Mops – Dina svarta ogon/Russin 7″

For those of you who just can’t get enough of LOUD FAST AND HARD music I give you Mops, one of Sweden’s finest in mop top pop. Mops came from Sollentuna just as their friends in Docent Dod, but they had more in common as they were on the same label and let Docent Dod’s Zebo Hillborg produce this 7″. And damn it, I almost forgot to mention that they managed to sound very, very much like their pals as well. It’s actually hard to tell that they were not the same band, but I don’t care as it just means twice as much mod pop fun.

This is their first 7″ out of 3, and if you like this one you’ll like the other ones as well. The third is more mod rock n’ roll, but still very good despite some pretty lame lyrics. As I guess some of you will find this awful and too tame I’ll put up the other two singles later on. Hahahahahah!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Sonet
Format: 7″
Dina svarta ogon.mp3


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19,170 Responses to Mops – Dina svarta ogon/Russin 7″

  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    KILLER! Especially Dina svarta ogon. Russin sounds VERY Docent dod. Not bad but doesn’t stand out as the first track.

  2. Damn Peter, that was the fastest reply ever!
    By the way, I ripped Live pÃ¥ Musikverket before I saw your comment, so after all the work I’ve put down on scanning and ripping that 7″ I think I deserve to post it. Right!

  3. ola says:

    Så jävla bra!

  4. ola says:

    Lyssnade på Lisa och Sluggo precis, instämer med mig själv ovan. Mops är så jävla bra!

  5. HÃ¥kan Linn says:

    And now, 33/3 years later it´s time for MOPS on 33/3 rpm Yes, vinyl!! And of course iTunes and spotify. Release date is 28th of october. The album was recorded in april/ may 2014 and contains some new songs, but a lot of classics too, thats been re recorded. No cause for alarm though, it´s still loud and fast and sounds just like MOPS!// Lynn (bass player in MOPS)

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