The Eat – Communist Radio/Catholic Love 7″

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First installment of the fantastic The Eat. I like the second,posted some months ago, release but this is an insane piece of punk rock. And it’s recorded live! I hardly like live recordings but here it works perfect. It got so much energy and inspiration I can picture the whole band in front of me while the needle carves its way into vinyl. And last and most important: the songs are short! And the sleeve!! Take a look at it ladies and gentlemen! Can it get much better? Let’s see when a new post hits the blog if I can top this.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Giggling Hitler
Format: 7″
Communist Radio.mp3
Catholic Love.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Eat – Communist Radio/Catholic Love 7″

  1. Erich says:

    What a record! Simply perfect. The songs are top of the top and the live sound is, as Pjotr says, incredibly good and, well, “live” in the best sense of the word.
    Expensive little thing, but damn, it’s worth the money when it’s in such fantastic condition.

    PS: And if I ever hear one gawddamn Punkrocker ranting against guitar solos – I’ll send him here to “Communist Radio”.

    PS 2: This should be hard to top, Pedro.

  2. Martin says:

    I just bought the 2CD reissue on Alternative Tentacles – their other songs aren’t on a patch on this and the second EP (thanks for that by the way!), talk about padding out! Oh well. Communist Radio really is perfect. And your scans give more info than the CD!

  3. adamski says:

    Just wonderful punk rock! These guys were TIGHT! You know, I’ve always been more of a hardcore man, but blogs like this one have opened my eyes (& ears!) to the wonders of pre-hardcore punk. Keep ’em coming, Peter!

  4. degenrateen says:

    Fuck yeah for The Eat. I got that shit on a shirt as well. Punk record!

  5. Ford MF says:

    I’d never even heard of these guys until a year or two ago (thanks, if I recall correctly, to this blog here) but man, Communist Radio rocks so fucking hard.

  6. SEW says:

    >>>> And it’s recorded live! >>>>

    “Live recording” is stetching it a bit. It was recorded in a studio. But before an audience….

  7. dylan says:

    god i want this record. wait. that wont work… satan, i want this record.

  8. Dollar In The Teeth says:

    Personally I can’t stand politics in punk rock. Worse even, the singer reminds me of Paul Weller. The Features ‘Floozie’ from above pisses all over this. Overrated record.

  9. gills says:

    i dont get it with this one…heard both tracks on various comps for years & have yet to see the wonder of this 45…i hoped that your rip of the orig vinyl would show the light, as quite a few things on KBD comps sound shit from bad remastering…well, the verdict is in and its unanimous- possibly the most highly over-rated 45 ever made; of any genre of music, at any time. its not bad, but it sure as fuck aint the holy grail that everyone wanks over.

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Gills, all posts here are from my own collection which means they’re ripped from the original source. I’ve bought a new audio interface so the quality will be even better in the future.

  11. DocThore says:

    One of the best Punkrockitems ever, when I heard Communist Radio firstn here, i can´t stop to jump around! And after that, I hear it again and again and and……! So, I thought to myself, I want this record! And a few days ago I saw it ebay and thought this must be mine! And now, I got my own copy of this two brillant songs! Can´t stop dancing!!!!

  12. Cj says:

    I bought this 45 at Peaches in Fort Lauderdale in the ’70s. It cost .99 cents and came with a dollar bill hidden inside the cover. What a gas. I also saw The Eat perform live at some shithole on South Beach (long before the Sodomites made art deco trendy) and they were really first rate. I remember the joint had a large pole right in the middle of the dance floor. We were all slamming and the place got shut down when some bloke broke his head open on the pole. The ’70s were the best.

    • ErMo says:

      During 1979 and 1980 I was The Eat’s manager–their first–until conflict of interest between managing a band that produced music AND producing a radio program that played music, raised its ugly head. Nevertheless, those record packages were assembled in the living room of the house Chris Cottie, the drummer, and I shared. The only gig we booked in S. Beach was the Irish House on Alton Rd. when an audience member handed me the note that appears on the back of the jacket. May I have my dollar back now?

  13. Alexander from Allapattah says:

    I got these 2 songs and their LP (and the Hialeah/Shoes Shoes Shoes single) on a tape gifted to me in ’91, then caught their reunion show at Churchill’s Hideaway in Miami in ’93. The Eat were all that and more. They were a tight, witty band and they rocked hard.

  14. Johnny says:

    Fuckin’ hell, the new reissue is sounding and looking perfect!

  15. Dom says:

    Catholic Love is so damn good!!!

  16. Brian Bush says:

    R.I.P. Michael O’Brien. Very sad day.

  17. Stig Dangerman says:

    Only reservation about this single is that it’s by NY prep school kids from NY not Florida rednecks. “Learned my Latin in Manhattan” and all that. I learned my Latin from fucking my wife.

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