounded back in 1974?

  3. Brian Sams says:

    I grew up to this record because my stepdad is Billy Williams the guitar player. When i first heard this stuff it inspired me to play guitar and help shape my style. These guys truly are original punk rockers from SoCal. I’m proud to have known Jim and of course my dad. If you can find this record get it!!

  4. BILL WILLIAMS says:

    The Ck music of 1974 was great, it had a real raw sound to it that you don’t find in alot of bands today everything is so polished not like the Beatles and the Stones and the who in their early days, a little like some of the early Ramones.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sounds interesting Bill. Got any recordings from that period?

  6. Carl says:

    I spoke to Lou a couple of years back. He told me that he had my old reel-to-reel videos. I looked into getting them transfered but I didn’t come up with anything. I did shoot the Injections live at the Skeleton Club in ’79 or ’80. I was just 14, so I had to sit in the little room behind the stage when I wasn’t filming. Those were great days for me. I bet one of those tapes is that show. There is also an entire party shot secretly from Gary Heffern’s room into the living room.

  7. Eric Rife says:

    I’m doing a documentary on the history of the San Diego music with special emphasis on the punk scene from ’77-’97.

    I am desperately trying to get contact information for anyone who was there. I was just a young punk back then, friends with flier artists Bobby Lane and Lee Ellingson (of “Testicle Head” fame) and went to a lot of the shows at Fairmount, Wabash, Kings Rd, etc.

    So far I have collected and scanned over 1300 images, fliers, photos, ads and misc. stuff loaned to me from various musicians and other folk. Some of the contributors include members of the Dinettes, the Products, the Penetrators, the Morlocks, the Standbys, Tell Tale Hearts, Manual Scan and lots of others.

    I also need contact information for people like Lou Skum, Lee Ellingson, Terry Marine (although I understand he found God)

    PLEASE – if you have photos, 8mm film, recordings, video, etc. I need to hear from you. All contributions (I’m only looking for material, not money) will be digitized and promptly returned! I am also looking for individuals interested in doing on camera interviews! I can be reached at or feel free to call the San Diego Central Library history department at 619-236-5823.

    Anyone interested in seeing my photographic work can Google “Eric Rife” to bring up hundreds of links to my work including shots of Joe Strummer, the Damned, Rocket From The Crypt, X, the Pogues, Supersuckers, Turbonegro, Real McKenzies, El Vez, and hundreds more including Johnny Thunders’ last SD show at the Bacchanal.

  8. Jim Ryan says:

    It is amazing to me that after all these years that the Cardiac Kidz still generates excitement and controversy. It is true that Steve and Jerry joined up with us in 1978-79 but Billy and I had been putting together the band back in 1974. We didn’t know then what style of music we had stumbled onto till one day the Sex Pistols made the headlines over here in the US. Billy and I said hey this is the style of music we play. Punk Rock. It was then that we went looking for the rest of the band. Finding Steve was great he added the unique bass throbbing pulse that was needed to accent the drumming thunder that was part of the Cardiac Trade mark sound. Steve and Jerry were part of the Sun Up! San Diego TV show that we performed on and did many shows with us including the SDSU Back Door and the Spirit Night Club gigs. Steve contact me and Billy through the Cardiac Kidz My Space site! It belongs to you too! We Miss ya!

    Any way the single had a pop punk song “Find Yourself Away“ and a grind punk song “Get Out” put out on the 45 on purpose. We knew that San Diego wasn’t ready for “real punk” stuff and had to be lulled into it. It unfortunately it was actually “Find Yourself Away” that got the Kidz the TV spot and the air plays on the Radio stations 91X and KGB at first. So pop punk it was. We recieved a lot of heckling for that path but the kids (no pun intended) kept coming to the shows and buying the records.

    Take a trip down the Memory Lanes “History of Punk” at the MY Space/Cardiac Kidz site and listen to the MP3’s from the Spirit Nite Club live Show that birth the now legendary EP Playground. It captures a time gone by and is the only recorded “live” show recording of a San Diego punk band from that time period.

    Some of your comments may be “Jaded or Cynical” and some favorable. It doesn’t matter because it’s all too late to change it! It is that part of the US punk rock foundation that is recorded as is.

    Steve Cardiac reunion………..?
    Who knows gang Beatles we were not but; it was a lot of FUN!!!!!

    Jim “Cardiac Kid” Ryan

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi Lou Skum here I just brokeup with my beautiful china girl. Im living in Melrose Massachusetts I am fine and doing well despite losing the love of my life to another man. peace

  10. I'mnotlou says:

    I don’t know how I ended up in this place, but sure as hell am enjoying reading some of this…hello lou…I heard you were a banker???? I’m now living in Finland…so who the fuck was in my bedroom filming???…just curious, musta been when I was out on tour, and when I came back someone had stolen a bunch of my writings, and high school yearbook where I had a tom waits autograph…jim woods returned it when we caught him selling a bunch of my clothes to retro-viva…what a guy. I don’t get alot of time to answer email, but if any of you wants to contact me do so at

    Gary Heffern

  11. Bruce injection says:

    This is so cool. Lou is alive and someone is in interested in old Injection stuff! I became a music teacher for a while, now play jazz.

