Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″


“Don’t wanna practice or get any better. Or hang around in the Guitar Center.” great opening line and a great song. Especially the chorus with its little clever hook. Fuck, they might be musicians! Angry Samoans comes to mind primarily on Barf. That sneering vocals reminds me of someone who’s name I’ve forgotten. One really cheesy track: Bum. A great debut from a band that I bet will be too skilled to live up to their debut title until the next release.

Rich White Males on MySpace.

Country: USA
Year: 2007
Label: Punk N Junk
Format: 7″
We Ain’t No Musicians.mp3
Sellin’ Drugs.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″

  1. Johan says:

    ain’t no musicians, bha
    I wouldn’t pull of that guitar solo stuff if I practice for a year.
    great song even if their liars ;)

  2. Johan says:

    I’m bored, I’m at work. Nightshift and just watched “unheard music” with X. Halv interesting documentary.
    Now I might watch “Crass – there’s no athourity but yourself” or “Night of the lepus”. A 70’s flick about giant rabits killing people. But that will probably just make me fall asleep. 4 more hours, then home to bed. just wanted you to know. take care

  3. Johan says:

    Ofcause I mean half not halv.

  4. Laszlo says:

    it’s okay Peter but you should listen to the Social Circkle 7″ on No Way Records. that’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If they send records to the KBD HQ I will ;)! Ok, I took a listen to Can’t Take It on the No Way website. It sounds good but… Sounds “old school” but too much stuck in the old stuff to make a sound of their own.

    My biggest influence today has to be:

  6. Erich says:

    Horrible retro garbage.

  7. Jay Thurston says:

    Polysics are really bad. It is a shame I threw away my boogie shoes for combat boots…I may have had a disco fever moment in my room listening to that stuff. Long live the Village People. Oh, and someone needs to get you some hearing aids Flakes drummer…hahahaha.

  8. mrpoopy says:

    Sounds like The Insults to me. Disposable, pointless retro with no balls or bite.

  9. Rich White says:

    Retro? Retro?! You’re posting on a website dedicated to rehashing records from bands who existed over two decades ago and you call me retro? People like you are the reason we ended up with prog rock.

  10. Laszlo says:

    thanks for checking out the Social Circkle. probably you’re right but they’re sooooo catchy! that song anyway is a perfect mix of black flag / circle jerks / angry samoans. am i right?

  11. rocknrollbot says:

    i like it. its cool when you can throw new bands in the mix that fit right in. the flakes post was awesome too. stra-aight jacket, stra-aight jacket!!!

  12. Erich says:

    In order to fight back such disgraceful garbage, I call for action and founded a new campaign:

  13. Erich says:

    Here’s the jpg I wanted to include. Peter said he doesn’t wanna help me with that.

    please help the campaign. The retro-crap must be stopped before it’s too late!

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If you can’t figure out how tag up a picture in a comment section I guess you’re qualified enough to run the campaign ha ha ha.

    I love retro punk. I feel just like a raggare. Punks are the new raggare.

  15. Erich says:

    “a bunch of motherfuckers” – sing along!

    I don’t qualify for shit. I’m a porngrinder.

  16. Petter says:

    Ha ha ha, yes, punk is the new raggare, or raggare working in museums it should be. Putting expensive records behind glass and frame. I Liked it, but then again I like retro.

  17. Rich White says:

    ugh, you guys sound like turds! Punk rock is always going to sound, (sigh) for lack of a less annoying word “retro” ( I hate this word! It sounds like a compliment you’d get trying on a pair of bell bottoms. Oooh thats so retro! )
    Now some bands do it way to retro (fuck now you got me sayin’ it!!). But, not taking yourself too seriously is what has made every great band great since the beginniing of rock n roll. So it’s the bands that aknowledge that they’re heavily influenced predominantly by a scene that was on 30 years ago and just say “eh, fuck it” and go out and have fun that get to the point of being recognised and slammed or praised on this site. Because those bands have the same effect on the crowds. “Eh fuck it, lets have fun.” Meanwhile the moaners are banging out some crap that they think is “different” in some garage somewhere and no one likes them because they give you nothing but an ear ache, but their moms think they’re awesome!
    The key is not to take yourself too seriously kids. That way when someone comes along and points out what you know is true, you can luagh and keep going.
    Now thats the difference between punk rock and a bunch of greasey haired Swedes at a car festival!

  18. mrpoopy says:

    Ok, it’s not retro–it just has no balls or bite. Better? Not looking for “progress”–just a display of the same guts and lack of pretense bands had when they did that shit the first time around!

  19. Erich says:

    Lousy fucking retro garbage. That’s all. We gonna get you!

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    Who is retro? Rich White Males??? Fuck that…they are pretty fucking decent. It sounds raw and fucking rocks…now, Polysics, or whatever they are called suck major ass! Fuck, I hate cheesy dance music. I can’t find anything by Social Circkle…they do not exist, I take it?

