The Mad – Eyeball 7″

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Fuck, its been incredible hot here in Sweden. It nearly drives me mad har har. As you might guess, sitting inside and blogging isn’t my favorite thing to do while the sun is shining but right now I have some time off and the clouds are here again.

Is there anyone out there who didn’t drop his/her jaw when first hearing this? I first heard it on the New York Thrash comp. tape released by Roir. Took some time before I got hear the almost equally great Eyeball. Yeah, Erich at Good Bad Music have posted this too and his rips are in higher quality but here you get all the scans as well. This records NEEDS to be posted everywhere. Wonder what happened to that old The Mad member who was around here posting some comments when the Fried Egg 7inch was uploaded.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Disgusting
Format: 7″
I Hate Music.mp3

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  1. Schism says:

    I just saw that movie Society that the singer of the Mad did the special effects on. It was pretty insane. It’s always interesting to see what old punks end up doing later on.


  2. Tony says:

    I usually don’t rank my favorite stuff in a specific nerdy order, but I would say that “I Hate Music” is probably my #1 favorite punk song of all time. It’s so chaotic, and even has good use of a saxaphone. Funny, I also heard it for the first time on ROIR’s great “New York Thrash” cassette comp. That label put out a lot of stuff (some crap) in the 80’s including the almighty Bad Brains cassette. I Hate Music was the first song on NY Thrash and it just completely blew me away. And then I also didn’t hear the flipside for several more years. Both sides are great, but nothing compares to I Hate Music for me. And look at the artwork on both sides of the sleeve– how could you not like that? So crazy.

    Yeah, it was cool last Fall when the old guitar player Julian was posting stuff in response to your posting their great “Fried Egg” EP. But she seemed kind of confused (maybe surprised?) that people still love The Mad so much. She would probably think me nuts for saying that I Hate Music is my #1 song.

    If you haven’t already, pick up the Mad 12″ reissue on BTX from ’99 that has like 6 unreleased songs, most of which are top notch. BTX also released the great and never-before-heard “I Wanna Be A Devil” acetate from 1977 that predates The Mad. Also in ’99 the Japanese Captain Trip label put out a Mad CD that had both singles, all the stuff that was also on both BTX reissues, as well as some unreleased live tracks. And of course a bunch of cookoo artwork from Screaming Mad George. Now that I think of it, a boot of the “I Hate Music” 7″ came out in like 2000 that had a live bonus track on the B-side.

    The old singer of The Mad, Screaming Mad George, has done special effects on a lot of movies. I think he designed the crazy-ass monster thing in that movie Predator with California Governor Arnold. The Mad shows back then had a bunch of crazy props and the flyers were full of his demented artwork. Does working in the special effects industry make him a business manager, though? ha ha

  3. Sommar sommar och sol och galen punk rock musik. Fyfan vad bra. Tycker nog att for att hylla detta pa ratt satt sa behovs det nagot riktigt soligt och glatt med ett av mina favoritband: RAPED TEENAGERS. Tex Ikraftans klor Flexin? Tankte posta den jag sjalv men har lite halvproblem med att fa in ljudet i datorn!

    Annars sa undrar jag vad som hande med MAD MAGAZINE???!!

  4. Slobodan Burger (pink inside) says:


  5. stinky82 says:

    That’ s EP is good, but I like their 2nd one much better. I must say, it’s my favourite punk 45 of all time.
    Also got their CD because of more studio songs there, but they are a little dissapointment for me, can’ t reach the quality of 2nd single.

  6. fred says:

    They played a reunion show in LA, maybe 3-4 years ago? I live in Colorado these days, so I dinnit go, but I was calling old friends out there, tellin’ them they needed to go, but LA sucks, nobody wanted to drive down into it.

    Yep a standout on that old muddy ROIR cassette. Even before that, Jack Rabid came west and did one show for Max RnR Radio (a short lived phenomena) where he played most of the tunes for that release and many other tunes, about 6 months before that tape was out. Me and my buddies were all blastin’ I Hate Music constantly.

