The Mad – Eyeball 7″

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Fuck, its been incredible hot here in Sweden. It nearly drives me mad har har. As you might guess, sitting inside and blogging isn’t my favorite thing to do while the sun is shining but right now I have some time off and the clouds are here again.

Is there anyone out there who didn’t drop his/her jaw when first hearing this? I first heard it on the New York Thrash comp. tape released by Roir. Took some time before I got hear the almost equally great Eyeball. Yeah, Erich at Good Bad Music have posted this too and his rips are in higher quality but here you get all the scans as well. This records NEEDS to be posted everywhere. Wonder what happened to that old The Mad member who was around here posting some comments when the Fried Egg 7inch was uploaded.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Disgusting
Format: 7″
I Hate Music.mp3

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  1. Not that anybody will be interested (given the love affair with the Mad incarnation #1), but The Mad also recorded a Cassette album released in 1980 called “The Triumph Of Death”-it had only a small distribution and was shelved a year later when SMG decided to incorporate rhythm machines and more Synths into the music (which is where Irrational was first conceived).

    There was also a video compilation from the album that was recorded at SVA. There are two songs posted on Youtube…Fear and Anatomical Sleepwalker (based on a ragtime chord form that George said he learned from Julien)
    The songs on the video were
    Anatomical Sleepwalker
    Seven Deadly Sins
    Hallucinating Sickness

    George also created a video for “The Gladly Dead” that was filmed in a Staten Island Cemetery and his loft on 34’th st.
    This was shown at Max’s a few times.

    Is there anybody that remembers the late 79-81 Mad with Jesus Christ, Tetsu, Hsashi, Rob Depressing (replaced Dave Id) Ace (the dancer)-Shit ,we played quite frequently at Max’s CBGB and a few other Soho area places.

  2. Rubberman says:

    Hey Flakes, is there a snowballs chance in Hell you will ever post the entire “New York Thrash” Cassette?

  3. Gideon Godless says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking for a good rip of “Eyeball” for a while now. Thanks!

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