Tre Man Stark – S/T 7″

Tre Man Stark came from Amal, and as a Swede you can’t really say the name of that village without adding “Fucking javlar kuk” in front of it thanks to the movie Fucking Amal (or Show me love” as it was called abroad).

The first two songs are great punk rock, but the last song Gunnar is a piece of crap that sounds like a dumb version of Arne Qvick’s killer tune Rosen. Despite the fact that it sucks the sweat of a dead man’s balls, the band thought it was a hit and (according to rumors) did a video for it!!! If anyone’s got a copy of that video, please let me know as I really want to see it.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Format: 7″



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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Great record. Thanks.

  2. Mish Way says:

    ah! no problem! My friend Bunz and I are relishing in this page. It’s good people like you that keep the scene alive and make the internet worth while. I should send you my bands 7 inch… shameless self promotion.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The songs are good but the vocals ruin it all :(.

  4. chutney locker says:

    great 7″, thanks a lot..another Swe. 7″to find now!

  5. HÃ¥kan says:

    I can confirm that the “Gunnar” video was made a couple of years later (partly in my apartment in Masthugget, Goteborg). Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it.
    Gunnar himself still lives in Amal…

  6. Anna Lagerlöf says:

    omg, I’m the daughter of the bands singer (Peter Lagerlöf) and I was SO surprised when I saw this, I will show my daddy tonight :) I LOVE ALL THE SONGS SO FUCK YOU WHO DOESN’T:) (They aren’t a piece of crap, dumbass)

  7. Charlie M says:

    Sorry Anna, it’s definitley utter shite. Though maybe it’s intended to be in the vein of a Bonzo Dog band track….who knows.

  8. Carnegie London says:

    Peter Lagerlöf rules!

  9. JC says:

    Världsklass!! Lite Ebba G, (Jag vill vara president…) Peter är president!!

  10. Carnegie Oslo says:

    It’s time Peter fire a couple of ass rockets!

  11. Nathan G says:

    Kerstin is the winner here. A nice unique sound.

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