  7. Tony says:

    Cool story about Jack Rabid doing the MRR Radio show in CA. I didn’t know they did a reunion show, I’m usually not into old bands reuniting but I would have gone to that one had I been around there. Yeah, all the ROIR cassettes I’ve heard are muddy but I guess they were cassettes so no “audiophile quality” sound goin on in that format. NY Thrash and the Bad Brains ROIR cassettes were reissued on CD, I wonder if they now sound better. I’ve been recording some of my old cassettes onto the computer and usually have to work to get them to sound good in digital format (eliminating background hiss, etc.). In general, for me, cassettes still sound a little “flat” when converted to mp3’s or whatever. But maybe I’m doin something wrong…

  8. Erich says:

    You have to have a top quality tape deck to get the maximum out of them tapes. In fact, tapes can sound so GREAT and FULL! Problem is both tapes and decks wear out quickly.
    The CD version of NY TRASH sounds good, but as on the tape, the MAD was taken from the vinyl (you can hear the vinyl noise), so don’t expect too much.

  9. Chata Ortega says:


  10. Barnett says:

    Screamin mad george also did some special fx for big trouble in little china & a nightmare on elm street 4( 2 childhood favs of mine), he is interviewed in the making of a nightmare on elm st 4 :the rare behind the scenes video & he has worked on others since. …I wannna get a hold of some old MAD footage!

  11. Lethargi says:

    I just stumbled across your website. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I always loved browsing through the old 45s at the record store. This is exactly like that minus all the crap and 1000% more musical taste. I swear when I get some more money your getting some of it.

  12. Var ar Raped Teenagers’ “I Kraftans klor” FLEXIN????!!!!

  13. wedge says:

    the chain of ESSENTIAL GROUNDBREAKING ROCK N ROLL goes like this…Bill Haley & His Comets…The Stooges…The Mad. any questions??ps- how could this band reunite? the rhythm section is dead. i dunno…pps- my long-time cohort Mr Erba has Japanese TV footage of the “art film” movie of “i hate music” & other snippets. WOW!!!

  14. Sid Newby says:

    Ive got the full The Mad self titled 12″ with these tracks on it, and alot more. I need to get it ripped.

  15. 2RealEstateMidgets says:

    Of the quintet, only Screaming Mad George and Julien Hechtlinger / Eaglebauer / Griensnatch / Fugelsnuss / Bond are alive. Johnny 19 and Dave Id died of teh AIDS and Hisashi Ikeda jumped out an apartment window and we all know what happens after that.

  16. rob porter says:

    i remember hearing eyeball on the radio back in late 79-80 (john peel show here in the uk)who had recieved a copy of the single.he later played hell off a comp album which i think had the alley cats on, after trying to get a copy of both for about ten years and gave up. its great to discover its still liked my only recording on cassette got jamed anyone send me a mp3 or copy of cd

  17. Julie(n) says:

    Hello again folks

    Every once in a while I google “the Mad” when I’m bored and am always surprised to see something new and the old still kicking around. Funny to read about myself as being “confused” as to why this stuff still resonates w/ anyone.

    Back in the day, it was insane hard to be a female guitarist (and I am sure it still is). Being the insecure young girl that I was, I figured what I was doing was shit. People used to come to shows to heckle and throw things at me and contrary to popular belief it wasn’t out of admiration.

    I think there are many bands that are far superior to the Mad by a longshot, but I’ll take what’s due to me finally. I wrote most of the Mad’s songs, including I Hate Music, played that fucking guitar like the crazed & angry madwoman that I was and I got ripped off by SMG. So, y’know, after ALL these years, I’ll say FUCK YEAH I was doing some good shit, okay?

    I’m GLAD that people are still enjoying it!

    • Dave the Rave says:

      Hi Julie,

      I remember you! Me and my friend Jon were punk fanatics and we went in January 1979 to Club 57 at Irving Plaza one night to see the Dead Boys but Cheetah Chrome broke his wrist so the show was cancelled.

      So Jon said – let’s go to Max’s Kansas City – VON LMO is playing! Octavio (he was in a band called Anti-Matter) said VON LMO was really cool so we went.

      Well, you guys were the opening act – “The MAD”. But you didn’t come on stage right away. First you played your really cool video “EYEBALL”. Then the curtain opened up and ypu guys were on! I remember you played out of a tiny Mesa-Boogie amp that had a killer sound! I said – WOW – these guys are cool!!!

      Where is the EYEBALL video? I have looked everywhere for it!!!

    • Hey Julie, SMG here.
      I just happened to visit this site and what a surprise.
      You are stating that you wrote the most of the mad songs.
      That is fucking false!
      Like disgusting,I know you wrote it, so the credit says that you wrote it.
      But “Eyeball” and “I hate Music” were definitely my song! I fucking wrote that!
      If these songs were written by you, you would never allow the credit “music written by Screaming Mad George” to be printed on our 7inch.

