Ladernunnan – Ensam i natt E.P. 7″


Jonas Almqvist the singer of Swedens Ladernunnan/The Leather Nun importance to the early Swedish punk scene can’t be underestimated. He published one the best early fanzines Anarki & Kaos. In the early 80s he hosted Ny Vag a punk radio show who aired 1 hour(or was it 2?) per week in the Swedish national radio channel P3. There you could hear the latest punk/hc acts like Bad Brains, Slobobans undergang, Attentat, Black Flag etc. Sometimes there where bands in the studio doing a live gig. For a young kid that show was as important as your daily play time with your willy.

Here’s the third release from Ladernunnan. Ensam i natt was on their debut “Slow Death EP” but I think this is different recording. Absolutely top from start to finish. Jonas voice raw voice is fantastic. The bass line in the intro is sooo catchy it will have you glued from that moment. A true classic. Here Comes Life is almost as good. No Rule recorded live at a gig opening up for Throbbing Gristle and Monte Cazazza in London 1980 sounds too much Stooges for me, in a not that interesting way. After this EP we went separate ways.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Sista bussen
Ensam i natt.mp3
Here Comes Life.mp3
No Rule.mp3

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  1. chutney locker says:

    !00% all time classic ep – any chance of the full Live at Scala 80′ tape please ?

  2. degenerateen says:

    Haven’t been around these parts for long time. This sounds good..

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry chutney locker I don’t have that tape.

  4. Daniel says:

    This version of Ensam i natt is a rerecorded version than the Slow Death EP version. As much as this version is awesome, the Slow Death EP version is through the roof.

  5. Tony says:

    “Daily play with your willy”- LOL! “Ensam i natt” is one of my all-time favorite Swepunk songs- wow! Hey, “Ensam i natt” was not really on their 1979 “Slow Death” EP– the first few seconds of it play and then it stupidly fades out. Which is one of the biggest blunders because it would have made that EP much more memorable. The studio version of “No Rule” on the 1979 EP is a whopper compared to the live version on this 1982 EP. And what great lyrics- “No more silly rules, no more law and order” with Jonas’ great growling. Ah, if life would really operate that way when we dislike a rule. A long time ago someone taped me some live Laudernunnan stuff with yet ANOTHER and more superior version of “No Rule” from like ’79. That Ny Vag radio show sounded really great.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    So Daniel and Tony what is correct here? Daniel says the version from the Slow Death EP is through the roof. Do you mean the few seconds of it that Tony refers to?

  7. Martin says:

    Actually I think both might be correct, depending on which version of Slow death you’ve got as there’s the first 7″ version from 79 and then there’s 2 different 12″ versions of Slow Death (1984 & 1986), and if my memory don’t fail me completely now, I think that the 12″ version is the one with just the intro to “Ensam i natt”. The 12″ version I refer to is the one from 84, that I think is called the totemkopf version… Not 100% sure thou. I’ve just kept the Sista Bussen copy as I don’t think it’s such an amazing record. I mean, it’s not Ã…skÃ¥darna for sure.

  8. NotBot says:

    It’s correct that the original “Slow Death” 7″ only contained the first 15 seconds or so of “Ensam I Natt”. It did how ever appear in its entirety on the 12″ reissue that came out a few years later. It also contained a really killer live version of Slow Death, lifted from the Live at Scala cassette, featuring guest appearances by Genesis P. Orrige and Monte Cazzazza. If it’s just about the music I say go with the 12″ version. I got ’em both!

  9. Martin says:

    OK, I guess my memory failed me this time.

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha Martin you and your Åskådarna :D.

  11. Tony says:

    Ah, you learn something new everyday- I did not realize that the “Slow Death” 7″EP had a 12″ reissue a few years later. Someone taped me the 7″EP version of it years ago, and that’s the one I was referring to where “Ensam i natt” fades out after like 10 or 15 seconds. Glad to know they got their shit together and put the entire song on the 12″ reissue. Now here’s another record nerd/stamp collector question- does the 12″ reissue had a different sleeve than the 7″ version? The sleeve for the 7″ one was quite cool with the “borrowed” picture they put on the front of it.

  12. Martin says:

    Hi Tony,

    the 1984 12″ reissue on Criminal Damage records has the same pic as the 7″ from ’79, but it has purple outlinings and some totemkopfs on it. The other 12″ version on Wire records (1986) has a different artwork thou.

  13. Suburbia says:

    Ensam i natt is one of the top swedish punk songs ever. Any chances you will be posting some Ny VÃ¥g radiobroadcast here?

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No I don’t think I’ll post any Ny VÃ¥g here. The reason is that I don’t have that many. I read somewhere that there’s some swede that tries to collect all the shows. Was it at Sorlings blog maybe:

  15. Sörling says:

    Suburbia: An old friend of mine is collecting as many NyVÃ¥g-shows as he can. I don’t know if he’ll post somewhere.

    Leffe: Thanks for the links.

  16. chutney locker says:

    Thanks very much Leffe ..what a raw tape it is!
    I record off blogs onto cassette , so i nearly have the real thing ..Great stuff !

  17. Steve says:

    This is excellent! Please post their other stuff sometime too. Thanks.

  18. Jonas A says:

    There are plans for a cd-box to mark the 30 anniversary of Leather Nun next year. All vinyls (flexidiscs, singles, ep’s, lp’s) rereleased on cd + never released live-gigs from the early/mid 80’s.

    Also: With the help of Martin Rössell (Dom Dummaste), I*m recording a new album, titled LEATHER NUN Re:Loaded, to be released next year. Musically old school Leather Nun in a Velvet Underground/Suicide/Sonic Youth soundscape… ;-)

    Check for more info.

  19. LHOOQtius says:

    I had no idea The Leather Nun started off this punk. Very cool. “No Rule” reminds me of “The Once Over Twice” by X, which also reminds me of The Stooges, but I, for one, like it.
    Looking forward to that Box Set…

  20. ryan says:

    That c.d. box set will be awesome, I hope it goes ahead. All their singles from the early to mid 80’s are excellent, if you haven’t heard them give them a go! I gotta post some Aussie stuff on here……!

  21. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry you can´t post any stuff on here it´s a 2 man show. You can do a search for Aussie stuff by doing a search on “Australia” in the top left field. Stuff you´ll find: Victims, Thought Criminals, Numbers, Riptides, Saints etc.

  22. Renik says:

    No Rule is the shit.

  23. Jonas A says:

    Can anyone email a mp3 of Son of a good family, from the Alive-album. Can’t convert it from vinyl and want the song on my iPod. ;-)

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