Government Issue – Legless Bull E.P. 7″

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Had to watch American Hardcore for the second time today. There’s something I really like about the movie that the book didn’t accomplish: I get inspired when I see it. And as long as a movie does that to me it serves it’s purpose. Yeah, I know we all miss some bands in there. Government Issue is one of them. I can’t recall their name being mentioned one time. Remember the first time hearing this. It was so atonal much due to John Stabbs vocals. But it was just as great as the Teen Idles, played the same night, which I heard for the first time in 1981 on Radio Ryd a student show hosted by Mats Nilsson from Massmedia/Huvudtvatt.

Found this podcast interview with John Stabb that might be interesting:

This piece really offended me back then:
“Groups like Crass still believe in it
That’s why their music’s fulla a shit
It’s not music is just a sermon
Groups like Crass are all just vermin
Anarchy is dead!”

Ha ha!

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Dischord
Format: 7″
Religious Rip Off.mp3
Rock And Roll Bullshit.mp3
Anarchy Is Dead.mp3
Sheer Terror.mp3
Bored To Death.mp3
No Rights.mp3
I’m James Dean.mp3
Cowboy Fashion.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Government Issue – Legless Bull E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    I played this record so much when it came out…my wife had to by another copy just in case. Thanks

  2. Buzzo says:

    Those lyrics are so bad! How old John Stabb was when he wrote ’em? 12? Cheap attempt at being punk by a buncha kids. Decent music though.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    In what sense are they bad? Cheap attempt at being punk by a bunch of kids? Please I wanna know more :).

  4. Simon says:

    The very fact that it’s a “cheap attempt by a bunch of kids” is what makes it far more authentically punk than anything a bunch of humourless, whining old vegetarian English hippies could ever dream of.

  5. Adamski says:

    One of my favourite HC bands of all time, without a doubt. Their later stuff is a bit more “mature”, but sometimes you can’t beat some raw, teenage thrash. So what if the lyrics are puerile?! A snotty attitude should be a requirement for a punk band!

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ahhh another split post ;). Youth Brigade is even better then the GI 7″ in my opinion.

  7. Tom says:

    Interesting interview on that link. I love the cello version of “American Society” during the podcast.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. SwePete says:

    The GI´s never made a lasting impression for me but the intro for Religious makes me roll on the floor!

  9. Jay Thurston says:

    That cello performance made of the Subtitles classic, made my life peaceful for about 3 minutes. Fuck punk rock, I am going to cello heaven! I’m outta here.

  10. Tom says:

    Killer record! A true classic.

  11. sgm says:

    That drummer is fantastic

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry SwePete the spamfilter caught you for some reason.

  13. Jon Trainham says:

    Hey I like Joyride The Most though I’m not a typical punk I think if you wear a leather jacket with the usual sprayed on band logos you’re weak, punk is not a fashion statement it should be an empathetic attitude if you fight a war with a straight what makes you better than a government that fights wars, war is war, all these political bands are a bore, yo someone needs to post Mr. Epp and The Caculations Of course I’m Happy, Why? they are really amazing not like G.I. but the lyrics are alot like this on this 7″, their classic song is “Mohawk Man” the best song ever, anyway, the lyrics for this one is great, I figure most hate the lyrics because they tell things plain and simple, what’s wrong with the song Anarchys Dead it is Crass was better musically than lyrically half the time I wish they would stop their fucking whining, life is shit but it is beautiful to, the faults not in the system the faults in ourselves, we make government corrupt we make anything corrupt, anarchy is no different that the governments they want to overthrow, it’s a bunch of babys trying to have it their way, throwing little tantrums, shut up! thar’s what I say, so yeah G.I. best band, too bad they didn’t mention FL. and Washington in American Hardcore how can you leave out Hated Youth Roach Motel and GCIB or The Accused and The Rejectors along with Solger???? Take care!!


  14. Erich says:

    Thanks for the lesson, Jon.

  15. Jon Trainham says:

    Well your welcome I hate sounding like this because I’m only 21 and i sound like some bitter old fart, but I just see things for what they are and I try not to inject to much my own opinions into the state of things because if we do that we can’t get to the bones of the issues, I’m not political i just love people and think if we say we are openminded than that must mean we ahve to resist the temtaion to put others dow like so many punks do, punks are great people but most don’t see they are the logical extension and mutation of where the hippies left off each culture stramlines fast and falls to shatter leaving the pieces for the next genration to assemble as they choose while still kepping part of the old guard intact example if you look at old underground zines like Broadside or some rags in San Fran during the 60s you’ll see they are very polictical and very reactionary to their times, of course it seemed trite to the punks because what ticked off the hippies parents was tame so of course the hippies are going to do something slightly more than that and etc, etc. and everything falls into its most logical conclusion that’s life, and we need to ban with others be cause Jazz musicians, and Folk musicians, the rappers, the indies, the weirdo are all strugling in the underground scene so lets scratch their back and hope they scratch ours, besides were all one in the same like M&Ms the colors vary but the choclate still rtemains at the center no matter what. Take care!


  16. Jay Thurston says:

    Let’s just enjoy the music…shall we? Thanks Jon…understood.