      Why are you saying these lies?
      Why would I put the credit that I din’t do?
      By making these statement you are making me sounds like the biggest asshole to the most “The Mad”fans.

      When I spoke with you last time (For the release of Mad CD), I didn’t get this kind of hostility. (like “you got ripped off by me”!As you mentioned here)
      I don’t understand about the lies.
      What is your intention? Bad mouthing me and tell everyone that you are the sole music and I were the sole visuals of the mad?

      As of “Eyeball” and “I hate Music” I wrote the rhythm chord progression and Danny came up with the melody rif.
      Lets make this clear now that I’m on aboard.
      Danny and Jun are already here, So tell me what did I ripped off?
      My English was Bad then (still is) , So I rely on you to collect them.
      But didn’t I wrote the majority of the words? When I don’t know how to say in english I looked up the japanese/English dictionary, but those were often wrong!
      So I had your help. Was that makes you wrote the song?

      I’m not interested on fighting over the internet, but I can’t tolerate this kind of behavior. So julien please respond.

      • Jay Thurston says:

        I think Julie just wants her portion of the millions of dollars you received, George! Hahahahaha…

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Welcome back Julie.

  19. Julie(n) says:

    Since you’ve posted the lyrics, I want to point out something interesting about that piece of paper. George’s english was so-so, as was his handwriting and so I wrote the lyrics down. I never wrote the lyrics; I thought his bizarre mangling of the English language was hysterically funny (and quite frankly, I am not a big fan of lyrics and enjoy bands like Pelican who dispense with them entirely). But check out the difference between the handwriting of the lyrics and the “by Screaming Mad George” handwriting. This guy went and added that later on. SMG was so megalomaniac he couldn’t let anyone have even 2 seconds of “fame”.

  20. Julie(n) says:

    There are many ex-Mad players left alive than George and I. The band started as Disgusting, then we may have changed the name but I forget what it was, and then it was the Mad. Then George started putting Screaming Mad George and the Mad on the posters. Disgusting actually had a different lead singer, whom I know would not like to be mentioned publicly, and George played the bass. We did three gigs at CBGB’s with that line-up (including a few guitarists who came and went). There’s super-8 footage of one of those shows out there somewhere and it’s a freakshow. I used to have a copy but it got destroyed. Contrary to the liner notes on the Japanese CD (if I remember correctly), here’s how the band started: George and I went to art school in NYC and I was sitting in the cafeteria one day and overheard him saying he wanted to start a band. So did I. So, I went over, introduced myself and it turned out we both had been playing acoustic country blues (believe it or not) and wanted to do something MUCH heavier. I was a HUGE Stooges fan and George was into funk (hence the bass playing). The combination turned out to be rather interesting, I think, in retrospect. I enjoyed the shows where there were no theatrics and I got to play hard and mean and just when I was thinking of leaving and starting another band I got asked to join the Cramps. That’s my story. The short version. I really am glad people are still enjoying the music, even though I still am a bit mystified by that.

  21. Erich says:

    Keep the stories coming, Julie(n). That’s the good thing about blogs and the net and all: We from a million miles away who would never have guessed to communicate with an ex member of such a (once) mysterious band like the MAD now can actually hear different sides, different stories, told directly from the sources.
    You speaking of megalomaniac George: When I first heard MAD on the NY T(H)RASH cassette, it was the guitar playing and the occassional sax that turned me on most. As you said, it’s frigging HEAVY without being Metal and I can say that I probably have never heard such riffs again. Absolutely fantastic and I always kept wondering where the band would have gone musically if it would have lasted a little longer.

  22. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Maybe it’s time for an interview Julie? Seems like you got so much interesting stuff to tell.

