Abba – Money, Money, Money

Edit: There’s a punx curse on both of us: We cannot properly embed the video! In the meantime, go here:
Money, Anarchy, Punx

This is a joint venture together with Good Bad Music to expose one of the best bands ever namely Abba. Erich takes on the job to expose you to Take A Chance On Me.

My first punk band formed in 1978 was called Zabba Abba. Which means something like destroy Abba. What a shame! To pay repent I must post this cute little piece with a sweet introduction of each of the members and what they want you to know about Sweden. Agneta, the hottest of the ladies, tells you that we “Talk about love.” I can only agree. I would love to share a story about when she secretly let me touch her butt ones when I was in my late teens but I save that for another day. Listen to the wonderful string arrangement and weep.

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19,170 Responses to Abba – Money, Money, Money

  1. Erich says:

    Best band ever, next to AC/DC! But I don’t believe the Agnetha story!!

  2. DEGEnERatEeN says:

    One time I found myself playing them loudly to impress others.

  3. What the Fuck!!!

    This sort of patriotism is so wrong! How would you feel if I blogged Sidney Devine? (trust me, you don’t want to know who this bloke is!).

    Saying that, if you had chosen “Does Your Mother Know” I would have approved.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Thank you so much for remembering my favorite group ever…they made my nuts quiver and shake. Hearing those harmonies get my nipples hard and make me very horny. Today, I love the world.

  5. Martin says:

    Never heard of this band before, but it by far the best thing you’ve put up here. They don’t look like punks thou, but they sure play like punks! Did this band ever release any records, and if so, are they very expencive and hard to find?

    And another thing, Zabba Abba… how long did you have to look at the insert for Bakverk 80 before you came up with that name?

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha I must take a look at the insert of Bakverk 80. Funny since the truth is that the band was named Zabba Abba in 1978.

  7. SwePete says:

    I sure would like to give a Pearl Necklace to Frida. Does your Mother know is one catchy tune, oh yes! One of my favourites in fact!

  8. Maxageddon says:

    I never understood the love of ABBA, their music makes me want to jab shapened pencils in my ear drums

  9. corpus77 says:

    what a load of nonsence !!- Waterloo is the real hidden gem.

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    I am so bored that I learned some new Swedish words…dumskit, arsle, soptipp…not bad, not bad at all.

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    RIP Ola…did he actually play the drums or was it fake?

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