The Pinheads – Greatest hits volym 2 E.P. 7″

From the capital of Swedish straight edge hardcore came The Pinheads who managed to release more cover songs than your average sixties garage band. Just listen to this, their first release, and enjoy the Swedish versions of Stepping Stone and Alternative TV’s Viva la rock n’ roll. One year later they released their first LP that have some great punk tunes and a bunch of covers, but also a few really annoying songs, like the song Digital backwards. Yes, that’s even more annoying then you think it is. After that they did a second ep (will be posted here later on) before they decided to just play garage covers and release cover albums til they called it a day in 85.

Two of the members came from one of Sweden’s first punk band TBC who did two ep’s in the same progg/ punky vein as Goteborg Sound, and yes, they will both be posted here later on as well.

Poor Jorgen Persson who didn’t get a cool nickname on the cover by the way. I have no idea of why, but my guess is that he was on vacation the day they did the artwork, and as the others were so jealous that he was away while they had to do all the hard work they decided that he would be the one with the lame name. Thinking about it now, this has to be the only possible explanation.

The bonus song is just yet another skit by the way and it’s the same song as the last song on the Svettens Soner ep. Just another proof that the members enjoyed funny voices, and most certainly if they were the ones making them.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Mjalthugg
Format: 7″
Hemming Sten.mp3
Alska dig sjalv.mp3
Bonus track.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Pinheads – Greatest hits volym 2 E.P. 7″

  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    This might not be as good as Refused on The Shape of Punk to come but it’s much more fun. “Hellre ris än fläskkottleter säger dom och tänder ciggareter.” ha ha ha there where more poets around in the old days.

  2. Refused???? What’s happening there with you Peter?!

  3. This record is so crap, that it actually becomes quite good – like a 1950’s Sci-Fi B Movie.

  4. Nathan G says:

    Did they get their name from the Ramones?

  5. Mike says:

    I want the “with The Pinheads” LP (1981) on CDr.. Anyone got it?

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