  23. Julie(n) says:

    Thank you, Erich. I had a weird style of playing guitar. 1st, you gotta understand that I thought I sucked and I was under all this pressure ’cause I was a female. Priority number one was playing hard, loud and mean. I wanted to play as fast as the Ramones and when I met Gary from the Bad Brains we competed w/ each other to play faster. He won BUT I never used an up stroke EVER. Even though I hated what was come to be known as shredding, I didn’t want to just play rhythmn. One factor was still the “prove I could play as good as the boys”. But I had weird ideas about soloing. Some of the stuff I did was pretty typical. I was definately influenced by the blues, Keith Richards, the Stooges and the Dead Boys. I loved Alice Cooper (but hated his stage show, ironically). But as to soloing, as I said, after I figured out how to play a typical solo, I thought it was boring and would come up with these odd riffs by thinking of the guitar neck visually. This is one reason I know many of the songs supposedly written by SMG were written by me. Noone else could have come up with those riffs and odd changes. They were not based on musical principles. As I wrote earlier, I was gonna leave the Mad and start a new band. I was sick of competing with George’s stage show and wanted to push the music into unknown areas. I LOVED playing! Then I got picked up by the Cramps and though “what the hell?” That was no challenge at all musically. When I was done with that tour, I tried for a year to get something started, spent hours a day in a basement in NYC trying to find something totally new. . .but I finally just gave up. The 80’s were upon us: power pop, English new wave, and the countless same sounding hardcore bands. To tell you the truth, I started listening to baroque music and didn’t stop until Nirvana blew up in ’91. I also didn’t play guitar for ten years. By the way, I said last fall I’d do an interview. What do you want to know?

    Oh, as to the weird last names listed above attributed to me:
    1. To show how completely I was not thinking about fame, fortune or recognition, I just used my real name: Julien Hechtlinger. Who’d do that?! I was in a band to play music. I never gave a moment’s thought to “making it”, either with recognition or with money. Just getting to play at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s was good enough for me; it gave us enough money to actually rent a rehearsal studio. George was the one with aspirations. Lots of them! And now he is famous, especially in Japan.
    2. Griensnatch is the name Lux gave me in their book “The Wild World of the Cramps” (or whatever it was called). Lux and Ivy and I did NOT like each other at all.
    3. As to the other names, they all come from ONE person who posted a made-up history of “what happened to me after the cramps”.

  24. Erich says:

    Julie(n) – how can I get in contact with you? My email:

  25. Julie(n) says:

    If anyone has any questions, just go ahead and ask. I believe the webmaster of this site has my e-mail address, so whoever you are, you are free to e-mail me. I have never understood wanting to know anything about band members, no matter how much I like the bands or the music, but that’s me.

  26. rob porter says:

    ive just had a read of your replies to erich could you email me any copies of the music as i was telling a old school mate that id found a thread about the mad and we both still think the music was way ahead for its time espesically after last hearing it in my school days back in late 79-80

  27. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Rob, why not download The Mad mp3s found here?

  28. Monger says:

    The Mad did a reunion show in feb 2000 at headline records in Hollywood…i filmed it and recently put it on video.I also got a japanese TV program on punk from the late 70’s and it has the MAD (including some of the cartoons!) as well as lenghthy interviews with George and the bass player,as well as the plamatics bass player,who was also japanese. footage of the stimulators with a brief interview with 12 year old harley cromag and plasmatics footage with a interview with Ritchie Stotts is also included.The 8mm silent footage Julie(n) metions is on youtube

  29. Julie(n) says:

    Monger, I haven’t found that footage on youtube. what’s it under? I don’t know about any japanese tv program from the 70’s. if there was one, it was secret to the rest of the band.

  30. Anonymous says:

    oh, and isn’t a reunion when “people get back together”?

  31. Monger says:

    maxes kansas city. I asked George about the japanese documentary and he remembered it,when i mentioned it to him at the LA show (all the other reunion shows were in Japan,where the mad are popular.”i put that on DVD,i’ll have to dig it out.

  32. Danny Ipana says:

    hey, i’m still alive too. love you julie!

  33. Danny Ipana says:

    technically speaking, a reunion is not impossible. SMG played bass on Eyeball (’cause Hisashi could barely play at the time), me ‘n julie on guitar, and Jun Nakanishi on drums, who is alive as far as I know.

    practically speaking: not happening in this dimension.

    i remixed the 8 track recordings for the rereleases, and I do have 8mm film and video of Disgusting & The Mad.

    Here’s a Mad secret for you Mad people: we were garbage, nobody liked us at the time, including us. You need better heroes.

  34. Shredder says:

    my cousin Dave Id was their drummer at one point. more on him here:

  35. Shredder says:

    p.s. i own a very rare bunch of mad videos and live footage on VHS—gotta find someone who can convert it and youtube it….

  36. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for stopping by Shredder. Please convert The Mad videos. The world NEEDS them. Too bad I live too far away from you otherwise I would’ve helped you.

  37. I would have helped you too. And I’d love if Peter lived closer to me. We could “hang out” more often.

  38. Jay Thurston says:

    Erich…I don’t think the rest of us needed to hear about you two “hanging out”…now, I can’t eat dinner. Thanks.

