Sarah Coffman – S/T E.P. 7″


I’ve seen that there’s a French bootleg label that call them self KBD Records. Sure this blog name isn’t patented and calling it Killed By Death Records is laughable in itself. But as I’ve said before it was just a matter of time before someonelse started a blog with this name and uploading more mediocre stuff then found on here. Who are these guys in France? I’ve seen a Killed By 7inch LP released by KBD Records/Redrum. Make no mistake this site will never be involved in releasing bootlegs. Here the stuff will be available for free.

What about Sarah Coffman? They took the name to sound unpunk. And they also use an oboe in the anti punk to make it punk spirit. From the hometown of the original founder of the KBD series Johan Kugelberg: Orebro. Sloopy, weak playing and totally great especially Titta jag or dod.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Konkurens
Format: 7″
Titta jag ar dod.mp3

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  1. Tony says:

    Another sloppy and quirky Swedish classic! Johan Kugelberg mentioned the EP in the 1998 issue of the great Ugly Things ‘zine and luckily I heard shortly after that. I guess he was showing some “hometown pride” by mentioning it. In his “Top 100 DIY Records” article a few years later in the same ‘zine (, he called it “shit rock” and then is a good way to sum up the playing on it I think. All 3 tracks are great– my favorite is “Retro”. Great forceful guitar breaks. And in the middle of the song the horn player messes up and I laugh every time I hear it. So good.

  2. Tony says:

    And in case anyone didn’t know, the cover of the EP is Robert DeNiro from the great disturbing film “Deer Hunter”.

  3. Tony says:

    One more thing– their song “Fri Energi” which was on the “Svenska Tonarsgrupper v.3” comp LP was a letdown and was not as good as anything on the EP unfortunately.

  4. Martin says:

    One of my teachers at Chalmers was a close friend of the band when they were around and told me that he was meant to be in the band, but he was way too sloppy so he didn’t make it.
    I think “Fri energi” is a nice and catchy popsong in every way, but i have to admit that it’s quite some differences between that song and the ep.

  5. Martin says:

    One more thing, there’s a fifth song recorded that they never released called “Opop” that is pretty nice. One of the members put up all their stuff for downloads last year, but it seems like the site is deleted now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Someone said this band had members of Cry.

  7. Tony says:

    I found a few mp3’s of them on the Punktjafs site, including the song “Opop”- go here:

  8. Jay Thurston says:

    Wow! I looked up the word “sucks” in the old Websters dictionary. It said, “Sarah Coffman”. Hahahahahaha. What load of crap! Hahahahahahaha. Just being funny. This really isn’t that bad. Thanks

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha LOL WFT? You don’t like music that sucks Jay?

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    Nope, I like real punk rock, like Yellowcard and Fallout Boy…they don’t suck, they blow! I fucking love this site. For the most part, awesome music by bands that I have never heard. Thanks alot.

  11. Martin says:

    Yeah, Fallout Boy are great, you should post their latest release here as well as the new Good Charlotte cd-single… and maybe some Blink 182 when you’re at it.

  12. Tony says:

    Fallout Boy- LOL! They are from a suburb here in Chicago and a few of the guys used to be in some “serious” HC bands like Race Traitor I believe. All that mainstream psuedo-punk stuff like Good Charlotte and Blink 182 is funny music to me.

  13. Martin says:

    Anonymous, yep Daniel from Sarah Coffman played in Cry later on, and if I’m not totally wrong he’s one of the guys who runs Low Impact records.

  14. Anders And says:

    Here’s the Sarah Coffmann CD EP for free download. Enjoy!

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Anders And, why did you post that ha ha?? All the tracks are already here.

  16. Anders And says:

    No. There is two extra tracks and a CD sleeve in the package. You only got the three songs from the EP. And it’s digital remastred from the original masters! ;-) Shitrock rules!

  17. Martin says:

    The more I listen to this ep the more I love it. Top 5 of Swedish punk in my book. According to rumours Anne-Charlotte wasn’t in the band at all, but still did the vocals on the record for unknown reasons.
    And again The Flakes// Drummer, where’s the inlay?

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah where’s my inlay??? I didn’t get any!! Anyone care for a good scan?

  19. Martin says:

    I can scan it for you next week, aight!
    Jag beställde en sån där pryl idag för övrigt.

  20. Nathan G says:

    Jaw-droppingly awesome!

  21. norton says:

    this shit is too good.
    fuck bootlegs.

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