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The Pinheads – Greatest hits volym 2 E.P. 7″

From the capital of Swedish straight edge hardcore came The Pinheads who managed to release more cover songs than your average sixties garage band. Just listen to this, their first release, and enjoy the Swedish versions of Stepping Stone and … Continue reading

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Bum Kon – Drunken Sex Sucks CD

I slagged the Local Anesthetic compilation CD cause of it’s poor mastering job but that didn’t piss smoochrecords off at all! The nice guys sent me the newly released Bum Kon CD which compiles tracks that where record at the same time … Continue reading

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The Descendents – Ride The Wild/It’s A Hectic World 7″

In my years with Swedens Raped Teenagers Bill Stevenson(together with Neil Peart of Rush) was the biggest influence on my drumming and to this day still is. I think no other punk drummer has kept his playing so fresh and … Continue reading

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The Cheaters – Man As Hunter E.P. 7″

This is a re-post from June the 8th 2006. Added more scans, new rips and all songs. Kurt Bloch from The Fastbacks first born baby where The Cheaters. “The Cheaters were a band that didn’t really know what they were … Continue reading

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The Vertex – John/Fell in love 7″

I told you I would post Lars Lang’s next band, and here they are; The Vertex. Dressed in their parents old suits these ex-Langs managed to write some damn fine 60’s inspired mod tunes and give them a production as … Continue reading

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