Social Distortion – 1945 E.P. 7″


The sleeves are on loan from Break My Face. I’ve never been a big Social Distortion fan but 1945 have been hunting me for years and years. I love that song. The Stones cover Under My Thumb is not for me. Boring. Playpen is ok but again nothing compared to 1945. Lacks the catchiness and of course it drags on far too long. This is actually the only record I like with them.

If anyone can make a good 300dpi scan of the above sleeve or the blue one let me know.

Year: 1982
Label: 13th Floor Records and Filmworks Ltd.
Format: 7″
Under My Thumb.mp3

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  1. Toxxy says:

    Cheers & thx for the SD-post, great! Hmmm…can’t understand why you at least don’t like the album “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” with SD, IMHO one THE BEST rock albums ever released by anybody! I suggest you have another listen…if you still don’t like it after listening to it…commit yourself :) He-he, just joking of course, but really…”Somewhere…” should rock your pants off (not that I’m interested though!).

    Cheers again for the tunes…and your quite AWESOME site!!

  2. fred says:

    The earlier Posh Boy version of 1945 is better (I think it ended up on ROTR 2), as is the Posh Boy 45. There was an earlier demo version of 1945 that Rodney used to play before they had any records out that I remember as being even better)

    Dumbass lyrics though. Similar song to Amoeba and Gigantor.

  3. MrMike says:

    Well…Flake & I are on the same page here, but I will go 1 further:
    Yet ANOTHER mediocre Southern Cal band that has stayed in game so long that people are fooled into thinking that they are interesting, when they are clearly not.
    “Country” Mike Ness (not even good enough to be a poor man’s-poor man’s Johnny Cash) recycling riff, after tired riff with that AWFUL flat, tonal voice of his. Pathetic.
    We all risk a Dennis Danell type of exit if we are forced to listen to this shit, only WORSE…like your brain popping out like Scanners.
    Every kid that I see with a “SD” sticker that I work with I have turned them onto KBD/Back-to-Front/Bloodstains comps & even they see them for the phonies that they are now.
    Yeah…I hate ’em with a passion!

  4. PlayWithFire says:

    One of the all-time greatest bands to surface on this planet. PERIOD.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    Seen SD since 1979. My love for this band ended after this 7″. My wife, now, that’s a different story. She forces me to listen to every SD CD she owns when I travel with her. “Oh yes, honey, they are great”, I tell her. Hahahahaha..I suppose I am whipped…lol

  6. Hardison Collins says:

    Ahhh yes, the rules of punk rock! How well we have all come to know them: don’t try, don’t succeed, and don’t forget to destroy youself in the process! – now you are cult hero. Ness trys to transcend the tired James Dean/ Sid Vicious scenario and create a body of work and is nailed to the cross – for simply being less than robotic.

  7. MrMike says:

    Less than robotic?
    Witness exhibit A: “Ball ‘n Chain” lame generic “blues/CW?” punk.
    Paint-by-numbers PR that screams at you from your local Hot Topic makes this band “great”?!?!?
    No, it makes them a shabby long in the tooth bunch of sideman & other LA hangers on backing up a mega douche like Ness.
    As for “transcending” the whole JD look, that’s it in a nutshell…all fucking sizzle and no steak.
    Looks don’t make the band, the music does & with crap that dull…need I go on….

  8. Tim S. says:

    Ah yes, lets pic on Social D!!
    I agree with MrMike!
    First stuff was good but then it got so dull…
    all this clichè prison, gambling, tattoo, girls and cars… chrrrr!!!!

    Give me TSOL anyday!!!!!!!
    now you know!!
    have fun.

  9. MrMike says:

    It’s not the band as much as it’s the music, although Ness is an easy target.
    And TSOL=LOST (lots of stupid tunes).
    Again, this band has become a glaring example in my mind how PR has cratered into oblivion these days & why sites like KBD are so essential in looking at the past to reconfigure the future.
    Anyhoooo…less talk, more rock:the Maids “Back to Bataan”-Flake, how about a re-post (I reckon, this would make a bakers dozen posts!)

  10. Guy Mandude says:

    My opinion is SO important I’m not even going to
    give it to you. Back to the rambling idiot.

  11. Fucking great band!! Old times, good times… Tanx for this. I look, in MP3, a called record “Hardcore for the Masses”. You have this material?


  12. MrMike says:

    My opinion is worthless. Being a rambling idiot is much more fun than a snide 1-off comment.
    I yield the floor.