  17. r.c. says:

    When I was a teenager I really dug this early Government Issue stuff because I could relate to the very teenage oriented lyrics of G.I. and the very teenage lyrics of most of the other early Dischord bands. It’s the teenage spirit that made Dischord go from being a small label to such a worldwide respected label.

    Yes, as some get older they start to not identify with the lyrics written by many of those early Dischord bands. And when you realize the true fact that G.I. was nothing more than a bunch of bored pissed off middle-class brats from Rockville (which is a 80% white and upper
    middle-class city) Maryland and most of the other Dischord kids from those days were the same, those records become not so truly important to you any longer. But there will always be some 15 year suburban kid in America or somewhere else that will stumble across these early Dischord records and they will be just as important to him/her. You have to pass the flame.

  18. Arto says:

    When I was a young punk (in the beginning of the 80’s) I used to think Crass was one of the most important punk bands ever. Now, at the age of 40+, I still think they were, definitely, no matter how black and white their lyrics sometimes could be (just keep in mind that the English anarcho punk scene had an enormous impact on the DIY punk scene of today)… But you know what: I ALSO loved Government Issue, no matter if they had this song “Anarchy Is Dead”. This song is another side of the coin, ok? My favorite Government Issue record was and still is “Make An Effort” EP. By the way, all Government Issue’s records are quite listenable, even those later ones which were not hardcore punk any more… At least they never became a dull metal/crossover band… Cheers, kids!

  19. Jonathan Trainham says:

    Well I’m a poet at heart, I’ve written too many to count, destroyed or lost most. Sorry! But yall can do yallselves a favor and check out some stuff by Allen Ginsberg or William Carlos Williams! TAKE CARE!


  20. Jonathan Trainham says:

    Exactly they just rocked all the fucking way while still keeping the Hardcore sound intact, not fast but not dull. But Crass had some of their good moments but I listen to them for their music not the lyrics, but the only lyrics I liked by them was the Penis Envy album the best one they ever made and they only one I’ll own, I can do without the rest, but Crass didn’t really help the whole DIY thing overhere SST was doing around the same time, but technically Broadside/Folkways and ESP records and even Zappas Straight Records (might be wrong on this one???) was doing the whole DIY record thing by their standards some really unconventional bands lyrically and musically, listen to the FUGS “Kill For Peace” released and recorded in 1966/1967, here I’ll leave the lyrics:

    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Near or middle or very far east
    Far or near or very middle east
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    If you don’t like the people
    or the way that they talk
    If you don’t like their manners
    or they way that they walk,
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    If you don’t kill them
    then the Chinese will
    If you don’t want America
    to play second fiddle,
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    If you let them live
    they might support the Russians
    If you let them live
    they might love the Russians
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    (spoken) Kill ’em, kill ’em, strafe those gook creeps!
    The only gook an
    American can trust
    Is a gook that’s got
    his yellow head bust.
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, it’ll
    feel so good,
    like my captain
    said it should
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill it will give
    you a mental ease
    kill it will give
    you a big release
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace
    Kill, kill, kill for peace!!!

    Futher proof punk wasn’t the only ones pushing butons before 76 so yeah, lets just enjoy the music, I’ll get my History Lesson Pt. 1.


  21. Arto says:

    Some unpleasant news here:

    On Tuesday, 7/17/07, our dear friend John Stabb was physically assaulted, just a block away from his home, by a group of 5 teenage thugs. John will be undergoing extensive facial surgery and an undetermined hospital stay (hopefully short, fingers crossed here).

    With mounting medical bills, potential lost wages and limited insurance benefits we are pulling together all our resources in an effort to limit this burden for John and his wife Mika.

    Please check back often, as new information will be added to this website as soon as it is received.

  22. Eric says:

    GI were a fun band to see live. I didn’t see them until 1982,with a different lineup. I believe they have said that these early songs were Rolling Stones songs played at a breakneck speed.

  23. cookie says:

    yeh men

  24. Evan says:

    This is definitely one of the best early dc hardcore records. This blows The Teen Idles EP away. “American Hardcore” the book was total garbage, a lot of stuff didn’t get mentioned in it. I’ve yet to watch the film and probably won’t waste my time.

    • zach says:

      i like “american hardcore” the movie. it is impossible to have a movie or book that mentions every hardcore band.
      about the 7″, great dc hardcore. when i bought the 12″ (the one with teen idles, soa, GI and youth brigade) i really didn’t like GI, but now i love them. their 12″ is pretty decent too.

  25. elliott says:

    these spoiled kids ripping on crass is fucking funny. great record but very very very stupid lyrics and that’s coming from a young guy!

    • Johnny says:

      Crass was just a bunch of hippies trying to jump on the punk bandwagon. It’s exactly what they were. I’m glad Government Issue saw clearly and made fun of them. Crass was not a punk band at all.

  26. elliott says:

    yes. johny is all-knowing with his head fermly up his ass. he can do no wrong. i am so glad you know everything about everything.

  27. Pelle Wengelin says:

    Awesome record cover!

  28. Sarah says:

    One of the best hardcore records of all time.

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