Sods – Televison Sect 7″


This is a re-post from April the 8th 2006. Added more scans and new rips.

The “TVEye // Drummer” posted the Sods LP awhile ago. Now it’s time for the Sods classic first 7″ “Television Sect”. I think I found this one togheter with the two first “Electric Deads” 7inches at Christiania in Copenhagen. They where like $1.00 each. I bought the LP in 1980 and after hearing it I wondered why no one had tagged “Sods” at the walls in Copenhagen. The most frequent band name I saw spray painted was the “Gatecrashers” who released a 7inch which I still haven’t heard.

Country: Denmark
Year: 1978
Label: Medley
Format: 7″
Television Sect.mp3
Military Madness.mp3

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  1. fernando says:

    No one tagged “Sods” at the walls in the kbd blog either – in one year! Let’s be first at it. Excellent band. I’m enjoying the ’79 LP tracks as well (well, the 3 ones that remain downloadable… it’s a pity that I got late for the rest – lazy sod I am). RAF is terrific!

  2. rob porter says:

    great band ive got the album in about 1979-80which is a bit scratched now what happened to them

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  4. stinky82 says:

    MIDDLE CLASS from Europe :)

  5. thomas says:

    Hi there
    I saw this band live in Copenhagen about 20 times during the eighties. They Continued untill a few years ago under the name “Sort Sol” – named after their second LP “Under en sort sol” which means: Under a Black Sun.

  6. John Mc Gowan says:

    I Like this.”Television Sect” reminds me of the early Lurkers stuff

  7. r says:

    best punk band ever

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Lucky you! You heard ’em all ;)?

  9. Hans says:

    Maybe you could repost the entire album? Should have kept this one but i lost interest and sold it. I remember i bought it at Rough Trade London after listening to the first track for about 5 secs or so… Must have been in summer 79.

  10. brenøe, copenhagen says:

    I considor the Gatecrashers 7″ being the best punk record ever. less than 5 minutes in all, but extremly aggressiv og focused.
    but it is rare as hell.
    Sort Sol remained a very good band up till the mid90´s. buy with comfident.


  11. I’ve always wondered if Sort Sol was an aware reference to the expression Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun in German), which is a term commonly used in neo nazi contexts to describe the period between the fall of the third reich and their self-supposed revival of the aryans. Some former SS man is said to have coined it in the 70s. If that’s the case, it adds creditability to the name change.

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