Rudi – Big Time 7″


First release from the infamous Good Vibrations records out of Ireland. Big Time is the obvious hit but I must say it gets annoying after some spins. Not so with No.1. No. 1 got more bite and snottyness to it. How come most irish bands had such a talent for writing hooky and melodic punk? We got Stiff Little Fingers, Clive Culbertson, Undertones, The Starjets, insert any other band here and Rudi. Their later stuff ain’t that interesting to me except Overcome By Fumes from the Battle Of The Bands comp. 7inch.

Here’s a short story about the band from the Wikipedia site:

Country: Ireland
Year: 1978
Label: Good Vibrations
Format: 7″
Big Time.mp3

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  1. Tim S. says:

    Love this band!!!
    Theres a radio sessions CD, that came out 2 years ago in japan wich is brilliant! also check out 4 singles and one album Last Years Youth Records did a few years ago with unreleased and great stuff!!
    ALSO check out Shame Academy: “Punk Rock for Dummies” CD on Combat Rock, France. Its Brian from RUDI, Greg from THE OUTCASTS and Petesy from STALAG 17 doing new recorded Hits from RUDI and OUTCASTS!!
    A really great CD with all the hits!!!!
    Cheers to Belfast

  2. Roger says:

    This one is THE best PUNK 7″ ever from N.Ireland !!

  3. Roger says:

    … but “Time To Proud” is the real one from RUDI. Killer!
    Cheers to ULSTER from Brittany

  4. Erich says:

    This was one of the the first punk 7″ I bought. Frankly, I bought it because of the cover (like early Misfits records – I was born a horror fan). Haven’t played this in AGES because I somehow got tired of it real quick (as Peter said).

  5. yerblues says:

    I agree. “No. 1” is easily the better track.

  6. Ian EBH says:

    Holy shit! I’ve never had much interest this band (“Big Time” was the only thing I’d heard of theirs), but “No. 1” is a totally different sound, this is great!

  7. Steve says:

    I agree with Von Erich this is an excellent record. I’d only seen their name listed way back when but had never heard their music. Many Thanks!

  8. Roger says:

    the Undertones + Shame Academy @ Spring & Airbrake, Ulster.

  9. jim says:

    This is a great record and I love all their other 7″s too.

  10. Terry says:

    Made my day, made my week, made my year to download this! Legendary stuff. Have the 7″ single, have most of the Good Vibrations stuff. Now I’ve got this on my iPod, will always make me smile. Happy memories, happy days.

  11. One of the best punk songs.

  12. sir hake says:

    yeah its great punk band i remember the time when we was young.thank you kbd.

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