Usch – S/T 7″

Here’s a classic slab of Swedish punk that’ll make you pogo in front of the computer. Sloppy, weak and totally brilliant!

This was Usch’s first 7″ out of three and it’s their punkiest and best in my opinion. Just listen to that amazing guitar sound and the fantastic way Nike Nojja handles the drums. You don’t hear too many bands sound that way today, do you?!

When they released their third 7″ they changed their name to Enola Gay while they were waiting for the record to arrive from the pressing plant, but they never bothered to inform the pressing plant about that, so now they’re called Usch on the label, but Enola Gay on the sleeve. You don’t see that too often today, do you?! And you don’t see a sleeve this ugly too often either, do you?!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Bellatrix
Format: 7″
Ditt eget liv.mp3
Valj dina ord.mp3

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  1. J.N says:

    i love this blog! Great fun to hear Nikes first band and how it sound and compare it with Tant Strul that she joined a couple of years later. Im suprised to see that Dan Tillberg of all people produced it.

  2. boop says:

    This 7″ is fucking rad.

    I remember that LTO was posted in the New Year’s post. To me, the whole 7″ is fantastic.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    I like it! If only I knew Swedish…fy fan va bra or something like that.

  4. timmythepunk says:

    nice choice, filthy guitar sound, all four tracks equally good,really like the double tracked guitar on track one, keep em coming

  5. timmythepunk says:

    filthy guitar sound, all four trax equally excellent. keep em coming

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Excellent post Martin. Really love LTO but the other tracks are good as well.

  7. matsb says:

    the concert with Usch at the ocupied houses Jarnet with electricity drawn from the neighbouring houses (since the police had shut the electricity down) was my alltime ultimate pogoing punkconcert ever

  8. lasze says:

    What ever happened to usch,themembers? I have the compilation LP from Denmark 1979 “Concert Of The Moment” and have heard the single. What are the members doing today? Cheers, Lasze!!!

    • Nathan G says:

      An article by Johan Kugelberg that appeared in Forced Exposure fanzine stated that one of the members went on to become a groupie for Johnny Thunders. ” A strange concept of fun.”

  9. Hi Lasze,

    all I can remember from the top of my head is that Nike (the drummer) joined Tant Strul after Usch and then did an LP with Gurra from Ebba Gron in the mid 80s. After that I think she started working at a theater and I’m quite sure she was one of the persons behind the co-op label Diva that existed in 90s (and maybe still does). She did a solo album for that label as well, but I have no idea of what it sounds like.

  10. Urrke T says:

    Today Irre Terad plays the bass & sings with Punkband “Aoousch” together with among them Matte Cavonius (first Warheads-singer, before Pelle A) and Hasse “Plutten” Östlund of The Ass/Nomads-fame ;-) They´ve done some gigs in Sweden during 2010.

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