Terveet Kadet – Aareton Joulu E.P. 7″


Take off the skinny ties and on with the leather jackets. After the sugary sweet and awesome Zoot Alors that I know you all dug we take our knives and head over to Finland. Don’t forget the Koskenkorva! We might need the bottle in a bar fight.

One of the few finnish HC records I’ve keept. Many of them like Kaaos, Bastards, Riistetyt and Rattus just didn’t cut the mustard for me when it was time to clean out stuff some time ago. But Aareton Joulu by Terveet Kadet I just had to keep. So tight(like the ass on the front picture) and desperate. I really love Lajas voice. Screaming like a new born craving for milk. But in this case I think Laja screams for something stronger. The cover fascinated me back then. And what does Aareton Joulu mean? A candle in the ass? If that’s so I love the title. I soon learned that Terveet Kadet meant something like “healthy hands” or “open hands”. Pissaa ja paskaa means “piss and shit” right? I love that too! This is some great paskaa.

This is a response to the post of Appendix first 7″ by Erich at Good Bad Music.

Country: Finland
Year: 1982
Label: Poko
Format: 7″
T. Tuho.mp3
Pissaa ja paskaa.mp3
Onnelisia kytkentoja.mp3
Musta jumala.mp3
Outo maa.mp3
Tornion kevat.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Terveet Kadet – Aareton Joulu E.P. 7″

  1. Erich says:

    This is THE shit. I had it ripped and ready to be posted too, just like you wanted to post APPENDIX :-) We rule.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    To all the swedes. Ca. 9 sek in i Pissaa ja… lÃ¥ter det som att Läjä sjunger “en liten krussidull”. NÃ¥gon mer som hör det?

  3. Michael says:

    Wow. I was Surprised by how brutal it sounds. I just started getting into all the old Japcore and it reminds me alot of that, which is fucking awesome.

    Thanks for posting it.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Thank you so much. Now, I can sleep tonight…I owe you for this.

  5. Ebe says:

    Ääretön joulu translates in English something as Infinite Christmas. This is the best hc ep in the whole wide fucking world. A bound up guy with a lighted candle stuck up his ass on the cover and songs about people sniffing pussy and drinking piss among other essential things in life. Excellent.

  6. TORGNY says:

    Laja ar GUD. Here’s a interview I did with him by email before Xmas last year:


    He is a funny guy. This is THE shit.

  7. Jumala Jussi says:

    SÃ¥ jävla bra…!!
    Men “cut the mustard”, muckar du din jävel, va?
    Snart dags att posta TT Garderob 100 singeln, Peter? (snaella)

  8. Renik says:

    Sehr gut. Schnell, aggressiv, und schmutzig. Good shit for sure. What else would one expect from Finnish hardcore?

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha Senap. Jag är ledsen att det vart så ;). Men du TT Garderob singeln har inte jag. Fast jag funderar på att bjuda in Martin att börja posta lite svenskt här om han vill. Ska skicka ett mail till honom senare i veckan.

  10. anne says:

    i just have to correct you on a typo…it’s not halstelljat, it is haistelijat- that means sniffers…last spring terveet kädet made a reuinon tour, and i have to say they were still quite brutal!that’s all, greetings from finland!

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    Is it me or has this record caused everyone to express themselves in another language??? Hmmmm…el disco es mi favorito de Finland!

  12. TORGNY says:

    Well as you kan read in my interview which I linked to above – Terveet Kadet is stilla round, still continues, in fact they never broke up! Va fan tala svenska eller ak hem era javla utlandningssvin va fasen ennnnaaaa….

  13. SamSam says:

    Here is the translations to the song titles:
    1. Total Destruction
    2. Piss and Shit
    3. Happy Connections
    4. Black God
    5. The Strange Land
    6. The Smellers
    7. Spring of Tornio (Tornio was their home town)
    8. Utopia

  14. Arto says:

    One of the best hardcore EP’s ever. Or “vitun kova levy”, as we say it here in Finland.

  15. Martin says:

    Hallå Senap,

    jag fick en nog en inbjudan av Peter till att posta lite här, så om det blir av kommer jag att lägga upp TT Garderob 100.

  16. micke says:

    tk and finnish hc in general had a great impact on the swedish scene in the early 80’s. i sang in ernst and the edsholm rebels, and i remember this record well. one of my all-time favorites. sisu-hc!

  17. xcraggle says:

    Awesome. Truly one of my all-time favorites. Terveet Kädet was the sole band that got me into foreign hardcore. To this day I’ve never found an EP as ferocious and adrenalin filled as this. Great post.
    I also have this plus their first LP and studio recorded half of the Black God LP over at my blog..check it out.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey “xcraggle” thanks for stoping by. Really like your blog. A link is coming up.

  19. Ã…ke says:

    One of the best EP’s ever recorded.
    All songs are awesome especially “Tornion kevät”.
    This EP is a must for all who likes hc.

  20. Erich says:

    “Ake is God” – what did you think about that song, Ake? :-)

  21. nonno says:

    I’m SO proud to live in Tornio! \m/

  22. Chris says:

    Black God? Black as in “Negro” or “Dark” god?

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