Satans Rats – You Make Me Sick 7″


The obscure and unknown stuff is the funniest stuff to post cause hopefully a lot more people will get to hear it and will shake their heads just as I do and think “why wasn’t these guys better known”. Still there’s so much stuff that are quiet known to most of the people visiting this site but still have escaped the radar of many punk consumers. Especially the younger boys and girls cuming ops! coming here I think. Satans Rats might be such a band that many have heard about but never got around listening to. I must say that the discography released a couple of years ago What A Bunch Of Rodents didn’t do much for me. The only great tracks are the ones found on their three 7″s and the mastering job made them sound kind of dead.

Satans first 7″ In My Love For You was posted a long time ago but needs a repost since I only uploaded the b-side. I think this is their second release? The Rats would’ve fitted perfectly on the Raw label. In the same urgent and inspirational vein as The Users, Killjoys etc. Excellent production by Vic Maile who among other things produced Ace Of Spades by Motorhead and gave The Jam their killer sound.

Recommended read:
“Fuck off-you’re nobodies,” they shrieked
“Fuck off yourselves,” I replied
“We want the Pistols.”
“Never mind the Pistols, we’re Satan’s Rats.”
“We want the Pistols.”
“Fuck off and find them.”

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: DJM
Format: 7″
You Make Me Sick.mp3

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23 Responses to Satans Rats – You Make Me Sick 7″

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like most of their compilation CD, You Make Me Sick being my favorite.

    These guys are good. Thanks for the post

  2. KFC says:

    I’ve heard this band before, they’re sooper. Side 2’s better ’cause it’s darker and sounds real lonely. The American band Beat Beat Beat covers “In My Love For You”, they also do a Fun Things cover so there ya go to. You got the Clive Culbertson 7″? “Time To Kill”.degenerateen

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yes the Clive 7″ has been posted just search for it. Erich at Good Bad has posted it too.

  4. Erich says:

    So wonderful! This record has it all: Melancholy, teenage weltschmerz and a good portion of fuck-you-asshole-I’m-better-than-you-ism. When I die, in a days long ceremony where my favorite music will be played, this 7″ will be heard too. Cheerio and fuck off.

  5. Nietzba says:

    Shit! Both are real smasher!

  6. hdvns says:

    Fucking killer, man! Thanks for the LeatherNun too. Keep the snotty punk coming!

  7. dave green-birmingham says:

    not long after this release the band ditched the singer and got a new female lead, then changed their name to The Photos their s/t LP is a classic
    pop punk slab.

  8. fernando says:

    “I think this is their second release?” Nope, it’s the third; 2nd one was Year of the rats w/ a different version of Louise in the B-side. It seems “You make me sick” was released in 12/77, not 1978 (the overground reissue has another mistake when dating some Rats’ demos in 9/79, when the Photos had been playing for almost a year…). I knew the song thru the cover that Upright Citizens made in their 1st 12″.
    About the Photos, it’s a shame but as far as I know the only CD reissue is deleted and it was far from being complete anyway.
    Erich – “When I die, in a days long ceremony…” I demand an invitation to that Bayreuth-style funeral unter den erhabenen schweizeren Bergen! Ha

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks fernando. Still DJM states 1978 for this record.

  10. fernando says:

    Mmm, can’t remember my source on that. Or perhaps I assumed it was from 12/77 because of what they say (in about the release being at the same time as the gig with the Pistols, which happened in december. But yeah, I see, the labels state 1978. Could be that the 45 appeared a bit later? Gotta download this to compare with the cd, I’m intrigued with what you said about the overground mixing…

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah please come back fernando and let me know if I’m just talking bullshit about the CD mastering :).

  12. fernando says:

    I always come back here, you can count on that ;) In fact I think this was the 1st punkblog I found, thru a search on Peggio Punx or something… so I gotta be loyal, ha. Well, about the mix – I guess I’m not the best witness imaginable, as my ears for instance cant tell a 128bps rip from a 320 one (but apparently other people’s do), but, yeah, I’d say that your rip sounds rawer and more intense than the CD. It’s subtle though. It seems that the CD mix is clearer and cleaner, therefore less punk! It’s strange what people do with these CD reissues, I guess they’re bored in front of a mixing desk and they have to do something, haha.
    Oh, about the Photos, I forgot, Niels ( an excellent post (in sept 2006) with Photos songs from the free LP, some of them being old Satan’s Rats tunes but sung by Wendy Wu. Dont know if the mp3s are still up, tho.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    He he glad you’re coming back :). At least you heard the vinyl is sounding rawer and more intense. That’s what makes the difference I think. Lot’s of great stuff on Niels blog gets deleted after some time I think.

  14. Steve says:

    Great song thanks for the listen. The good old days. Can’t wait to hear more

  15. roman says:

    cool stuff! i´ve heard the 1st song covered by two 90s bands – humpy, and the motards. both versions are much faster, raw, stripped down with no solos, but absolutely great. i guess you just can´t go wrong with a riff like that, no matter the speed! many thanx for making the original version accessible!! always wanted to hear it…

  16. Jay Thurston says:

    Thanks again Drunk and Armed…I would have never known that.

  17. Artifix Greg says:

    There are promo copies floating around that have yellow labels and come in matching DJM company sleeves. The yellow label promos also do NOT have the “A” printed on the “You Make Me Sick” side (The Panciera book does fails to mention this). There is no “A” printed on them at all which is weird since they were promos and you would think that the “A” was to let DJ’s known which side they were pushing…odd. There must be few copies floating around of the promos as the one I have is the only one that I have seen.

  18. Renik says:

    Both of these songs are quite catchy. Good stuff.

  19. Handsome Adam says:

    Oddly enough, I thought this was an Upright Citizens song as its on their first LP. Good to hear the original

  20. Carlos Miranda says:

    I like both songs, they are perfect.
    Can someone post the lyrics please?

  21. chris says:

    I got this for 40p in a charity shop!!!!

  22. mrtynds says:

    1978 i have the single

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