The Cybermen – S/T E.P. 7″


What the hell where they thinking with the last track? Anyway, Cybernetic Energy is a sharp short blaster. The other two come in close behind. You can almost hear it’s recorded at Spaceward. I would’ve expected a little rawer sound though. According to an info sheet that was included with their second 7inch they where close to secure a deal with Raw Records but it never happened. Behind the drums no other then the former School Girl Bitch man Paul M Milek is banging the skin.

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Rockaway
Format: 7″
Cybernetic Surgery.mp3
Wheres The New Wave?.mp3
Hanging Around.mp3
I Can’t Help It.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Cybermen – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    This is really good! Fanx

  2. Douchebag says:


  3. bar says:

    Awesome! This is exactly what 77 Punk should sound like!

  4. timmythepunk says:

    If this single had more distortion on the guitar and a rawer attack it would really be up there, however overall, an essential seventies punk 45 for every collection, thank you keep this quality coming

  5. Collin says:

    Wow, just awful. Not even that – MEDIOCRE! Where Is The New Wave – only thing goin’ for it is the very short geetar solo. …and that ain’t even so good. If I wanted shit songs condemning shit wave I’d plug into Sports or Elvis Costello or some other godawful sound.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha Collin you need to update your taste.

  7. Lethargi says:

    I gotta say I agree with Collin, definitely listenable once, maybe twice, but never, ever again.

  8. I WILL EAT YOU says:


  9. hdvns says:

    I’m a big fan of all things Spaceward. Yeah, it’s not as “raw” as say, The Killjoys, but fuck it, still a rocker!
    Thanks mate!

  10. Simon says:

    Great record– “Where’s the new wave” has been a mixed tape staple since it appeared on a Back to Front LP circa ’94, so I’m very happy to hear the rest of the EP. Thanks!

  11. ‘What the hell where they thinking with the last track?’ …well, obviously they were thinking ‘let’s record something pleasant that our Mother’s will like’ and then towards the end thought ‘fuck it, I hope mum’s a Lurkers fan!’.
    My mum liked “New Guitar In Town” by the way.

  12. John Y? says:

    I picked this up years ago,and my first thoughts was Lurkers,which is no bad thing seeing how many bands wanted to be the Clash..

  13. Longy says:

    I never thought I’d ever hear this again. I’ve got rid of my turntable now but still have this on single. I paid 10p for this in a second-hand record shop in West London back in 79. You have just made an old man very happy : – )

  14. DoctorVolume says:

    The bass player/songwriter/backing vocals on this is 45 is Ian D he still plays and still is into the music scene here in NW Britain,the 2nd single is great punky powerpop “your to blame” both on Rockaway their own label

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just found this single for the equivalent of 50 pence in a Japanese record store

  16. Stephen (AI) says:

    Months on I still love “I Can’t Help It.”
    Does that make me gay?

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