The Bureaucrats – S/T 7″

This is a re-post from October the 2nd 2006. Added better scans and new rips in higher quality.

Lovely punk rock from hockeyplaying(?) Canadians. The only thing I don’t like about this 7″ is the oversized sleeve that makes it hard to fit into a plastic sleeve for protection.

Canada had its good share of outstading punk bands like Bureaucrats beeing one of them The Modern Minds another. Most people associate early punk from Canada with D.O.A and don’t tend to know anymore bands. A shame really.

Country: Canada
Year: 1980
Label: Vip
Format: 7″
Feel The Pain.mp3
Grown Up Age.mp3 


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  1. Pogel says:

    This was not punk. It was Mod. And what’s with the fake English accents?

  2. E. says:

    This is quite simply one of the top 7″s ever. If this is Mod then I’m gonna buy me a scooter and a parka tomorrow.
    The posthumouis CD “Roi” is killer too with more Mod (and some Reggae). And loads and loads of accent during the live cuts.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It was mod? Says who? Fake english accent? Not all Canadians have a clear fake american accent.

  4. Nate says:

    Nice one! one of my favourite local 45’s. They played a reunion show around the time of the “Roi” CD release which was pretty killer

  5. Stéphane says:

    2 members were from the UK…

  6. Woody says:

    Caught them at the Rotter’s Club couple of times and at a local high school when at Carleton U. (77-81). The boys kicked ass. Probably broke up because Gaz couldn’t beat the booze. He’d chug from a pitcher between verses and chuck it up between songs. They brought in a pretty boy lead singer later. That killed the band for good.
    PS. I think Gaz and Mitch (brothers) were originally from Manchester.
    PPS. Gaz worked at a Radio Shack. Might explain the booze.

  7. Howard Decker says:

    The Sidwell brothers are from Leicester, I think. Mitch works for the same company I work for so I see him around regularly. Their CD is worth tracking down. I missed them in their day because I was nowhere near Ottawa then, but their reunion gig was a lot of fun nonetheless.

  8. Son of Spam says:

    The drummer, Wayne Johnson, works for Statistics Canada, a government agency. So yes, he’s actually working as a bureaucrat (:)~).

  9. Tony says:

    Back in 2000 around the same time their great “roi” CD came out, one of the band members- Wayne Johnson, I think- was selling original copies of the Bureaucrats 7″ (with sleeve!). I picked up a copy but should have gotten a couple. Oh well…

  10. Son of Spam says:

    You can find more from The Bureaucrats at my (cue shameless self-promotion) blog.

  11. I put up a website some 7-8 years ago… which has since been taken down. But…..the site where I created the site…..still has the site up for some strange reason. It is if anyone is still interested.

    The label of the 7″….was not VIP records… actually is MP records……but like roi….noone can read it properly.


    The Bureaucrats

    • Paddy McGrath says:

      Well Wayne this is Paddy McGrath, and in going through my archives I’ve discovered a box of twenty five singles from that famous session at Passport Studio.:))$ Anyway as I recall MP records has something to do with my initials.
      Lol perhaps its time I release these antiques back into the world after three decades in limbo. If there’s intrest people are free to contact me at

      There still in the box with the Passport label

    • Piera Hogan says:

      To all members of The Bureaucrats, it has come to my attention, back in the
      days when the band was together, my brother was somewhat involved with
      the band, I believe he helped as a technician, lighting etc. and spent some time
      working behind the scenes; his name is Renato Romozzi, do any of you remember him; would be greatful in someone could answer back, thank you.

      • Mitch sidwell says:

        Hi piers….yes of course I remember Renato or ratso as we called him….he came along with grant and helped us with sound…we had great times and always laughing….whatever happened to renato?…seems so long ago now….Mitch

  12. Jordan"spike"Renaud says:

    A voice from the past here, some-time light man for the band,friend of Mitch and Gaz. ’79-80
    Memories still come back when I listen to the two tracks on the 7″ single. Wish I could re-live some of that time again.

    Cheers from Spike.

  13. finner says:

    if anyone has anything by The Bureaucrats they would trade/give/sell me it would be VERY appreciated, i was way to young to get to see them play but one of my friends who got me into music introduced them to me and they are one of my favourite bands. any way if anyone has anything they would be willing to part with please email me at

  14. Kjell Johnson says:

    After teasing us (or the likes of me), please post the Modern Minds. As far as “Canadian” bands go, I only know Slapshot.

  15. Here’s a whole bunch of Canadian bands to please you in the meantime:

  16. FIL says:

    OH yes, some Modern Minds please and where the hell can i get The Bureaucrats cd from?

  17. Brendan Johnson says:

    If you want to hear some of the bureaucrats music they have a myspace page up now.

  18. behjan says:

    Is there a tape (audio,dvd,net) of the BUREAUCRATS
    re-union show? I would love to watch to it (surely many others too).Wayne,their drummer,was friendly enough to sell me an original copy of the 7″ with its original slv. a few years back.
    btw,the single was recorded in december 1979
    (for an obsessed record/info-nerd a 1979 record is a difference to a 1980 record ,but of course only in its historical context!)

  19. You should always consider the release date of a record over the recording date, in the context of discography, Behjan. The year of release is the “hard data”, just like with books for example.

  20. Garry and Mitch are my cousins and were a lil older than me but inspired me to play and continue playin music.
    Awesome band

  21. mustn’t forget dayglo abortions of course!

  22. This brilliant single will soon be available again at a reasonable price! Ugly Pop will reissue this and the Pointed Sticks “What Do You Want Me To Do?” 45 together in January 2013– test pressing is already in and sounds amazing.

    Incidentally, we’ve already reissued classic 45s by Arson, Crash Kills Five, Hot Nasties, Rock And Roll Bitches, Bent Wind, Northwest Company. A Passing Fancy, The In-Sect and Masters Apprentices so far this year alone, with many more to come (Blitz “All Out Attack” EP, Partisans “Police Story” 45, Hackamore Brick 45 and a Stiv Bators/David Quinton 45 also due early 2013). Everything is authorised and looks/sounds great, no MP3 sourced bootleg BS here.

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