    Ryan Richardson has a great site Break My Face.

    What vinyl is out there from Injections? I also have an ancient reel-to-reel with who knows what?

  12. Mike rappaport says:

    I was thare , Helped Laura Frasuer open the Skilton club after doing shows at the north park lions clue . may I help ?

  13. Lou Skum says:

    I remember you Mike, You had long bushy hair, Where is Laura? Where are you Bruce? You always use to dislike jazz,

  14. Bruce says:

    Lou – I never liked jazz! I found that it’s fun to play and mentally challenging. I still don’t really listen to it. I’m in Providence where I’ve been forever. I wanted to do a Fat and Fifty reunion with you but I didn’t know where you were and I’m not fat!! I’m at

  15. Eric Rife says:

    I hope everyone who posted here in the last few months will drop me a line – the documentary I’ve been working on is rolling ahead full steam with a lot of help from those who made the San Diego scene what it was.

    I’ve received hundreds of fliers from those involved with the punk, mod, garage and rockabilly scenes – over 2000 and counting. I’ve also received slides and photos of the Clash, Patti Smith, the Zeros, the Hitmakers and more in their first San Diego appearances! Tim Mays was kind enough to loan me his posters and flier mock-ups for the shows at the Skeleton Club, Wabash, Adams Ave, Fairmount, etc.

    I’ve also been doing on-camera interviews with members of the Penetrators, the Standbys and others. The other day, the esteemed Jim Call loaned me several early singles including Claude Coma & the IVs, the Dils and the first 7″ by NON.

    One guy (in Australia of all places) sent me a 1981 KGTV news story about the SD punk scene which opens with a shot of Black Flag at Fairmount Hall and ends with the Battalion of Saints in the recording studio.

    But I need more! Over 100 people have contacted me (including people who I thought I’d NEVER hear from) and the list continues to grow. So please, drop me a line at or and let me know who you are, what you have to offer and if you might be interested in sitting down for an interview!

  16. Lou Skum says:

    I read some of this and really liked it. I also shaved and wore a tie after the injections, I would run into pseudo punks on the lower east side of Manhattan and be mocked. I secretly enjoyed the irony of it all.

  17. Bruce Injection says:

    Lou – You are the godfather.

  18. Lou Skum says:

    Bruce= go to amplipedia S.D. to injections there is a comment at the end and a link to another injections from 2003

  19. Jeff Lucas says:

    Wow… I happened across this site by happy accident. I was playing my cello in a practice room at Mesa Junior College when Jim (Ryan) knocked on the door and asked if I could play bass. Had to be ’78 or ’79. I said I guess so… and ended-up in the Cardiac Kidz v2.0. At that point there was a girl named Donna singing with us… don’t remember who the drummer was.

    Jim was a great guy, turned me onto all kinds of music… and drinking. Definitely started me on the musical path to where I’ve ended-up today.

    4-5 years after that I started the Morlocks with Tommy Clark and Leighton.

    Here’s a site that is been archiving San Diego’s musical/cultural heritage:

    There’s a wealth of sounds and images there.

  20. Jeff Lucas says:

    In fact, I can look back and point to Mesa Junior College as a sort of fulcrum in my life: Jim Ryan who introduced me to the Ramones, Television, New York Dolls, etc.; Rich Lopez who turned me on to Eno, King Crimson, etc.; The Winnard brothers, Scott and Chris, who turned me onto the whole British punk scene… which led to me meeting Dave Fleminger, an outstanding influential musician who I played in several bands with (Answers, Mirrors, etc.). Never thought about it before…

  21. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jeff!

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is Bill from the Cardiac Kidz we have had alot of interest from people in the community and from the uk to produce another cd for our fans, and I just wanted to find some feedback from all of you!

  23. Jay Thurston says:

    If it is in your heart…do it! If you have no heart, then don’t.

  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Bill!
    Hearing the songs “Future Shock” and “Break Out” makes me want to hear more!!!

  25. BILL says:

    Jeff where do you live and maybe I could talk to jim and we could show you some of the archives of the Kidz music in early 1974 when the group got together, songs that have never been released or heard by anyone else.

  26. behjan says:

    has anyone see the recent interview with the CARDIAC KIDZ in MaximumRocknroll? Is it interesting?
    Which issue is it in? THANKS!

