Neon Christ – S/T E.P. 7″


Fast, fun and hip. Reminds me a bit of Stark Raving Mad. Great roaring guitar sound coupled with out of control drumming. Released in 1984 it was maybe a bit too late for the trend but I still find this to be a fantastic piece of the HC history.

William DuVall,guitarist, is in some grunge/metal band these days. He also took the job as a stand in vocalist for Alice In Chains on their tour last year. What can I say? Shit happens.

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Social Crisis
Format: 7″
Parental Suppression.mp3
Draft Song.mp3
Bad Influence.mp3
Neon Christ.mp3
We Mean Business.mp3
It’s Mine.mp3

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  1. Adamski says:

    I have the double 7″ that was released in 1990 which is missing a couple of tracks from this, but with a few different ones. Fantastic stuff! For some reason i was under the impression that one of the members was jailed for murder! Or am I talkin’ shit?! I’m sure I read that in MRR y-e-a-r-s ago…

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    I gave this away the day I bought it…it sounded too generic back then. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It seemed that every band started sounding the same. Wish I still had it, though.

  3. Erich says:

    I still love this, especially for the slopyness in the fast parts. The double 7″ with the outtakes hassome ofthe best NC songs, actually. The rarer version of this has yellow paper btw.

  4. roman says:

    killer stuff! doesn´t sound sloppy to me. sound could be a little bit rougher… their song on the p.e.a.c.e. comp. is better, but this is also great!

  5. malfeitor says:

    More Duvall rumors-
    * Wasn’t he in Moby’s touring band? (And I ain’t talking about Vatican Commandos)
    * I heard he wrote the Dionne Farris song “I Know”- a number one (?) hit after she left Arrested Development.

  6. Ian EBH says:

    This is great. I love 80s band that were just getting as fast as humanly possible. I’ve heard this band mentioned a few times over the years (I seem to be much younger than your typical readership, so “over the years” has a much different meaning to me!), but never heard them until now, it’s pretty much what I expected. Yet another great record.

  7. h2o says:

    Neon Christ reunited just recently and played a handful of shows. A DVD of the reunion will be coming out eventually. Furthermore, the second Neon Christ drummer came over to the house to do some electrical work and was amazed to see my complete collection of NC singles and even a bootleg 7″ I purchased in Amsterdam a few years back. Neat, huh?

  8. Anonymous says:

    One word: meh. Doesn’t even get a capital. That’s how forgettable and bland unnoticeable this is.

  9. Monkeysatan says:

    No one murdered anybody. Duvall left town to join B’last. He is now the official Alice In Chains singer. Their reunion shows were awesome. Still got it.

  10. jon says:

    The guy who wrote “I Know” is David Ryan Harris, who used to be in another Atlanta band, Follow for Now.

  11. malfeitor says:

    Rumor dispelled.

  12. Anonymous says:

    my uncle is the lead singer… thanks for putting this up

  13. Robert says:

    Just to get garage punk back into that discussion,as i was told a
    guitar dude from the nowaday “CARBONAS” seems to be part of that reunited “NEON CHRIST” !

  14. loud statues says:

    How anyone can consider this release bland, or typical completely boggles my mind…In my opinion, this IS hardcore thrash…and btw, sloppy is appropriate! It conveys feelings…honest adolescent fear and anxiety…a masterpiece!!!

  15. Charlotte says:

    That ep is i think, one of the coolest ep that was released in 84. Duvall is a good dude, even if he sings now in AIC. I saw them twice this year and he’s not bad at all, even though it is fucking strange to see him now being the second frontman of this band, after playing and being involved for years and years in a growing social political punk hardcore scene from the west coast. Anyway, life make you new decisions to take, he took that one, i believe in him.
    vive le punk hardcore, vive Neon Christ.

  16. Sam says:

    Jimmy Demer is my american lit teacher!

  17. Nick Scott says:

    The new lead singer for Alice and Chains played guitar for Neon Christ.

  18. FuseRed says:

    There’s a good radio session too from 1985 – sound is mostly pretty decent, with a bit of dropout and is only 1x mp3.

    Shame they didn’t record more – excellent band:

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