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Help John Stabb

John Stabb from Government Issue was attacked by some maniacs. You can help him out to pay his medical bills: “On Tuesday, 7/17/07, our dear friend John Stabb was physically assaulted, just a block away from his home, by … Continue reading

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The Thought Criminals – Food For Thought Crimes E.P. 7″

If it’s not from the States or Sweden you can be sure it’s from Australia. Thought Criminals did just as most other punk bands in the 70’s: carved out a sound totally of their own. Inspired by the Desperate Bicycles … Continue reading

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Rottweiler – S/T 7″

A classic swedish powerpop/punk 7inch from the band that later became Perfekt Alibi(thanks Senap!). I’m Down got that boggie feel to it that is just on the right side of the border of not being totally crap. You got some … Continue reading

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Non Compos Mentis – S/T 7″

Not as catchy and intense as their first killer that will be posted later on. In the meantime you can check out Erik of Something I Learned Todays post of it: Ultimate Orgasm. Still this has its moments. While I … Continue reading

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CDRs on eBay

I have no problem with sellers selling CDRs as long as they let the buyers know what they’re bidding on. When sellers don’t it just pisses me off and god knows what they’re telling the buyers when they’ve received their … Continue reading

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