  27. Count me in Behjan I too wan(k)t to know.

  28. Stig Stilletto, Da Slyme says:

    Just came across this discussion through a random google of my band, Da Slyme. AMazing how so many of you have not only heard about us but have also heard our double lp from ’79 (and the ’99CD of different material). We only pressed 500 of the lp and only shipped 10 outside of Newfoundland. Talk about your Johnny Appleseed.

    As for the look of the band, as one of our colleagues said to a salon-spiked DJ who refused to turn down the stereo for a sound check (while he rammed him up against the wall): “We were punks before you were born.” Still are.

    We’re working on a DVD now that will feature some of the 25 hours of video we have (earliest dating from ’79)


  29. Lou Skum says:

    That’s funny we pressed 500 45’s and only shipped 10 to Newfoundland.

  30. WDW says:

    I use to watch the band Cardiac kidz back in early 1974 before there was any punk bands around except maybe the Dead Kennedys from New York and saw the video the Cardiac kids
    produced in LA before MTV came out in 82 which was pretty good
    for back them but I haven’t been able to find that footage for sale
    anywhere and have been looking for there records but everyone
    doesn’t seem to want to sale theirs, if there is anyone who has a
    Cardiac Kidz original I would like to buy it please let me know.
    thanks WDW

  31. Lou Skum says:

    Tom Griswold has a copy of every record ever made, and a few that weren’t made.

  32. tom says:

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Jerry? I would love to get a hold of him. Man, I haven’t talked to him in years.

  33. big chuff says:

    this is a trip. To Jim Ryan, I met yr pop’s a couple years ago (jerry? musician as well) through my mom in laws best friend. I knew he played music & was inquiring as to what he was into etc… he askked what I liked & I said somewhere old san diego stuff. He’s all “my son was in a band called Cardiac Kidz” I flipped out, he was surprised that I knew of CK then I showed him the KBD comps. A few years ago when Blue Meanie was moving, my buddy & I went to there sale. All 7″‘s for .50 cents. My Bud found yr 1st 7″ sealed & founf 2 copies of the 2nd Live 7″ (both do not have a pic sleeve…wassup w/dis?) I really dig “da kidz”…INjections have that “reissue” lp on italian label Rave Up Records. It is great btw…

  34. b e h j a n says:

    TOM,might not help but in late 1990s I phoned a J.F. in SD and it was his father and he did connect me with his son who was in a band back then.
    we chatted for a while and eventually Jerry Jr. gave me his e.mail-address but never got back with a reply…
    wish I had a satisfying info 4U.
    It is possible he is still residing in SD

    • jerry flack says:


      yes its me jerry flack, I remember talking to my father about you and I’m in san diego…my email is….I’ve been talking to jim about putting the cardiac kidz back together…feel free to email me any time

      jerry Flack

  35. Jim Ryan says:

    Hey I have been trying to get hold of Jerry and Steve for years now and it would be great to get hold of them before the 30th anniversary CD is released.

    Last time I saw Steve he was working claims at Famers Insurance in the Mira Mesa area. That was over 25 years ago though. Bill Lubbers has since passed on and Joe Foy is alive and will in Alanta still playing music. Any help connecting up with either of these two would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all the input everyone!

    Also If you have any photos, videos, flyers etc. or a copy of our SunUp San Diego TV spot I really need it for the bands archives. You can email me files or just contact me at:


  36. b e h j a n says:

    I have two phone no.´s of Jerry Flack Sr and Jerry Flack Jr and I spoke to them in about 1999 over the phone (Sr giving me his son´s #!)
    Not sure if they are valid but I can imagine the one for the Senior shoulda be still working out !?
    If you are interested,I can pass you those phone no.`s if you drop me a short note at:

    very sad about William P. Luebbers (RIP feb 18,2005),the guitarist on the 2nd Live “Play Ground” 1979 7″e.p.
    I also spoke to him over the phone at the same time I spoke to Jerry Jr!
    God bless him!

  37. Kelly says:

    This is too funny. I’m referring to the Cardiac Kidz (back in the old days) This is Kelly –Jims Ryans ex-girlfriend -(we were even engaged for about 2 weeksI still have the ring! /We lived together from 1977-1979 also ex-room mate of Bill Williams. So Bill, did your old ugly orange Chevy van finally break down? ha ha ha And Jim, have you had any contact with Andy Rosen (our other “roomie” in Clairemont?) What crazy times they were. Goin’ down memory lane for sure! Jim, how’s the tiger with green eyes? We thought it was fate at the time. If you want to talk, write me ;-) I’ve seen your myspace site…

  38. Kelly says:

    PS. This one is for Jerry Flack- I still have the scar from when your dog bit me a few days after she had her puppies! I knew it would be a bad idea since she would be so protective of them. She was a sheltie I believe… was her name Lady??? I can’t remember. –Kelly

    • Jerry Flack says:

      Hello Kelly,

      Its been a long time…I dont remember the dog biting you, but I do remember the dog biting Bill…her name was christie…please emali me and let me know how your doing… As you well know Jim and I have been doing alot of practicing lately…

      Thank care


  39. Jim Ryan says:

    A record company based in Roma Italy “Rave-UP Records”( & has released a “tribute” vinyl LP import from Europe which contains 14 songs by the band.

