Manic Depressors – Hard Horn Enterprises Cassette


Inspired by Good Bad Erich’s recent posts of a bunch of tapes I decided to jump the bandwagon.

From whom and when I got this tape I can’t exactly recall. Mid to early 80’s for sure. And from someone in Canada without a doubt. This tape has been very dear to me ever since. Too bad I didn’t make a straight copy of it back then. As you can hear it have been played quiet a lot and on top of that the recording is very low fi which of course only makes it better. Here’s a good recipe to make HC sound great: add chainsaw guitars, machine gun drums and some decent song writing. That’s what Manic Depressors did and as you can hear it worked great. Please if you know anything about this band fill us in.

Country: Canada
Year: 1983(?)
Label: Self Released
Format: Cassette
Air Attack.mp3
Why Do They Try To Sell Us On War.mp3
No Savior.mp3
A Place To Call Home.mp3
My Town.mp3
Police Brutality.mp3
Life Goes On.mp3
Behind The Walls.mp3
A Countries Strenght.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Yeah – one of the holy grails of HC tapes. Very generous post, Peter and your new gear definitely improves the quality of your rips. 10000 thanks!!

    PS: That cunt from 7 Inch Punk will now link your site, haha.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks Erich!

  3. Terry says:

    I’m shocked! Thank you.

  4. Tom says:

    I *think* it says “Hard Korn Enterprises” on the scans above. I’m not positive, though.

    I look forward to hearing this.

  5. 8me 8me says:

    seriously dude this is up with all the great boston hc bands. i wish i had this tape.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah Tom maybe it says Korn instead of Horn. And ain’t that a 5 in the end of 198 on side?

  7. Tom says:

    Yeah, it definitely says “1985.” I still don’t know about “Horn” v. “Korn,” but then again, I’m not Canadian.

  8. Tom says:

    OK, I examined the printing, and it appears to be Hardkorn–one word.

    And it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing another buried gem.

  9. Erich says:

    I think it’s Hard Korn and 1985. Reading hand writings is my daily business.

  10. Tom says:

    Someone online posted an image of the record reviews from MMR #22, which contains this. MRR #22 is from 1985, and you could order the cassette from Hardkorn. says it was released in 1984, so they probably changed the (c) year to match what it was at the time of order.

    It appears they were broken up by this time, too. It’s great this was released at all!

  11. theonlytruepunk says:

    Fantastic tape, thanks. HardKorn, HardPorn…who really gives a fuck?? Just enjoy the tunes.

  12. Jerk Ass says:

    wow! this is bad ass! thanks!

  13. chad says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    Here is some info I found:

  14. Pogel says:

    Very nice. It reminds me of Riot/Clone.

  15. big_ol_daddy says:

    Best shit I’ve heard in a long long time. As someone said above it reminds me of the best Boston HC too. Hail to the best blog around. Hope 35 dollars will make your day.

  16. Canada says:

    oh man!! do you know how long i’ve search for the MD tape? i have to settle with this phenomenal rip until you sell it to me.

  17. John Mc Gowan says:

    Hello there one and all

    Ny name is John Mc Gowan and I am the original guitarist from the Manic Depressors.The tape in question was released in 1984 in a limited edition of 25 copies a year and a half after we broke up in 1983.Hard Corn Enterprises is the name of the label that released this and I believe that this was their only release.The actual title was “The beggining of the End”which I thought was printed on the cover but I guess I was wrong but when I was told that this was going to be put out way back when this was the title that was relayed to me at the time.Hope this has been of some help and I am glad that some of you have had the chance to enjoy this.Best Regards:John

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for stopping by John! What happened to you guys after the MD?

  19. John Mc Gowan says:

    After The Manic Depressors split in January of 1983 we went on to do the following:

    Rodney:Completly quit music after the band broke up.He is now married and a father of three

    Carey:Immediatley joined the 2nd version of Sudden Death who released one cassette LP before disintigrating by the fall of 1983.He then went on to form Snicker Snee immediatley after this who were like a heavier Manic Depressors as he was getting into a much more Heavy Metal direction.Snicker Snee eventually morphed into Sinister Witch who eventually changed their name to Crainium and released a cassette LP before splitting up in 1989.He then reformed the band in Vancouver and released a CD in1994 before spliting the band up again for the second time.He was briefly in a Heavy Metal Band in Austrailia some time in the late 90’s but it didnt last long.He is now back in Winnipeg and plans to work on a solo LP and is interested in starting a band that performs the entirity of classing Punk LP’s playing a different LP every show interspread with classic punk toons of the era.

    As for Me(John):I went on to form a band called Chainsaw right after the MD’s split we suffered several line up changes and only managed one show before we split up in the spring of 1984.I then went on to form the Brain Surgeons in 1985 who started off as a Punk band but started to merge more towards bluesy rock before splitting in 1986.My Next group Human Reverb(1987-92,1996-2001) was much more Rock/Psych based as was my next project Electric Kingdom(1993-1995)after Kingdom split,I reformed Human Reverb as a part time project in 1996 and we played on and off until 2001.I then left music for three years and formed my new project The Afterlife in 2004.This line unfortnatley split in May of 2006 before I resurrected it last April of 2007 and we are doing regular gigs and hope to do a CD sometime soon.With the Afterlife,I have gone back to basics and I think there is something for people to like about us who visit this sight so if anyone is interested you can check us out at

    Hope this has been some help and I am glad to have discovered this excellent sight

    All the Best

    John Mc Gowan(Manic Depressors)

  20. Carey Siddorn says:

    wow I’m blown away! I didn’t think anyone knew or cared about us.Well, except us.For all you musicians and engineers this was recorded on a realistic 4-track in the basement of a house that was…….well, let’s just say calling it a partyhouse was a gross understatement.Ihope it inspires other bands to do basement recordings. These days you can make a killer recording cheap and easy.So go do it!you never know whose hands it will end up in! – Carey Siddorn

  21. asshole says:

    you dumb asses are missing a track WTF theres 11 tracks manic depressor its the last song on side two on mine

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