White Trash – Wake Up! E.P. 7″


Why I didn’t get to hear White Trash for the first time until a couple of years ago is really strange. It got all the qualities that the classic HC 7inches released 80-83 had like: Koro, Minor Threat, SOA, Deep Wound… you fill in the blanks. Tight playing. Great songs, production and lyrics about nazis, war and Reagan. Add to that it’s on the classic Local Anesthetic label that released gems like: Frantix and Bum Kon. Play this loud while you enjoy this:

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Local Anesthetic
Format: 7″
Wake Up.mp3
Nazis In My Neighborhood.mp3
Ballad Of Ronnie Raygun.mp3
I Hate My Toes.mp3
Daddy Warbucks.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Damn, why is this new to me????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never really got into this until now, cause the rip over at 7inchpunk was just too bad…
    so, thanks a lot for posting this great rip!

    P.S. I think the actual title of this one is “Wake Up!”

  3. Boulder says:

    Dude, you forgot to mention that this is classic DENVER hardcore, though you bunch of erudite wussies probably figured that out anyway, due to the references to labelmates BumKon and and Frantix. Denver had a cool little scene, back in the day, totally influenced by the SoCal scene…but if you know Colorado, you know it’s full of people who fled there from California still tried to be cool in that surfer culture bonghit way. Fuck you.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Wow, we have an irate Colorado punk rocker in da house. I saw a band open for Fear and Code of Honor called White Trash…not sure if it was the same one or not? Not bad…at least it isn’t whiny powerpoop….hahahaha

  5. Jerk Ass says:

    I think the “chinese get fucked” girl is from Japan.

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    No, Korea

  7. fred says:

    Boulder forgot to mention that they just released the Local Anesthetic comp on CD! Guess he was a little too angry there. Hey, I fled SoCal, but not til ’87. Been here 20 years, so I am still not a “native”, still hear stuff like “I don’t know what they do out there in California, but…”

    Garrett the drummer for this EP, merged with the Frantix to becomes the mighty Fluid. Another guy from the Fluid came from a similar band the Conservatives (formed while he was out on a LA jaunt). They were on Hell Comes To Your House.

    Hey the mighty Fluid are reunioning to play Seattle soon. Shit I gotta call Ricki to ask if I can go to a rehearsal!! They were the Denver version of the Maus Maus, same sound but w/o all the junk problems!

  8. Jerk Ass says:

    @Jay Thurston
    Yeah, you’re right.

  9. Boulder says:

    Not angry…though I’m not feeling FLUFFY.

    Where’s my poodle and KY Jelly ?

  10. Boulder says:

    oh fred – most ex-californians fleeing to colorado are homos. truly, all of them suck dick, you included.

  11. joe says:

    “Boulder Says:

    March 13th, 2008 at 9:58 pm
    oh fred – most ex-californians fleeing to colorado are homos. truly, all of them suck dick, you included.”

    Nazis In My Neighborhood.mp3

  12. fred says:

    YOU named yourself after the town of the laughable town of Boulder, as everyone knows, not actually considered a part of the rest of Colorado. Maybe you should stop huggin’ trees, driving your Prius, and going after hair dressers who dye their poodles pink.

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thank anonymous! Of course it’s “Wake Up!” the title is on the back ha ha.

  14. Jay Thurston says:

    Wow! It looks like we have one hell of a Colorado feud going on. Rocky Mountain mayhem…that is what I will call. Give em hell Fred! Don’t be a “homo”, Fred…give that tree hugging Boulder lovin sissy a thing or two. I think he don’t take kindly to yer kind in them thar parts….yeeehaaaaw.

  15. Boulder says:

    For the record: hairdressers who dye their poodles pink are also great at sucking cock. These people are my friends.

    I also have nothing against homos – just people from California. So if you happen to be a homo and from California, I’m very sorry but I do indeed reserve the right to hate you. You people from California are also giving the REAL homos a bad name.

    And you might hate Boulder, but the drugs in Boulder are better and more plentiful there then they are in Denver…so blow me.

  16. Jay Thurston says:

    Wow! Somebodies panties are in a bunch! I can tell the drugs in Boulder are good…you are proof of that. Next, it will be, “all you Californians are homos” and “need to steer clear of my Boulder drug collection…their mine…all mine”. No need to fear, Boulder, I am in California and I do not do drugs or drink…you can have them all:-)

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I hate all people! Especially the ones who comment on this site. FUCK OFF!

  18. Jay Thurston says:

    Yeah! All you fucking fuckers that comment on here…FUCK OFF! FUCKERS!

  19. Tony says:

    Nice EP! My favorite track on this EP has always been “Nazis In My Neighborhood”. Local Anesthetic was a great label– for me the best thing ever released on the label, though, was the monstrous Frantix song “My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic” which is one of my favorite songs of all time. The Bum Kon EP is really great too.

  20. fred says:

    Chuckle, sorry about giving you Boulder gay stoners a bad name. Maybe you need an herbal cleansing.

    This is all about the Colorado punk inferiority complex. I grow up getting to see the Germs, Chiefs, Weirdos, Gears, etc, and you bum out cause you weren’t old enough to get into the Kamikazi Klones.

  21. Erich says:

    It’s weird how in Punk, the age issue works, haha. Whereas in everyday life, everybody tries to seem younger, in Punk it’s the other way round: The older you are, the cooler you seem. Hahaha.

  22. Jay Thurston says:

    I used to walk to punk gigs in the snow, up hill both ways. None of you youngsters will ever know how hared it was waaaaaaaaaay back then. It was hell. Then when we got to the club, we had to beg for money to get in. Pure hell, I tell ya…pure hell. As for Colorado….I think I hate that place more than Texas…thanks Boulder.

  23. Boulder says:

    Jay wrote:
    >>No need to fear, Boulder, I am in California and I do not do drugs or drink…you can have them all:-)

    Thank you, do you have my address ?

  24. Jay Thurston says:

    I won’t even send a letter to Colorado now…thanks Boulder. Three states that I really hate…Texas, Florida and now Colorado. Next on the list is California…what a shithole this place has become.

  25. TONY says:

    Damn I would never send a ltter to Colorado either.

  26. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I hate all states. Pressed state, mouse over state and hoover state.

  27. Artifix Greg says:

    This is an amazing record! Blistering early hardcore…I first heard it in 1983 when a buddy of mine had it. He put it on a tape for me that I proceeded to wear out until the 1990’s. I’ve never run across a copy at a store and have been outbid on eBay for it the few times that it has shown up…like 2 times in the last 2 or 3 years I think. If you can find one, grab it! If you like early Dischord or the first Cause For Alarm 7″, you’ll love this! Check out the early anti-nazi too…PS, if anyone has one to sell or trade…get in touch. -Greg @ Artifix Records

  28. dewey decimal says:

    Way late to the game here, but this record kicks ass.

    P.S. Not sure how Fred’s “the mighty Fluid” comment went unbashed. Bash!

  29. Martin says:

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the Nails while talking about Boulder, or maybe no one cares about them and their try to cash in on punk with their Cops are punks EP?

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