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Tactics – S/T E.P. 7″

The singer reminds me of someonelse that I can’t recall the name of. Some people found his voice disturbing but I love it. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t hold for a full LP but for a 7inch it works perfect. Desperate … Continue reading

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Jonstrom – P3/Inte vanda mig om 7″

Ah Sweden!! I love my country. And I love the old punk rock that our beautiful country have provided us with. P3 is an intense dirty track that speaks out against the best radio channel we had and still have. … Continue reading

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Dieter Meier – Cry For Fame 7″

Two track punk rock blaster from the land of cheese, cuckoos clocks and one famous growler who also posted this last year. But since this is one of them that can’t be posted enough you’ll get it here too. Backed … Continue reading

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The Cardiac Kidz – Get Out/Find Yourself A Way 7″

Too bad the b-side doesn’t live up to the high quality of Get Out. So intense. The bass sound and the way he plays it is just amazing. And what a break after the second chorus!! Hilarious sloppy drumming done … Continue reading

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Sune Studs och Gronlandsrockarna – Morr E.P. 7″

Also known as SSG. A low fi swedish master piece. Side A and the last song on side B is studio recordings and the rest sounds like it’s done with a tape recorder in their rehearsal space. I got an … Continue reading

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