    Just recently a few of the very rare 7″ 45 singles (Get Out/Find YourSelf A Way) appeared on the E-Bay auction site; on September 27, 2009 the 7″ vinyl single went for $760.00 USD. 10 days later another 45 single appeared on E-Bay and it’s final bidding price was $820.00 USD.

    Not bad for a band rated 11th in a 10 band tier grouping (some quote I read from a a site a couple of years ago). The truth is that “The Cardiac Kidz ” were the only originating Punk band in San Diego. The fact that they could sucessfuly hover around in both the New Wave and Rock music scene was a testiment to thier ability to adapt.

    Remeber punk was about the freedom to be you! No superstars stuff. In punk the people were the stars! We just got to have fun with them.

    Do we do a reunion show now that Jerry is back in contact. Joe is in Alanta it is possible……..

  40. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Jim, you should’ve put an KBD tag in the auction description and listed it in the “punk” 7″ section and the price would’ve doubled I think. Too bad for you. Lucky for the winner :).

  41. Dirk says:

    Just got the Rave Up release! it smokes! While you order it too,also get the Action LP they released!!!

  42. Jim Ryan says:

    Well now some of those long hidden CK recordings are up and swimming from the undergrond and have become legit with the release of the Rave Up vinyl LP “Get Out” in Europe. Lub-Dub productions will be releasing a domestic CD version of the vinyl LP late this month or at the latest first of next year. The Cd has “Bonus” songs which are some rare true “garage” recordings of practice takes and a couple of tunes that didn’t have space on the LP. I want to let the KBD gang know that I am very much aware that you guys had a very big part of this LP release. By giving us space on past compliation releases it pushed us right into the fore front of moustahed punk rock pioneers! The funny thing is that now I have the moustache and jerry has his shaved off. lol
    Thanks guys!

  43. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad you got some recognition Jim! Would love to get the Rave Up LP but so far it’s been a bit to pricy for a new release. As for the inclusion on the Killed By Death comps I have NOTHING to do with the bootleg series. All credit has to go to Johan Kugelberg(a lovely swede too by the way) for releasing them in the first place.

    • Jim Ryan says:

      Thanks for the production info on the KBD releases. The Flakes // Drummer email me on the Cradiac Kidz Myspace site with your address and I’ll send you one of the LP’s. For real!

  44. David Ewing says:

    Hey guys,

    This is Dave Ewing. For some strange reason I googled Cardiac Kidz today and found all kinds of stuff, including this site. But no mention of me! Where’s the love? I was the guitar player in the Kidz from December 1979 until April (?) 1980, when we kind of disintegrated. I wasn’t on any records, but I played several shows with you guys during that period. I remember we opened for a band named Prairie Fire at the Spirit. I also distinctly remember playing a show at the Skeleton Club on the night of Super Bowl Sunday in 1980. Remember our cover of the Association’s “Windy”? I believe the bass player at the time was named Tom Roach. I was in the band when the Reader interviewed us. I remember being attributed with the quote: “We just want to give the people something they’ll enjoy”, something I would never say in a million years! Jim, you must have a copy of that interview? I’ll see if I can dig it up. And I certainly remember Kelly and Billy’s van with the shag carpet.

    After the demise of the Kidz, I joined an avant-garde new wave band called the Funes (with an N). Jim briefly had a band called Rudy and the Ramjets and Billy had a band called the Car Tunes. All three of our bands played a gig together at the Spirit in February 1981. The lead singer, bass player, and main songwriter in the Funes was Sean Sullivan, who pursued acting. You can see him in many films and TV roles, but most memorably, he played Wayne’s and Garth’s friend Phil, who about to hurl. He’s the one in the middle of the back seat of the AMC Pacer singing along to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, prominently featured in a commercial running on TV right now, advertising some audio product.

    I’m currently a software engineer living near Boulder, Colorado. I have been visiting San Diego often. My son, Russell, just graduated from UCSD. He’s an actor and my wife and I flew out for all of his performances for the last three years.

    That was such a great time for music in San Diego! The Penetrators (R.I.P. Dan McLain aka Country Dick Montana), DFX2, the Unknowns, the Puppies, Fingers, Some Ambulants ….

    Cheers, Dave Ewing

  45. Get out is great, but the real winner is Find Yourself A Way!
    It is one of my fave tracks!



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