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Tuppjukk – Jag vill ma bra/Kat katt i mars 7″

Oh how I mourn for the non Swedes who can’t understand the magic poetry in Kat katt i mars. If there’s any Swede who can translate the lyrics so that the rimes and the meaning don’t gets lost please do … Continue reading

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Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″

“Don’t wanna practice or get any better. Or hang around in the Guitar Center.” great opening line and a great song. Especially the chorus with its little clever hook. Fuck, they might be musicians! Angry Samoans comes to mind primarily … Continue reading

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The Lizerds – S/T 7″

So here’s two great songs by The Lizerds. Is It Late? being a punker with some hints of HC. Amazing stuff in my book. Out Of My Hands is where the pop meets the punk to deliver a song just … Continue reading

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The Cybermen – S/T E.P. 7″

What the hell where they thinking with the last track? Anyway, Cybernetic Energy is a sharp short blaster. The other two come in close behind. You can almost hear it’s recorded at Spaceward. I would’ve expected a little rawer sound … Continue reading

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Elektraflesh – S/T 7″

Oh no! The Swedes are involved again. This time it’s Eric Lindgren who lent his minimoog to Elektraflesh in 1980. I’m glad he did cause Broken Trust is a pulsating and danceable hit. The lyrical content would fit any emo … Continue reading

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