  39. screaming mad george says:


  40. Felipe Biasi says:


  41. Jun Nakanishi says:

    Yes, I’m alive and well.

  42. Dr. Richard Breath says:

    If anybody from The Mad happens to read this, I have the acetate with “Eyeball” b/w “I Wanna Be A Devil” with a hand drawn cover by SMG. I’m just looking for any info. any of you might have on it, for example who played on it, when it was released, if it’s the only one in the world, etc. I will check back here, so please let me know if there’s anything you can remember. Thanks in advance.

    • Jun Nakanishi says:

      The band members for the song were:
      S.M. George – Vocal
      Danny Ipana – Lead Guitar
      Julien Smith aka Julien Hechtlinger
      Hisashi Ikeda – Bass (Though it was George who actually played the bass here)
      Jun Nakanishi (Yes, that’s me) – Drums

      I believe it was released around 1978 or 79. We recorded two versions of the song. One was released as 45 (b/w Eyeball demo version). This is probably the one you have. The other version was never officially released – only 2 copies were ever pressed. Nobody knows what happened to them. The 1978 live version (@CBGB’s) was released in a 1997 compilation album We Love Noize.

      • Dr. Richard Breath says:

        Thanks a lot for the info. Do you have any idea how many were pressed?

        • Jun Nakanishi says:

          I have no idea how many were pressed. I didn’t even remember us releasing I Wanna Be a Devil with Eyeball on the B side until you mentioned it.

  43. Renik says:

    I’ve always liked what I’ve heard from this band. This 7 inch and the “Fried Egg” 7 inch were both really good. There was also a 6 song lp that came out awhile back that had the two songs off of this 7inch, an alternate version of “I Hate Music” as well as three songs that weren’t on Fried Egg.

  44. Renik says:

    The artwork that is featured in the booklet that came with that record is rad. There is a song on that record called “The Hand”, and the artwork that is related to that song is killer. True imagination at its finest. “Anti Real” is another good one on that record.

  45. Monger says:

    wasnt Hisashi Ikeda a member of a japanese punk band called CHAINSAW prior to the Mad? anyone know anything about that?

  46. Dave the Rave says:

    Hi Guys,

    I remember you! Me and my friend Jon were punk fanatics and we went in January 1979 to Club 57 at Irving Plaza one night to see the Dead Boys but Cheetah Chrome broke his wrist so the show was cancelled.

    So Jon said – let’s go to Max’s Kansas City – VON LMO is playing! Octavio (he was in a band called Anti-Matter) said VON LMO was really cool so we went.

    Well, you guys were the opening act – “The MAD”. But you didn’t come on stage right away. First you played your really cool video “EYEBALL”. Then the curtain opened up and ypu guys were on! I remember Julie played out of a tiny Mesa-Boogie amp that had a killer sound! I said – WOW – these guys are cool!!!

    Where is the EYEBALL video? I have looked everywhere for it!!!

  47. Steve Bynum says:

    I’d love to conduct an e-mail interview with Julien for my ‘zine – to me she is a total Goddess on the fretboard and Queen of the six-string! Is it possible to forward her e-mail address to me? It’s only been 18 months since she proferred all the fascinating stories printed above. Thanks so much…


    • Paul Bretschneider says:

      Hi Steve,

      Did you ever manage to do an interview with Julien? If so, could you send me the link to access it?



  48. Michael says:

    I played with Smg for almost five years both in the Mad and Irrational and was the replacement for both Danny and Julien. George was George-he ran the show initially, and always had a great deal of ‘Say”-He wanted to grow past the original Punk thing and Yes, he made sure everyone knew that it was his gig! But as time went on he was open to others ideas and whether he liked it or not,by the third year of Irrational,(1984) it was closer to a 60/40 split. I know that he had interests in doing more than just Irrational-but by 1984 Irrational was a well rehersed live act that played both in NYC as well as long island.
    Georges original visual vision came to life onstage with Irrational-as a band we excelled in being multi insrtumentalists AND we could actually play!

    George, if you read this-take a look on youtube…i put Fear, sleepwalker and the Irrational Promo you did for us when you decided to leave!

    Michael Manson (Auntie christ from the mad)

  49. Michael says:

    I had the surname Manson long before Marylin was even out of grade school…not that it matters!

    • Jay Thurston says:

      Sure, that it what they all say. I am sure your other brother Charlie, had the surname before you or Marilyn…hahahaha

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