  21. Jay Thurston says:

    OK…found Social Circkle…great stuff. It takes me back to around 1979. I fucking love it!

  22. Rich White says:

    I’ve got some balls for you to bite on. Now it’s not retro? He back tracked everyone, did you see that?

    I win.

    To Erich:
    “We gonna get you!”? What gonna do? Boor me to death wit yoos bad grammer?
    I don’t know how you got near a computer Bizarro but please go back to Bizarro World and leave Metropolis alone.

    Yes I just slammed you with a comic book referance.

    I’m out. Last post.
    Peter, you rule.
    -Rich White

  23. rocknrollbots says:

    time out guys. time out. erich was refering to polysics the first time. see? he likes you!!! man i need to make a rocknrollbots 7 inch so every one can call me a retrosexual. cant we all just get along? as a swedish exchage student taught me, hea dowa (good bye)?

  24. rocknrollbots says:

    oh, never mind, i dont know what i am talking about. about anything.

  25. terryterra says:

    retro ??? no they dont
    retro is nostalgic and like bellbottoms that is a gone answer
    it sounds snidy and angry, and filthy
    just the way i like it!

  26. Erich says:

    Fucking losers. Get fucking lost with your lousy 42 generation rip off.

  27. erich says:

    i changed my mind, i do like it…alot.

  28. Erich says:

    Hahahaha. Yeah, I like the “just like 79” feeling and some wannabes saying “we’re not musicians but if you think we’re retro garbage we gonna cry” It’s phantastic music and a decent attitude! Just like 79. Hahahaha.

  29. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I’m glad to see that some of you guys enjoy each other. That music could stir up so much emotions…ha ha ha. This comment section takes me back to when I as a teen arguing with people about good and bad music. What does that mean? This whole bashing back and forth feels a bit retro.

  30. Erich says:

    Hahaha. I just put on my retro undies. I’m ready for more!

  31. Rich White says:

    I’m sorry, I know I said I was done but one last comment. Erich, “phantasctic”? Are you phucking kidding me you phucking moron?

  32. Erich says:

    Kid, you’re so damn retro.

  33. Jay Thurston says:

    Long live the Rich White Males…Erich, you can go listen to your Fallout Boy records now.

  34. mrpoopy says:

    Hmmmm…..the kid might have a have a point: fun IS fun! Like the fun of telling a lame band they blow and should get off the stage. There have been a few bands that can get away with playing outdated styles of music that have been beaten into the ground and still connect with the audience in a way that is immediate and meaningful but you just ain’t doing it for me. Now, if you work real hard and stay focussed you might be almost as good as Sha-Na-Na one day!

  35. Jay Thurston says:

    Wow! This record has caused quite a stir. Now, that is what “punk rock” was supposed to be about. Even hated by the “punks”…classic…and I still like it.

  36. Davey Go Home says:

    alright, lets just settle this… Russell… Your music sucks and its shit… people who talk shit to this man… Bradskis just alittle messed in the head, let him alone… just wait till you see the videos he makes…

  37. Jay Thurston says:

    Davey, go home! Now! Mommy is calling you. This band is good, now go home.

  38. Erich says:

    Fucking retro garbage!

  39. Rich White says:

    Continuing to post on this record is retro

  40. Ottovonbaggins says:

    these guys put on a pretty good show. at the end of the set I saw the singer/guitar guy clad in butt huggers, tights and a kamakaze headband army crawled around the room with his guitar slung like a machine gun. It also seemed that he had most of the crowd scared that they might get a mic or strat headstock in the face if they didn’t watch out. Fun times. This is a gamble, but I’m thinking they’re probably really into screeching weasel.

  41. Jay Thurston says:

    I have a stinking suspicion that they are really into the Queers???

  42. Milky says:

    It’s not that steller compared to the earlier bands they emulate, but it towers over the majority of what’s out there now.

    3 things make this group A OK:
    #1 The vocals. They don’t have the gusto of something like the Queers’ first 7inch, but they aren’t whiny- and thankfully don’t sound like that scabling from NOFX.)
    #2 They aren’t totally emasculated.
    #3 They aren’t singing about hamster experiments or pushing some absurdly obnoxious Profane Existence style “activist” politics.

  43. Rich White says:

    Nice back handed comment. Remind me to give you my backhand.

  44. milky says:

    Little too harsh Peter?

  45. Anonymous says:

    here’s a cool “retro” punk song

  46. rocknrollbots says:

    yes, eveyone has to watch the above video, i remember someone sending it to my friend and left the comment “whats wrong with the human race?, glad im not a part of it” -warning-once you watch it, youll never forget it!!!!!

  47. Jay Thurston says:

    Ummmm…well that video just made me lose my appetite…thanks. Now, back to real music, like the Rich White Males!

  48. Erich says:

    Yeah Jay – totally like ’79!

  49. Rich White says:

    Well this comment makes 50! Lets go for 100!

    Erich, pay for my plane ticket and I’ll kick your ass for free, hows that?!

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