  13. Tony says:

    Yet another nice posting! “1945” is probably my favorite Social Distortion song– just so damn catchy with great vocals and tense sounding. I like “Playpen” too. “Under My Thumb” not so much. Their “Mommy’s Little Monster” LP is one of my full-length punk records of all time, just some amazing stuff on it like “Hour of Darkness”, “Telling Them”, etc, etc. Their “comeback” LP from ’88 (i.e. after Mike Ness kicked his heroin habit) “L.A. Prison Bound” is overproduced and has some lame stuff but songs like “On My Nerves” sound great to me. In ’88 I remember that they played rampside during a vert skating contest, that would have been cool to see. When they released their 1st major label LP in 1990 I stopped listening to their new stuff, so I have no perspective on them from 1988 forward. The cool DIY book from a few years ago, “Going Underground”, has some great Social Distortion-related stories in it.

  14. D.B.C. says:

    Cheers from Poland for this Social Distortion EP!!
    Do you have any other SD Ep’s??
    If you could,please upload :). Sorry for my bad engilsh :)
    Best wishes!

  15. mrpoopy says:

    If they hadn’t done “Another State of Mind” everyone would have forgotten about these guys years ago. They had a couple good tunes in the early 80’s and that’s it. Their later output is complete shit. Those who attempt to look like Mike Ness should be taken out and shot.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    DBC I don’t have any other SD EP’s. Seriously you should check out all the other bands posted here since there’s loads of them that are way better then SD. Start with Cardiac Kidz and The Reactors.

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What the heck! Start with the Shock 7inch posted before this. About 100 times better then SD.

  18. Guy Mandude says:

    If you say so, than it must be. Everything sucks
    to me.

  19. dylan says:

    worst voice ever.

  20. MrMike says:

    Wow…INFAMY- I’m god now!?
    Apparently delusional too? Check.
    Well…I’ve done MY part for all things musical in the crit-o-rant vein.
    Oh the humanity!

  21. Joe Stumble says:

    Wow … How this got posted here, I dont know. Its from my site and pertains to D.I. and probably does not make too much sense out of context. Did someone copy and paste my text and use my name? weird.

  22. sid bators says:

    biafra once said that anti nowhere league were “hanna barbera punk rock”, and I’d totally put mike ness in that category. He’s like my Mom’s concept of what punk rock is.
    If he lived in Bumfuck, Wisconsin instead of LA, perhaps paul mahern’s face would be on t-shirts at Hot Topic instead.

  23. james h says:

    I like SD. good stuff. Penniless punk collector. Bought this record with that cover for 2 bucks at Fenders.

  24. mrpoopy says:

    Anyone wanting to skip from the good to the godawful can get their 1st major label release here:

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Joe! No one has posted in your name it’s a track back thing. A plug in I use search for other sites to see if there’s some blogs that refers to this post and take a snippet and post it here. A common thing in the blog sphere. Black magic.

  26. Joe Stumble says:

    Damn you evil wizards of the blogoshpere!

  27. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    He he ;).

  28. In 1994 when The Offspring had sold a few hundred thousand copies of “Play” I pointedly gave Bryan “Dexter” Holland a copy of the Posh Boy Playpen/Mainliner single at the Offspring’s gig at the Whisky. As both the Offspring and S.D. were to be managed by Jim Guerinot, there was never a controversy over the similarity in intro’s to “Self Esteem” and “Playpen”.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “Play” = “Smash”

    early onset of Alzheimer’s.

    Amazing that no one picked up on Mike Ness’ early devotion to all things Joe Strummer.

    But he has done well to re-invent himself several times and find sobriety.

  30. justin day says:

    rock on! thanks man.


  31. Blanks 77 – best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jay Thurston says:

    Dude…no way! The Casualties kick Blanks 77’s asses! Punk for lyfe!!!

  33. Richie says:

    Social Distortion – very, very cool.

  34. Art Simon says:

    I loved this 45 and bought it when it came out. Of course, it’s been long lost, and I’m happy to hear it again. Thanks!

  35. skunk says:

    I got a 12inch of this record. what does that mean?

  36. zach says:

    horribly boring.

    thanks though.

  37. John Anon says:

    to any one who knocks Social D- Have you seen them Live? They are a gr8 Live band.Just Sayin’,,,

  38. 138killerwolf says:

    Does anyone have this single and would be willing to sell?

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