Non Compos Mentis – S/T 7″


Not as catchy and intense as their first killer that will be posted later on. In the meantime you can check out Erik of Something I Learned Todays post of it: Ultimate Orgasm. Still this has its moments. While I Used To Know You is poppy and soft Quick To Compliment got some more distorted guitars. I like both of them and they got that special NCM sound: weird stuff that roles in and out here and there and the knack for hooky melodies.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: VVV
Format: 7″
I Used To Know You.mp3
Quick To Compliment.mp3

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  1. Yeah, “Ultimate Orgasm” is one of those lost great gems of punk, still socially relevant today, if not more so in the age of ‘net porn. What a great song. And NCM are from my home state and town! (Dallas, also home of Bobby Soxx & Stickmen w/ Ray Guns, w/ whom I’m pretty sure NCM played at least a few times.)

    Thanks for posting NCM

    • Ahmrahtcheer says:

      Bobby Soxx & Stick Men With Ray Guns opened for NCM a time or two at The Hot Klub in Dallas. Both played often at The Hot Klub, Fort Worth’s Zero’s New Wave Lounge and occasionally at other venues. I don’t recall seeing NCM at Dallas’s other punk club, Studio D, though. I think they’d stopped performing by the time it opened. By the way, Bobby Soxx died of alcohol poisoning in 2000.

      I saw them both many times. The best recollection of local punk that I have was of a night when NCM and the Fort Worth Cats, who did a darker, moodier style of punk, headlined, and my alcohol-drenched recollection was that The Playthings dropped in and played a few tunes as well.

      Other Texas groups of note around that time were The Telefones, The Playthings, The Hugh Beaumont Experience and a few years later, the Butthole Surfers.

  2. D’oh, and from I remember of the lyrics, “Ultimate Orgasm” is not even ultimately about what it leads you to think it is.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    I looked for this record for years, after getting Ultimate Orgasm. Thank you for posting this. Not as good as the first, but definitely good.

  4. Indeed good use of guitar feedback!

    British post-punk outfits often toyed around with that. the most brilliant take must be Excercise one by Joy Division. At least that’s what i think.

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