Randoms – ABCD/Let’s Get Rid Of New York 7″


Can’t go wrong with them Dangerhouse records. Here’s the first release featuring the Randoms. ABCD don’t do much to me. Pretty dull and too long Dolls/Thunderish boring rock n roll. But the b-side! BUT THE B-SIDE my friends!! Mia madre! What a super duper punk rock of a song. Randoms had K.K. Barret from the Screamers on drums, John Doe from X on bass and Pat Garrett, later found in Black Randy And The Metrosquad and also one of the founders of Dangerhouse, on guitar and vocals.

From Break My Face:
He recorded the other side, “Let’s Get Rid Of New York” in different rooms of his Hollywood house on four track. I remember watching Pat cut the vocals in the kitchen, and having to go home and change clothes because I pissed in my pants from laughing so hard.

I just love New York City! Where else can you get a fresh bagel at two in the morning?!“-Adolph Hitler

Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Dangerhouse
Format: 7″
Let’s Get Rid Of New York.mp3

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  1. Martin says:

    You’re so right my friend, that is one hell of a song. That song and Small Wonder are the true masterpieces of punk rock in my world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A-side does suck. Why’s they put it on that side other than the song’s called A-B-C-D and it’s the A side? B side is fantastic. One of my all time favs fer sure!

    (This has nothing to do with anything here but Peter said he used to like The Briefs a lot. A couple members have a new band called The Cute Lepers.)

  3. Guy Mandude says:

    I’m a likin’ both sides. Though the A is a bit too
    long, it’s still a catchy riff. Everything sucks,

  4. Tony says:

    Hey, the A-side’s not so bad. I guess it’s grown on me over the years. “Let’s Get Rid of New York” is pretty good, but not the best thing Dangerhouse put out. Probably my favorite punk label of all time that could almost do no wrong- Dils, Weirdos, Bags, Rhino 39, Alleycats, Deadbeats, Eyes, X, Yes LA comp– just amazing output. The only so-so stuff on the label was the Howard Werth single although he gets a great guitar sound on “Obsolete”. Black Randy’s “Trouble At The Cup” is great primitive stuff, and some of his other stuff is good but then some of it is just so-so I think. Rumor goes that the Consumers wanted to release their amazing LP on Dangerhouse but it wasn’t. Too bad. Also, wouldn’t it have been cool if the Screamers had released a record back then and had it on Dangerhouse? Apparently, one of the guys that started Dangerhouse (David Brown, I think) was from Oklahoma of all places– see the liner notes of the reissue for Debris’ 1975 proto-punk LP. The whole story of why the label was called Dangerhouse is a great tale too.

  5. Johan says:

    I’ve listen to the B-side twice and I got a hard-on. I bet I’ll still have a hard-on when I wake up tomorrow. great song, best shit I heard in days. thanks. after a few more spins i might listen to the a side to.

  6. Stefan K Larsson says:

    The B-side was really, really great, in fact good enough to make me decide to do a cover on it and fit it into a swedish context, with swedish lyrics.

    will see if the band will approve of this version or if i have to do it solo.

  7. Let’s get rid of Stockholm?

  8. Popus Adrianus says:

    alright, so for years of only listening to the B-side and thinking ABCD was a total bore I actually recently gave it more of a chance and it actually gets stuck in my head pretty easily! Surely not as much of a certifiable banger as Let’s Get Rid of New York, but still a great song nonetheless. Haters need to chillllllllllllllllllll. Regardless, the yell in the beginning of Let’s Get Rid of New York is so fucking gnarly and makes me just want to listen to the intro over and over again.

  9. Dj gaz Le Rock says:

    Thats fucking excellent…great find…his mates description of the recording is choice..

  10. @Tony wrote : “Also, wouldn’t it have been cool if the Screamers had released a record back then and had it on Dangerhouse? Apparently, one of the guys that started Dangerhouse (David Brown, I think) was from Oklahoma of all places.”

    Hollywood, like Manhattan, is essentially full of people from other places, especially middle America. The primer was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, later refined by Truman Capote.

    K.K. Barrett, Pat Garrett aka Rand McNally and David Brown were all ex Oklahoma.
    I am, too, 3 generations removed.

    Of course, it would have made sense for The Screamers to have released anything but the band was essentially Tomata’s and Gear’s thang and they wanted a huge major label deal. They also knew that Dangerhouse were brilliant at creating artefacts but not at growing a label.

  11. Kevin says:

    The A side is dull in this version. However, if you can find the live performance at the Masque, it’s pretty amazing.
    Get rid of LA


  12. Tanner says:

    Is there a lyrics sheet at all for this? All my web searching has come up with nothing so far.

  13. DEWEY DECIMAL says:


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